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21More Cat Breeds

No we already have those. Maybe grey tabby but we already have that

Yes they are so cute I don't no why they are number 12 they are so cute;3

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I think a lion will be an amazing mob. They are nuetral mobs and they can be male female and cub and they aren't tamable and if you don't spawn them they are found in prides and they do attack sheep cows chickens and pigs and they make growling and purring sounds and they roar when they're mad so anyway I think a lion would be a great mob


23Other Tropical FishV1 Comment

They could have them deep or further in the water.

Deep and they are hostile, Easy: 2.5 hearts damage
Medium: Immune to fire or lava and 5 hearts damage
Hard: Comes in groups, immune to fire, lava, and drowning, and 7.5 hearts damage
12 hearts

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Now, I definitely believe in Herobrine. But, it would be cool to see him as a mob that you can spawn only with /summon and he will stalk and haunt you. - thelegendaries101

We're waiting notch... Very patiently...

Herobrine is added. I seen him before and it scared me so hard.

Yes but make it a option

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Why is there not dinosaurs in minecraft. Yes there's a Mod for dinosaurs but I think they ought to have them as one of the main mobs.

I'd much rather have dinosaurs than dragons in Minecraft. Maybe it's just because I want to be a paleontologist? - thelegendaries101

They should put there own variation of a T. Rex! That would be So Cook

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28Fluffy (Harry Potter)V2 Comments
29Evil Villagers

If you hit them they try to kill you

What about negative villagers? They are blue-skinned and there houses are made out of stone?

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30Chuck Norris

Why would he be in Minecraft he should never be in the game

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31HorseV3 Comments

If only you can feed a horse feathers and it will grow wings. - Officialpen

Who wouldn't want to ride a flying horse in the sky

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33Wither Storm

Actually that's a REALLY good idea, because it can be a boss for the nether!

Yes! Just yes! I want to see what it would do.

YES and they can make the command block craftable then make it as normal but the center soul sand will be replaced with the command block.

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Every single dog should be in minecraft, even though they already have wolves, they ve got to have dogs like Labradors, Dalmatians, bulldogs or spaniels.

Yay! We should add border collies Aussies labs Golden retrievers and more

Ya that would be epic huskys Germanshepards beagles pittbulls that would be so epic


Foxes are awesome and a great thing is there are a bunch different kinds some of the more popular are the fennec fox for desert, arctic fox for the ice lands, the red fox, marble fox (so cuteee) I want the silver fox to live in the nether and teleport honestly though it can't teleport in real life but it just looks so cool. So many for too there are over 37 species of foxes but only 12 are pure blood ones vote foxes guys!

Especially if they pounce on small prey!

I love foxes and Minecraft. By the way I'm a girl.

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36Alien + Predator

In that case they better add a space demension. A rocket top get there.

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37Angel of Death

This would be a rather interesting mob to add but one thing I don't under stand will it be like the enderman or the wither or the ender dragon or the ghast? Honestly there are many possible things for this mob..

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38Elder Princess Shroob

Yeah, but in which form?

39LlamasThe llama is a domesticated South American camelid, widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era.

Ya that would be pretty cool cause farm animals animals are so basic

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40Giant CreeperV2 Comments
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