Top Ten Best Monster Hunter Flagship Monsters

A list on the best flagship monsters in all of the Monster Hunter games. A flagship monster is a monster that is the mascot of that game, main goal a Hunter works towards and an overall big part in the story and game objective. Which one is your favourite.

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1Gore Magala/MH4U

One of the developers favourite monsters. Spread the mysterious frenzy virus, looks awesome and intimidating and a brutal fight (at least for newcomers). - Erikelelf


No word can describe the feeling of landing the final blow on the Tigrex. It almost kills you in the intro to the game, threatens you in a few quests then when the time for the battle with your rival finally comes... you will probably be destroyed. Again and again. It feels impossible at first but you start to learn using the environment to your advantage, memorising it's attack patterns and finding a way to dodge it's merciless charging. This monster is merciless, he doesn't give you a second to rest and a built up rivalry all make you feel like a God when you finish it and make it into a helmet. - Erikelelf


Badass design, extremely difficult and a good expanse of what a monster with Tigrex's body shape could do. - Erikelelf

Best monster in terms of fun, disign, dynamics and rewards. It sure ain't an elder dragon but it's the most fun foe to battle.


Super. Saiyan. Electric. Wolf. That is all. - Erikelelf

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A monster that literally punches explosions using explosive goo. What's not to love. It's equipment is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered though. - Erikelelf

6Lagiacrus/MH3 Tri

Introduced water combat and was pretty cool looking but I don't get the same special feeling like I do with other Flagship Monsters. It just felt like another monster to slay. - Erikelelf

7Kushala Daora/MHFU/MHF2

Although barely known as a Flagship Monster it is a metallic dragon. Yes, A METALLIC DRAGON. So badass going near it makes you fall over from the strength of the wind produced by it's wings. This monster proved that size wasn't everything to some of the previous hulking Elder Dragons. - Erikelelf


THE flagship monster for the Monster Hunter series. The Raths tie the games together in a way that no other monster can hope to do. But I will say that as a veteran monster hunter, I am biased in favor of the Fire Wyverns. I just wish Capcom would put more effort into integrating them a storyline for once. The wyvern is fantastic, but the producers are jerks.

Basically the one that ties all the games together. Monster Hunter just isn't Monster Hunter without the Rathalos.

Brilliant Monsters however although they laid the foundation they didn't expand upon it. - Erikelelf


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11Azure Rathalos/MH3U

It's been here since the first game, it's a subspecies and there is pretty much NO build up. Japan got the MUCH cooler Brachydios. - Erikelelf


Cool fight, but where do I get the feeling this monster ripped off seregios?

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