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Darude is awesome and he crushes everybody

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How come this monster isn't number 1? His health and attack is menacing.

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INCREDIBLY strong. -100% stamina attack, double damage, stamina leak; what's not to love?

Should be in top ten make him higher he has 2 freeze moves

Arctic Boost Is Double Damage To ALL ALLIES! OP 50% More stamina To All Allies! Good! ONLY 4 COOLDOWNS THAT IS LOW
Glacial Snowstorm Is Freeze All Stamina loss 100% To target Extraordinary!
Too OP For Me, Deserves Top 3

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She is the best support monster and best light monster out there, she gives the whole team double damage and precision then she can your teammate 2 extra turns. Terrific monster and unique design

It's a shame that she got nerfed so harshly but even after she is still a solid deny monster and definitely one of the top light monsters in the game. By far the best in the halloween maze

I really want her from the Halloween island after gretchen. Can u guys tell me what monsters I need to move to get her?

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45ChocoloveV1 Comment

He is very power full but he runs out of energy really fast

Just got him and is super strong but I agree about stamina

I think tooo that MINOTAURUS is not popular kind of DINOSAURS so his skills is more HIGHER

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Not very good but kinda good it's in the middle I guess

This guy is the worst legendary monster ever

He's "mediocre" I guess, I use him just cause I leveled him up. Still would prefer Voltiak or Lord Moultus.

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Not that good but really appealed to me as a kid

When your a low level and get a musu it's good cause I'm level 16 and my musu is great

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Uru is basically in my own opinion the 25th greatest monster in the game. LUTHIEN, COME TO ME DARLING

WHY is the posiblly best guy in the GAME not on the list?!

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He is SO OP He can posess all in one attack! Best Rare! Best Monster! And his special skill beats up everything! Use him!

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51General Alces

Is to strong I used him against 3 max legendary and still be a them and is one of the only generals that has a multiple attack special move

I also have general alces my general alces is level 30 and it beat 3 rares which are level 40 like what the heck he should be in the top 10!

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Great monster! Should be in top 20 at least

I use this beast of a monster with general thetys. Thetys uses stamina drain then discobolus stuns them. After they are stunned they still don't get a turn because they don't have any stamina. Then I stun them again because his aoe stun has no cooldown and they just lost their immunity to stun. that's a combined 3 turns lost and by that time they are usually dead. He is a terrific monster definitely one of the best in the game. None of his moves have any cooldown!

Deserves #1! Seriously! Moderate and Stun AOE NO cooldown! Same With Daze! can't get any better than that!

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53Kaih The Eradicator

This monster shouldve been on here as soon as he came out, all I Got to say

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VoltaiK is way better. But I prefer Dr. Hazard. Skipples is just an epic.

It can breed a legendary pulse it's OP... better than VolTaiK! Nough said.

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My bad she is one rank farther but STILL

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56MegapolarisV4 Comments
57White Walker

Super op can freeze all enemies and daze them for 2 turns

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I want him, please GLAMORIZE me, my voice, let me attract girls please

I think when I use glamorize on my voltaik I think reptie is glamorizing me for victory

Glamorise is probably my Favorite move it is overpowered when you use it on babartos

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Max level is 40. Legendary max is 100. Need I say more? This should not be on top list.

I have a good level 40 and he is good

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I like him, but he just needs higher chance status effects.

Thorder is really bad he's probably the worst legendary in this game!

I fought 3 and my team wrecked them

Bad legendary

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