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I played RS when I was 13 and I quit when I was 15. Some propaganda has "forced" me to play WoW instead of RS. I created a Human Mage (I better had to pick Horde undead cause Horde dominate Battlegrounds like Isle of Conquest) and Orc Warrior. It was since the release of Wrath Of The Lich King. All you have to do in World Of Warcraft is 90% combat and 10% skills. You have to choose 2 primaire skills like Tailoring and Enchanting (of course there are more) and the rest are secondary skills (like cooking). In World of Warcraft, you quest till you get uncommon gear or rather "green gear". Then you go dungeons till you get rare gear "blue-gear". And at last, be sure you get capped in Hit-rating and got enough crit-chance for your Mage Fire Spec for example and you go RAID. There you get epic-gear "the purple-gear" and maybe you will get LEGENDARY weapon "the-orange weapon". That's all what you have to do in WoW. And if you got into the raiding guild, you're like a slave, believe me. I played this game till the Cataclysm expansion came out. And the last raid was the Dragon Soul (the last raid of the expansion, you have to kill Deathwing which is the main antagonist of the expansion). I played WoW for 2 years and 4 months and RS almost 3 years. I must say, I wished I never moved from RS to WoW. RS was so much better game. In the game, you have minigames, you have many skills, extra's, your own house, the quests in RS beat the hell out of WoW I mean in WoW you need to kill bears -. - to complete it. Like what? In RS, quests are like reading a fascinating book. The best quest that I've done was 'While Guthix Sleeps'. WoW may have a bigger world but RS is bigger in general. You have so many details inside RS. I love RS. Especially going to Tormented Demons to get many Dragon Claws drops and pwning people at Castle Wars with AGS. I miss that game. Jagex, I love you. But the problem is: too many updates. And let me say one thing. If Runescape was like 2008 (best year of runescape), if you have to move your character with your KEYBOARD instead of MOUSE, and if the graphics were the best for the MMORPG (for example Skyrim), then RUNESCAPE WOULD BE THE LEGENDARY, UNFORGIVABLE and MOST FASCINATING GAME OF THE MMORPGS OF HISTORY, I'm 100% sure about that!
I am an avid player of runescape.

While I agree with most, that the graphics are poor, I believe they are ignoring that they are highly sophisticated for their requirements (64 Mb RAM 300MHz).

Beyond that, macro problems have become the main thing that turns people off of Runescape, taking profit away from honest players; however Jagex continues to improve their anti-bot software, and the reports have banned a vast majority of botters (which make the only bot market in the 3rd world).

The game, with 23 skills, adds something that I think is missing from many other MMORPGs; a non-warrior class. You can successfully become a miner and smither; you can mix powerful potions that give great benefits; you can cut down the wood needed for your bows, and build a home that rivals castles (with dungeons that can hoast dozens of creatures! ).

The economy is vastly diverse, and is easily a microcasim of real world economics today. (which I am greatly familiar with being a merchant of Obsidian Weaponry and Armoured Capes). Items drop in price as they are new, are dictated in price more by their supply (difficulty to obtain) and demand (the use of the item).

However, the best thing of the game is the consistant updates. Each week or two they add new content to the game. To give a flavour of what they have added just this month:
- Revamped skill sound system
- A new high-level dungeon was added. The large multi-leveled dungeon added 6 new (very) high leveled creatures
- Many barbaric additions to skills (fishing with your hands, lighting fires with bows rather than tinderboxes, new potion mixes, a one handed Hasta (spear).
- Revamped graphics of foul (many varities of birds)
- A slew of smaller suggested updates

