Best Monster Legends Monsters

This list includes best monsters in the Monster Legends game.

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He can attack you five times as nearly all his attacks give him an extra go

Fast and hits hard and half of moves give him another move run all stamina and your good to go

VoltaiK looks so damn cool and attack you so many times in a row that I got so pissed when he/she/whatever is my enemy. I got VoltaiK as my first legendary using 225 gems during a special offer

Amazing defense and offense no wonder you see many people using 3 of him

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2General Atum

He is the most powerful General in the game! - OnurLegends

Wow! His so good in battles. I would even buy him for gems, because I never use gems to get monsters. I just get monsters by breeding or in those things at the right side

Atom is my best monster ever. It moves or good. I have two atom in my team. One level 100,other one 85

His 800 war coins in the war shop and POWERFUL FULL level OP!

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3General Darmith

I have him and he is my best! Level 75 and his attack is 4,155 and health is 23,207

He's trash, he doesn't have any good moves

Ew. Not my favorite monster. Dragon soul isn't special, Thetys' Elite Sea Troops is better, giving stamina refill, precision AND damage. Don't buy him, it's not worth it

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Stunning pecks no cool down = op +speed runes = 3 turns with stunning pecks = OP!

Griffin is OP and can have great nicknames! Bleeding pecks and griffin thunder with massive peck too much power to handle

I have griffin he is op I recommend this guy

May have low life, but with only a few attacks with cooldowns, Griffin packs a real punch!

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5General Thetys

My favorite monster is Thetys, she is very strong she has great skills. - OnurLegends

Her Stamina Drain skill right after a Freeze all is cast by another monster like Varuna equals two missed turns... She is a must have

I have her and I do not regret getting her. Her skills, her power, everything is op about her!

She's my favorite I have her in almost every team

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You can stun, daze, slow, and blind with 1 turn cooldowns or no cooldowns so he is good

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7Lord Moltus

So amazing, the best Fire Legend.

This monster is after Rhodent in the puzzle look at his skills it's super! - OnurLegends

Rador, Kaih "The Eradicator" and him have break the limits of damage!

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He looks cool and has amazing health

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Stun, burn, possession & nightmares + the fatal countdown; need I say more

Can deal 4 types of damage, dark, metal, fire, and special. His skills look cool too!

He is good at killing multiple enemies

One of the best monsters ever created!

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MMOnster is super good on boss fights. I don't have him, but he can deal 30% of the boss's life as damage.

This monster is amazing! He should most definitely be in at least the top three. His health, attacks, and special skills are super cool! If only I had him...

Has the most powerful attacks, is fast as crap, and has some of the most health!

MMOnster is the best! If you don't like him then you are weird!

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It can breed a legendary pulse it's OP... better than VolTaiK! Nough said.

?General NishantV2 Comments

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Not one of my favorites since its takes a while to unlock and very rarely does he show up in events so it took me forever to get him but I do like that he is the only monster that can bring back your team

It is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. It's opening in 65 level and his stats are amazing! - OnurLegends

His moves are incredibly powerful and you can only get him at level 60, proving he's even better.

One of the best and most powerful monster

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I hate having to suffer the pain of timerion I just like making other people suffer to my timerion

I want timerion his moves are cool and he's strong

Best deny monster. Just unique nothing like him.

Equalizer= best move on boss.

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Almost every top players have varuna. I think he is be best after voltika or at least best water legend

This guy is like general thetys but general thetys is better than this guy I think?!?!?!

I would say best water type and also general thesis is good

This guy is broken

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His attacks are the best and he is very very fast. He can stun very often as well then and is a good member for your team to stop the, from dying as he can continuously stun and sometimes stun all enemies at once!

His raging thunderstorm move is so op, it stuns everyone and he's really fast definitely a top ten monster...did I mention he's fast

I have tempest level 86 currently and he is my main monster, his attacks are high damage and can stun, combining with vadamagma, and lord mammoth is a great team. I leveled up from 43 to 47 in a day thanks to that unstoppable team. Runes are a must though when using tempest, minimum of rune level three for real.

His attacks are so good. He attacks, skips your turn and your next move you're dead.

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He is not the best but OP in some respects

Noctum is really good monster but I think Klectus is more stronger than noctum...they both have instant death special attack

He is the most powerful dark monster

This guy is insane

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Awesome Water Legend! Freezes Everybody!


Very powerful moves. Destroys opponents with one move. Makes the Dungeons too easy!

Have him. Hellfire 1 hit's enemies with a 90% chance. Amazing!

This thing is epic. My friend does 100k+ damage with him

Best dark monster

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Should be in top 10. Possessing egg and dominating egg are too powerful.

Has two possess team moves, great advantage

Should be #1 possessing eggs are too good as well as dominating eggs

Not Anymore Lol

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He has great skills for attacking all of the enemies and I think that he is the most powerful monster of light element. - OnurLegends

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Great moves all have secondary effects and some cause a random 2

He has high stats and good moves(if chosen correctly). Team him up with at least one aoe stun character on your team and he is one helluva teammate

His attacks are like by the thingy by the another thingy but he is very good though

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