Top 10 Modern Day Revolutions


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1Egyptian Revolution 2011

Although a revolution that cost lots it gave birth to a new sense of love and freedom to build Egypt that the Mubarak regime had deminished. But due to Egypt's location and importance their will be lots of attempts to destroy the revolution, it is still in the progress. - revolutionx

Had a major impact on the world - llamaboy17

2011-201? Say 13? Or perhaps 14... who knows

2Iranian Revolution

An intense Revolution for not the usual reasons - revolutionx

3Cuban Revolution
4Libyan Revolution
5The revolution of 1989
6The Egyptian Revolution 1952
7Saur Revolution
8Tunisian Revolution
9The August Revolution
10Syrian Revolution

The Contenders

11Yemeni Revolution
12Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995)
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1. Egyptian Revolution 2011
2. Iranian Revolution
3. Cuban Revolution



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