Once you get past the slow repetitive low levels, with very little to do, you start opening up hundreds of new items/abilities. RS is definitely worth playing if you like games that are more than just hack and slash.
Okay, this is my opinion. World of Warcraft is way too repetitive quest's, and dungeons. It's always "Kill a # of this and that" or "Kill and collect a # of this". RuneScape's quest's are so diverse, and actually have a story instead of mindless killing. Dungeon's are the same exact thing.  Also, World of Warcraft is $15 dollars a MONTH! Overkill. I know it has more content, but its repetitive content. Also, graphics doesn't matter. I like RuneScape better. Little nerds don. Another thing is graphics doesn't matter! Do I need to say that RuneScape didn't start it's game as a multi-millionaire company like World of Warcraft, so RuneScapes engine isn't the best because they don't have all that money.
RuneScape has been very popular since 2001. Starting with classic (which was not 3-D) and then re-making the game into a 3-D game RuneScape in my opinion is the best. The graphics may not be as good but considering you dont even have to download the game and it runs on Java graphics are great. The gameplay is amazing and 23 different skills. You also dont have to stick to one type of combat, and the interaction with other players in this game is so much different then World of Warcraft or other games. The game has its own economy. The only problem with RuneScape is autoers/macroers.
I started playing runescape almost when it was launched. I played for a long time after which I have paused as I could not find any time. I personally prefer first person shooter games, but this is the only game in a completely different genre that is on the top preference for me. I still steal time and play runescape, because I find extreme joy playing runescape, it feels like almost a different life, in which you can live, communicate, develop yourself, face adversarial and thrilling environments, work on the level stats. Going to fight with players in the Wilderness is one of the most thrilling one, where people make teams, make strategy and overpower player opponents. I will never forget the last wilderness pking trip with 45 players group. I will thank Jagex to make such a wonderful game, which never gets boring.
Really good, really fun many stuff to do you will never run out of stuff to do on runescape like the people below have been saying loads of stuff such as quests lvling up skills going pking (if you don't know what pking means get off this mmorpg website) making clans joining clans taking to friends seeing who has the best armour achievements and on 22nd of July which is only 2 weeks away the whole runescape universe will have evolved and personally in my opinion it is my favourite mmorpg. I satrted playing when I was 8 and its been 5 years now (no I'm not same guy who just comented below) and yh I do sometimes get bored and take a break but in about 1 month time I come back there is a bunch of new stuff and my friends tell me all about it and the reason I come back is because I just feel the urge to like somethings missing. So this is my opinion about rs you guys should rlly try it especially when rs 3 comes out on 22nd of July it will be a whole new evolution of runescape
I like it.
Okay, this is my opinion. World of Warcraft is way too repetitive quest's, and dungeons. It's always "Kill a # of this and that" or "Kill and collect a # of this". RuneScape's quest's are so diverse, and actually have a story instead of mindless killing. Dungeon's are the same exact thing.  Also, World of Warcraft is $15 dollars a MONTH! Overkill. I know it has more content, but its repetitive content. Also, graphics doesn't matter. I like RuneScape better. Little nerds don. Another thing is graphics doesn't matter! Do I need to say that RuneScape didn't start it's game as a multi-millionaire company like World of Warcraft, so RuneScapes engine isn't the best because they don't have all that money.
Runescape offers a variety of skills to level up, it has an unlimited free trial, it runs in a browser, you can meet people in game, it is an overall fun game. If you choose to pay, it's cheap. Easy if you are on a budget. I recommend it to anyone. It may not have the graphics of the other games, but it has the gameplay and variety of things to do, and there are multiple ways to level your combat, unlike many games where you only can level it one way, and you don't have to choose a class to stick to. it is very open and fun.
Who likes Runescape? Of course me, my friends in Runescape, oh I forgot the people who I ignore in Runescape, Look if you are that guy who dislikes Runescape then surely you are that guy who got killed in Runescape more than anyone. I play this game everyday 5-7 hours increase my attack and defense level with my magic and range level there's so much to do in Runescape when you are a Non-Member if you are member you can get more double the fun than a non-member. I love Runescape I play it in midnights too...
Runescape is an amazing FREE MMORPG on the net! sure graphics could be better, but the skills and games are amazing. I've been playing for almost 5 years (not like every day) and I still haven't mastered all the skills. You can master, magic, range, combat or melee, fishing, firemaking, woodcutting and many more skills. Also fight with other players to level up in combat and work to become a master of the game. Go out and play this free yet awesome game! did I mention it's free?
This is obviously the worlds greatest mmorpg I mean what other mmorpg has such good story line, amazing quests that actually require skill, and lets you level up in over 20 skills? This game has thousands of players online everyday! I really recommend this game to everyone this game involves much more than just combat and if you are new... The tutorial is really fun and simple trust me the game is so cool many people play for years, others play for 5 years, and some people even play for 10 years. Trust me you WILL love this game
