Best Moby Remixes

This list shows music that Moby remixed or music by Moby that was remixed by another artist.

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1We Are All Made of Stars (DJ Tiesto Remix)

Moby's best song in many ways became better with this remix by the awesome DJ Tiesto, but I cannot choose between it and the original.

You simply cannot argue with this track. Moby and DJ Tiesto have pure musical talent that is impossible to ignore.

2Extreme Ways (Voodoo Child Remix)

Never heard the piano being played so brilliantly

3Feeling So Real (Unashamed Ecstatic Piano Mix)

The piano in this is just too awesome for words

4Michael Jackson - Beat It (Moby Remix)

Massively better than the original. Thank You Moby and Thank You Michael.

5Orbital - Speed Freak (Moby Remix)

Again, this is epic and wonderous. Moby has made Orbital look small by comparison.

6Bond Theme (Moby Remix)

This is so awesome I don't see why it was never in a Bond Movie. It would have concluded "Skyfall" brilliantly!

7Moby's Star Wars Remix

Epic sound that you want to run to whenever you hear it

8Blue Moon (Holy Ghost Remix)
9In This World (Quartz Dnb Remix)
10Extreme Ways (DJ Tiesto Remix)
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