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Archeage ain't out yet, but everyone who's taken a proper look at it. Knows that it will reach the tops

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242Cabal Online 2
243MapleSEAVisit Website
244MapleStory Japan

Kinda awesome then maplesea because it got awesome exclusive character


It's a fun game, you get to battle with ships, fight mobs, and have companions! You can level up companions also! It's also same creators as Wizard101.

One of the most entertaining family friendly games. Great game to help families spend time together.

I love this game I'm a swashbuckler and I play every Sunday

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246Pirate Galaxy

This is a massive multi player online role playing game it have ships evolving team work and so on to me it is the best

247Dragon Nest

The best game ever! - freeza

249Dragons of Atlantis

I love this game, best war game ever

250Dragons of Atlantis
251Defense of the Ancients

Best game I ever played

252Battlestar Galactica OnlineVisit Website
253Clone Wars Adventures

I know its not much, simple gameplay but it aimed on making friends that game would be boring if you play the loner.
Unfortunately SOE closed it to put room to other games

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254Heroes of Newerth
255WarframeV2 Comments
256N-Age Online
257League of Angels

This is an amazing game of competitive value and is hours of excitement - Mythabay

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Best Mech Game ever!

259Aura Kingdom
260Penguin Chat

The Old Version Of Club Penguin. Remember?

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Last Chaos
WoW better than all the others
Eve Online Is Stale
Nerdy Geek Reviews : Wizard 101
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