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21The Ringer

Death knell with bleeding is just too strong, is quite always a must in my team

Is very pour! Should be in the last position!

His life is high and his attacks are powerful. He is good.

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22White PandalfV5 Comments

Layth is a pretty good monster it helped me push up it the 2000 cup range

Doesn't have AOE's but hit hard as truck, you Just need right support like with every hard hitter, bar VoltaiK. I love the lion!

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24General NishantV5 Comments
25Terror Dactyl

She's so weak. I can kill her and still have almost all of my life left.

Second best dark monster even though she's an uncommon

Terror dactyls are only for noobs I can't even believe it's in the top 20

What! An uncommon!

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His instant death move paradox can easily wipe most enemy teams, and if you combine it with his stamina drain move, the opponent won't even be able to attack during paradox's countdown.

I would spend my gems on this awesome monster because of its move paradox.

His attack can kill big enemy in forth time'

His only good move is paradox he is so overrated and weak moves

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Op in the aspect of almost every turn confusing one of the targets or corrupting

I have him with kill switch if you have good speed runes he is very powerful

Glitch's skill CONFUSION is OP that basically the enemy attack itself

He makes the other team kill themselves

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I see +50 Legends after him. Why is Treezard even on this list?

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She would be versatile if you only consider her solid skills that can daze or stun. Throw in powerful possession skills and she becomes one of the most crippling attackers in the game.

1: She is sexy. 2: She is useful in battle. 3: From a scale from 1 to 10, it's a nine

Smart monster but easy to knock out

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30Super Dan

His moves are really strong and he looks like a champ, definitely one of the best metal monsters

Very strong attacks! Merciless blast takes 34000 life on strong

He is one of the best attacker in the game.

He has nice attack

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Strongest dark monster in the game. And it's festive, well if you consider it feeds on of Christmas spirit.

Klectus is a boss! He beats more monsters then any other monster in the game!

Klectus is the strongest dark monster.It is much better than noctum.

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32Dr. Hazard

Great legendary. Can poison(4 turns), burn(3 turns) and give nightmares (3 turns). Interesting moves can make any monster weak to thunder, fire, water, nature or light, magic, earth, metal. Although using these moves your stamina will be gone in a blink but that doesn't matter because your opponent will be dead before that.

His special move is really overpowered, gives burning effect for 4 turns, gives poison for three turns and can even give nightmares!

My first legend, his toxins are really great for battle and he has rather a balanced stats

Use him level 30 and my other monsters don't get a chance to attack.

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33FelixV2 Comments
34Toy MasterV5 Comments

I think that this monster is very powerful. He has so dangerous skills and he can poison you with almost every skill. - OnurLegends

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First, he came to the game with the alien island. When I saw it I didn't think that he is powerful. But then when I saw his skills I thought that this monster can be the best monster in the game! - OnurLegends

Probably one of the best steel monster in the game can do a lot of damage he's pretty fast and has a lot of health

Yo OnurLegends what level are you in monster legends I am level 39. And I am in a clan called "The Force Awakens". by the way what clan are you in?

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Super sturdy, a tank type, loads of powerful attacks, lots of health! What more can you want from a monster? He's probably one of your first monsters, and is so reliable. You'll be pleased

Qin should be number 1. Terracotta barrier is OP and emorers Qiang. Basically this guy can get shields so many ways making him undefeatable in my team

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Rockantium is part of my team. He is really defensive and has very powerful moves. However he is slower than monsters 10 levels below him! My final opinion: Rockantium is a slow, rock tank that is about stun.

Really defensive and Deadly yes is slow but wrecks in boss battles

Slow Slow slow, he is a slug+snail+Boulder why wouldn't he be slow

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Pixelion is a very mysterious monster he is legendary (magic element) but he has water and fire skills! - OnurLegends

I have Dr hazard, pixelion and worker hulk and pixelion is one of the most underrated of the bunch.

Freeze All is 50% Chance BURN Alll is 50% Chance super cheap monster only getem if your a collector he is not good at all I Loved him @ 1st but now he's crap

Special move is boss

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The reason I love Ouros is because of his special move Global Stomp.It is way too OP! I hope ML don't remove that

I like Ouros because he has huge strength,health,energy,gold collecting and he is immune to freeze and stun.

He has a instakill special skill. Most health that means good with life runes. He is strong he can double his life and also return all incoming damage to himself by 100%. Also immune to freeze and stun. He is about 40000 health unlike most legendary's at about 30000

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