Top 10 Modern Punk Bands

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Highly underrated, started as some fast-paced in your face melodic skate punk transforming themselves to the technical progressive hardcore band they are today. With albums like How To Clean Everything and Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes under their belt how have they not been mentioned. With witty, satirical lyrics with that punk rock grit making them one of the smartest punk bands of the modern era. Also Supporting Caste absolutely amazing record everyone should give it a listen, just beautifully made. Best songs Dear Coaches Corner, Back To The Motor League, Purina Hall of Fame, Anti-Manifesto & Note To Self.

2Green Day
You cannot leave Green day off this list. They are the kings of the punk revival. They are the most popular punk band ever, for better or worse. They make very catchy and original songs that a lot of us have heard. Even after they "sold out" with American idiot, they still make great music.
Wow they came to one at this option. Anyway why do people keep fking calling blink better than green day green day are like the best punk band ever
Green Day are one of the bands that recovered punk. They are awesome.


[Newest]Why is Green Day below some random band?

3Rise Against
These guys are one word amazing. They create some of the most meaningful songs with very deep lyrics that touch us and leave some of us crying. They create very powerful lyrics concerning the world. They make songs that really make a difference.
Rise Against is the greatest band on planet earth ( I can't speak for the other planets) Their song make perfect sense and are written in a way that makes you think, smile and cry at the same time. Anyone can relate to pretty much everything their songs are about, because most of them have multiple meanings.
I've listened all of their songs and my conclusion: This is more than simple music, this is energy, I like this band, I will listen their music until I die!
[Newest]Rise against I'd the all time greatest band ever, in the world.

If you don't think that Blink-182 is the best punk band ever you don't know punk rock. It's as simple as that. To say Green Day is punk is only true on their old songs. American idiot yeah that's very punk but to say 21 guns is punk... Blink-182 has real life situations and they rock so much more than Green Day. I would put Blink-182 top and then Sum 41 all the way. Rise against is a great band and so is the offspring but sum 41 shows the youth punk which is way more inspirational.
Blink 182 are my favourite band by far. They are definitely the best band from the 90's by far and definitely deserve to be up the top of this list!
Green Day are definitely first! But Blink should be second. Easily the two most inspirational bands after Nirvana. Also, My Chemical Romance should be higher!



7Good Riddance

888 Fingers Louie

9All Time Low
I cannot explain my love for them. They have an amazing music and the compositions of the lyrics is so witty.
Awesome modern punk band without a doubt my favorite!
Love them to death. One of my favorites
[Newest]Words cannot express my love

10Strike Anywhere

The Contenders

11The Offspring
Why is Offspring so far from the top. I personally prefer them over Green Day. Offspring have funny songs like Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), and Why Don't You Get A Job, but they also have serious songs like The Kids Aren't Alright, Come Out And Play, Self Esteem, and Days Go By. Seriously, who doesn't love Come Out And Play? I find Green Day and Blink-182 over-rated. They're good, but I wouldn't call them the best. Rise Against and Sum 41 deserve their places though. Maybe switch them around.
These guys have had their share of funny songs and more serious songs, doing a great job at both. Some songs are really meaningful while not covering very serious topics, a great feat. Give it up for these guys.
The Offspring is not only better but much more well known and influential lot of the other bands. The Offspring influenced culture in the 90s in a way that can contest that of Blink-182 and certainly more than I-SPY or Fifteen. Also My Chemical Romance not in the top ten proves that this list is bull. It needs more people to vote.
[Newest]Best ever. Consistent good, evolving music over 20 years. Still throw down live.

12The Bollweevils




16Sum 41
Not only did sum 41 become noticed alongside bands such as blink-182, green day, and the offspring with their contribution to pop punk, but they have done many different styles of punk rock, ranging from pop punk, to melodic hardcore. They have had their share of serious song topics, to classic relationship pop punk topics.
Sum 41 should be in the top 3 alongside Green Day and Blink-182. See for yourself. Listen to Still Waiting, Blood in my Eyes, The Hell Song, and Over my Head.
These are probably the most punky band in modern day times

17My Chemical Romance
They are one of my all time favorites and although people list them under many genres there will never be a band quite like them. They are very unique in their sound and style.
Are you kidding? Paramore is on the list before My Chemical Romance? Nothing against paramore (I saw them live on Monumentour) but I can think of a billion bands More Punk Than Them, including Fall out Boy (who was touring with them) and My Chemical Romance. And Honestly I would say that My Chemical Romance is more punk than Blink-182
Good band, but they are definitely NOT Punk Rock. I'd say Punk Pop or Emotive Punk.

