Top Ten Modern Songs We'd Like to Hear Classic Artists Cover

My third collaboration with PetSounds. Our second was the same as this, but the other way around. Enjoy this one!

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1Elephant - Jefferson Airplane (Tame Impala)

This song definitely belongs in that age of music. - PositronWildhawk

2Instant Crush - Art of Noise (Daft Punk)

Don't roll on the floor laughing, just think about it. It would sound fantastic. - PositronWildhawk

3Knife - Pink Floyd (Grizzly Bear)

GB's version is fantastic. But imagine what Floyd could do with it! Think "Comfortably Numb", or maybe "Brain Damage". - PetSounds

4Running to the Sea - Kraftwerk (Royksopp)

Kraftwerk often employed the high but melancholy harmony of this song. - PositronWildhawk

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5Apologise - Queen (Onerepublic)
6Miss It So Much - David Bowie (Royksopp)
7Clocks - The Doors (Coldplay)

This one sounds especially intriguing to me. Now I shall go on living my life wishing that this could happen somehow, knowing that it never will. Now I'm sad. - BKAllmighty

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8White Winter Hymnal - Csny (Fleet Foxes)

Fleet Foxes are one of my current favourite groups. However, their version of this song lacks an edge, which Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young would certainly bring. - PetSounds

9Centuries - Slade (Fall Out Boy)

I was hesitant to include this, as I can't stand Fall Out Boy. However, Slade could glam this song up and bring out its true potential. - PetSounds

10Anaconda - Paul McCartney (Nicki Minaj)

If this happens, he should overhaul the lyrics entirely.

Oh god lease no! NO! Anything! ANYTHING but this!

Is this a joke? Who on earth put this here?

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The Contenders

11Find My Baby - Led Zeppelin (Moby)
12Bleed - Aphex Twin (Deadmau5)

I didn't think of that one, and it would indeed be interesting to see. - PositronWildhawk

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13Coma Black - Swans (Marilyn Manson)
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1. Elephant - Jefferson Airplane (Tame Impala)
2. Instant Crush - Art of Noise (Daft Punk)
3. Knife - Pink Floyd (Grizzly Bear)



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