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201Fallen Earth

Based on Fallout. A great change from casting and slashing games. Different skills like melee, handgun, and rifle.. Come and try.


I remembered when I played this game in my childhood just to fight monsters, complete lots of quests for clothing, newer weapons, and nanos, earn more experience to get to a higher level, and on occasions, even if I wasn't on the right level, I would explore the bigger cities! It's a shame that the game is gone. :(

One of the best MMORPG for kids who see cartoon shows. This game allows the players to explore Cartoon Network universe

A very indepth game that keeps you wanting to never stop playing, Cartoon Nework's Fusionfall is the best game they have created.

203Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia is awesome and it should be up in the first 50's because the graphics are good the game play is epic the game its self is beast and epic so I don't understand how girlfriend could be ranked 199.

The most addicting game I have ever played! I love the little jelli monsters you get to fight!

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204Seal OnlineVisit Website
205Wurm OnlineVisit Website
206Avabel Online

It is the best android game MMORPG ever. I think that the graphics are very good and it has high population traffic because it free. Download it from google play and you will thank me.

Very addicting game, nice graphic and nice game play. But handling not good.

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207Arcane Legends

Still the best... I played Avabel but I keep coming back to arcane. it is still the best...


The best game. The PVP is superb. And PVE is so enjoyable. This game even seconds make difference. Some games are too boring with point and click. If you want to feel like you are fighting in a real life and you can dodge or block all the skills, this game is the best. Your skill is all that matters.

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A wonderful game that needs to get more publicity than it does. Combat system is enticing and active, with some classes being capable of soloing what should be taking five people if you play your cards right.

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210Tera: Rising

Great combat system and graphics...

Wow I can't believe how far down the list this is. It at least deserves the top 25.

Beautiful graphics, great gameplay, and a new style of combat.
What more can I say?

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211Pirates of the Caribbean OnlineV1 Comment
212Animal Jam

Animal jam is like the best educational game ever

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213The 4th Coming

Really fun and addictive game. You do not choose your character you mold your character with every level up. Great quests, items, and best part it is mainly free.

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Because it removes the grind that plagues most MMORPGs.

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217Tales RunnerVisit Website
219Sherwood Dungeon

It sucks now (it has a really bad community) but back in 2008 it was one of the best browsers MMORPGs.
It is a simple game but even today it is a pretty good experience.

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220Migo Land

Migo land is so good and I have so much feelings for it you have to at least be 7 to go on it

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