Personally my favorite MMORPG purely based on the content. I have not seen a game with as much variety of things to do as this game. If I get bored of combat, I move on to skilling. If I get bored of skilling, I do a quest or two. If I get bored of that, I play a minigame (and the list goes on). Also, variety is not limited to the different types of things to do but also the different ways they can be done. Take combat for example: Soul Wars, Pest Control, Slaying, and straight out Dagganoth fighting are only a few of dozens of ways it can be done. The only other game that even comes close in terms of variety is Mabinogi which has been on a downward spiral since G3.
is a great! game best game I ever played and that graphics are great now if you play it is same of the real world so beatufull BEST GAME EVER! more than 28 skill and more than 100 Quest great econmomie building your onw house and hunt jou thing try to make your owm pets en the BEST thing the new skill dungerneering (its for free player to) unlock the floors and get a great reward all people go PLAY THAT GAME NOW!
I love runescape it is actually really cool because you can own noobs and make money it is the best game. You can also do quests like Dragon Slayer, Goblin Diplomacy and the Blood Pact. In runescape the higher your skills are the better your equipment can be. The highest level is 138. All skills end at 99 unless you go to the champions Guild and train attack and strength to 130. I hope I persuaded you to play but if I did you are lucky.
Although I play many other mmorpg and Xbox games, runescape remains my firm favourite because of the enormous amount of activities, quests, mini games monsters you and kill or do. This is because of the huge amount of effort the Jagex team places in the game. Quite often I see new quests, updates, new activities and new emotes and items added to the game. Jagex has also done an excellent job in fixing the dangerous bots, glitches and scams. Overall, I think runescape is an excellent game which can appeal to all ages.
This is a fairly simple MMO. It's entirely click-based, has its engine based in Java (although they're switching it to HTML5 soon), has a relatively small selection of equipment compared to other MMO's... yet for some reason, I can never stay off of it for long. It has an extraordinary variation of skills, all of which can be mastered at once, combat is far less limiting class-wise compared to other MMO's, each quest is part of a deep, wholesome story that really fleshes out the world, there is a living, breathing economy that you can actively take part of, and new content is released regularly, all of which is completely free. No other MMO, including the highly-respected World of Warcraft, has been able to keep me in its grasp as long as Runescape has, and for that, it has earned my vote.
This game is so amazing, it's the only MMORPG I play! Or have ever played, in fact. In all reality, I probably shouldn't be voting on this list, but RuneScape's history and lores are just so awesome, I had to. I don't love the game for playing it, honestly, mostly just for talking to people on it and writing fanfictions about it. But I have to compliment its ease of use, its creativity, and its sense of humor. Yep, yep, yep.
The best MMORPG ever invented. The first guy explained it all. Runescape has worse graphics than WoW, but better gameplay. WoW has better graphics and worse gameplay. It all depends on the opinion of the gamer... Graphics or Gameplay? I would preferably choose an awesome game with worse graphics over an 'okay' game with good graphics. Seriously.. think about it, people.
when I first played runescape, it is not very interesting but now there are more updates that makes this game satisfying. you can enjoy it by being a member. it is like playing a game like sims but with more realistic approach and harder time to level up. there are also lists of hi scores and you can see your ranking there in a minimum of 2million, 1 million when I first played it.
Started playing when I was 6 and have been playing for 7 years! Best game ever! Expansive and has G R E A T graphics. I don't care about any other game. I don't need WoW or anything like that when there's runescape. Best MMO ever. Though player numbers have decreased a bit, I'm confident that R.S. will come back. It is so much better than any other game and has been around longer. Deserves some more attention.
Runescape is awesome! I've been playing for about year and a half and still play like I just started! you can get bored at times... but then you just start questing or hanging out with your friends and time just passes by! jagex ftw! no pvp in wildly suck though -.- but the rest makes up for it... I guess, but there is going to be a 1v1 pvp coming in march I think, I hope so =] over all runescape onws!
As many claimed the graphics on RuneScape were nowhere near Maplestory or many other MMORPGs, Jagex (the producers of RuneScape) are working very hard to make it worth comparing! The Jagex team works hard every other day to make new updates, which include monsters, quests, mini-games, and website features! As a two and a half year old player of RuneScape, I would recommend this game for you any day.
Sorry but Runescape is the number 1 best free mmorpg of the world... I don't know why you think world of warcraft is first but it can't be the first... It sucks, the graphics in world of warcraft are abused it sucks and it cost over 200$ to start playing then 20$ months.
FBI are investigating Blizard since many years tryin' to find something to make them stop their scams... so they can't be number one.
I've been playing runescape since I was six and I just love it, they update it a lot and it just gets better and better. Tons of quests to do and people to talk to, and so many different weapons and armor to obtain. Personally I think this is the best cpu and mmorpg game I've EVER played. Oh and before I forget the combat! The combat is marvelous so many different alttaks, spells, and finishers. You should try it, it takes about a minute to create a account.
I have played Runescape for 2 years, it gets old after you know everything. When you're a low level it is great, because there's so many things you can do and a ton of people you can meet. There is a lot of immature people lurking the Runescape world nowadays. If you stick by your friends and fight the monsters of Runescape, you will have great fun and will be sitting at your computer for hours.

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