Best MLB Players That Used Performance Enhancing Drugs

A list of the best baseball players that ever played the game that used steroids or any PHD.

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1Barry Bonds

Some may argue his great ability and potential before steroid-use, but statistically-wise, he is the best player of all time. Bonds is currently the only player in the 500-500 club, and came extremely close to 3,000 hits, 2000 RBI, and many MLB records and feats. - ntache7

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2Alex Rodriguez

Usually, when shortstops are mentioned in a conversation involving great hitters, it is a very comical thing to say. However, when Alex Rodriguez is mentioned, it is no longer a joke. Even though he converted to third after going to the Yanks, A-Rod defied all baseball assumption about the ability of a shortstop-type player. He is fifth on the all-time HRs list, and if he ever plays again, he will most likely get the infamous hit number 3,000. - ntache7

3Sammy Sosa

Mr. 606 is just 1 of 8 players that have hit 600 HRs in a career. Not only did he take PHDs, but he would also occasionally cork his bat. Not only did Sosa let down his American fans, but his entire home country, the Dominican Republic. - ntache7

4Mark McGwire
5Roger Clemens

The sad thing about Clemens is that if he didn't take 'roids, he would have probably been considered as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. With all of that power that he got from PHDs, no wonder his fastball was so unhittable! - ntache7

6Manny Ramirez

Manny is the same type of player as the top 4 players on this list, but just plainly not as successful. - ntache7

7Rafael Palmeiro

He will be the only member of the 3000 hit club not in the HOF when Craig Biggio get inducted (and when Jeter retires). Not only that, but he nearly hit 600 HRs. - ntache7

8Jose Canseco

1/2 of the reason that Canseco is on this list is that he busted half of the list, as well as injecting them. His infamous book written in the mid-2000s told stories of how he helped teammate Mark McGwire obtain steroids, as well as other notable players who were not clean. - ntache7

9Ivan Rodriguez

Rodriguez is probably a top 3 power-hitting catcher of all time, along with Berra and Piazza. However, since he was caught taking PHDs, Pudge will not even be considered into the Hall or just as one of the greatest catchers, in general. - ntache7

10Gary Sheffield

I used to think of Sheffield as one of the most underrated players in the 500 home run club, but now that view has changed. Because he turned himself in for steroids, he is placed only at number 10 on my list. - ntache7

The Contenders

11Ryan Braun
12Frank Thomas
13Nelson Cruz
14Miguel Tejada
15Bartolo ColonV1 Comment
16Melky Cabrera
17Marlon Byrd
18Derek Jeter
19Alex Sánchez
20Jason Giambi
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1. Barry Bonds
2. Alex Rodriguez
3. Sammy Sosa



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