18Billy Talent
Billy Talent is a band that has a different sound each album. It shows their range as a band and growth as a whole. They are focused on giving quality and passoinate work while never reproducing a sound from another album. That is something a lot of bands don't accomplish. They do this but also stay with their punk roots and keep to their own unique sound.
Blink, against me and billy talent are my favorites but these guys are the best
My favorites. Totally overrated

A classic street punk band with a ska twist that helped revive punk in the 90s and are one of the most famous punk bands to still be signed to an independent record label. And best of all, they still manage to retain their original fan base. They make some songs that come straight from streets and hardships of Tim Armstrong.

20Against Me!
A great band that creates classic punk rock in a modern world, along with its own twist of unique music sound. Good job guys!

Great political punk band that gives you facts that actually back up what they are singing against. Great catchy guitar sound. Amazing.
Actual punk band that's anti establishment

22Bad Religion

23New Found Glory
Technically, these guys are the kings of pop punk, but blink is definitely more noted than nfg, and blink has made some more iconic songs, but nonetheless, new found glory is classic modern pop punk, focusing primarily on girls and relationships, with modern pop punk sound with fast modern punk sound.

245 Seconds of Summer
5sos are more pop than punk rock but they are still amazing, the band has only been together for about 3 years but are amazing with some amazing songs. The band members themselves are young the youngest one is about 17
5 Seconds of Summer are legit the most perfect people to walk this earth.

Don't understand how these guys aren't in the top 3. Around longer than most of the bands already mentioned and still rocking
Wow. Just wow. They should be in the top 10 for sure.

Seriously? Fat Mike is the reason half of these bands were ever signed in the first place... Anyone not putting them in the top three should play golf, say whoops, and call an ambulance.
I swear to god these guys are way too low on this list. Come on! Californian Punk!

27The Story So Far

28Less Than Jake
These guys are probably the best ska punk band there is. Some good ska punk tunes with a pop punk flare.

29Mindless Self Indulgence
Best band ever! I love their music, their style, and their lyrics! They're just amazing, and no band can ever rise to their epic level!

30The Maine

31Social DIstortion
When I heard story of my life I went out bought every social distortion album they put out. My favorite band. They should be in the top five.
1991 - Story of My life... It still rings true. If you haven't listened to it, then please do.
One of the only modern punk bands on this list. Great band.

Easily the greatest band on earth, not just punk, I could sit and listen to their music 24/7 without getting bored

33The Exploited

34Ramshackle Glory

35La Dispute

36Sleeping with Sirens

37American Hi-Fi


39Brand New
My favorite band of all time.

40Cerebral Ballzy
Look them up there pure punk

41The Wonder Years

42Neck Deep

More rock less talk

44Tonight Alive

45No Doubt

46Ten Foot Pole
Nardcore favorites... Listen to them.

47Tsunami Bomb
Better than Paramore, with a hotter lead femle, and better lyrics/sound.

48Knuckle Puck

49State Champs

50Such Gold

51Real Friends

52Pierce the Veil
You may have heard of "Hold on 'till May" or King For A Day by these guys

53Man Overboard


55Simple Plan
As a teenager in 2000's, I grew up in the songs of Simple Plan. They really make me stump my feet and jump around whenever I hear their song playing.
I think Simple Plan is a great band, they make songs which we can relate to, they also sing about society which personally I think is great
These guys make a lot of songs that we can relate to, and songs we can listen to when we are feeling down. Good pop punk band.

Their songs are so catchy and will get stuck in your head for ages.
I love dem laugh out loud yolo

57Good Charlotte
This band has some of the most well know punk songs ever! "Another loser Anthem", "Boys and girls", "Lifestyles of the rich and famous" not to mention their fisrt single "Little Things". Good Charlotte a pure Punk rock band! Their songs are amazing.

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