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21 Rezonate V 1 Comment
22 Muzzy

Definitely number 1, this guy brings a unique Pendulum-like vibe to the table, never could listen to one of his songs without becoming ridiculously pumped and happy!

Come on, no. 24 - really? He deserves to be in the top 5!

V 4 Comments
23 Hardwell Hardwell Robbert van de Corput, who performs under the stage name Hardwell, is a Dutch big room house and electro house DJ and music producer. V 2 Comments
24 Splitbreed
25 Grant Bowtie

He needs to release a tad bit more but besides that his songs (so far) are very unique and all have their own sparkle and shine.

All of his songs are filled with detail and uniqueness, wish I could see him on tour.

I love his future bass track, but he to make more tracks

Just cloud nine should be enough to get this guy in the top 10

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26 Vicetone V 1 Comment
27 DotEXE

They're actually more well known as "Summer was Fun" now, but their music is still as amazing as before.

The person that lead me to monstercat

He's one of my all time favorite monstercat artists, this guy should at least be in the top 10

28 Astronaut

Astronaut's tracks are without a the best when it comes to atomosphere.

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29 Razihel

I don't get how Razihel is not in the top 10.

Okay, I have no idea what happened here. He should totally be number 1. My top four favorite songs are all by Razihel, Titans, Legends, Skybreaker, and Edge of the World. Come on, is this list even joking?

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30 Rameses B

Makes such peaceful music, and very heartlifting, it's hard to resist the slow, yet amazing music from Rameses B. Songs like Timeless and Transformations, are incredible.

31 Laszlo

Interstellar and Supernova are 2 of the best Monstercat tracks ever released in my opinion. Along with Nitro Fun, he deserves to be at the top of this chart. The closer EP was amazing! Perhaps the best of those five tracks would be Our Arrival.

Laszlo also does some amazing songs outside Monstercat but Supernova was good!

Laszlo is a very good artist.

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32 F.O.O.L V 1 Comment
33 Fractal

Among the most underrated artists on monstercat, he can do so many styles so well, and the complexity in some of his tracks is insane. My second favorite is Au5, and they're even better together. - datrandomguy

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34 Haywyre

Such a unique sound. He perfectly combines natural instruments with extremely catchy electronic themes. Every MC artist is great, but Haywyre 's songs blow me out of the water every time. My favourites (out of what I've heard so far) are Synergy, Back and Forth and The Schism.

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35 Bustre V 1 Comment
36 Rootkit

Absolutely unique and fully capable of making a good song in any genre. Not defined by style, he always makes great songs.

Concrete Jungle is amazing, and he has an assortment of other great songs as well

Rootkit is one of my favorite artists on monstercat. His old songs are amazing. But his new songs are even better he has definitely mastered house and tracks are getting better and better. SO UNDERATTED

37 Stonebank

I am completely convinces stonebank can't make a bad song

V 2 Comments

I think WRLD will get more popular. He is continuously making more songs.

Cover art always good and music is always awesome

"By Design" is a good progress for WRLD

I love everything he puts out! there'ssuch a fun atmosphere to his songs. Current favorites are Echo, Awake, Break the Silence and Little too Close

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39 Marshmello

Honestly, this guy was just a one-time artist to promote Monstercat and gain more popularity.

Alone has to be one of my most favorite songs on monstercat

How is this guy at no. 60! his first monstercat release has amassed like 28 million views across 3 videos in 4 months! that's just crazy

This artist deserve better eh?

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40 Grabbitz

Grabbitz deserves to be at the top because he has such a unique style, can do the "impossible" with music, and always releases something different. His trapish-based style is something not seen everyday. His songs are always so well-received by the fans for a reason. I say he can do the impossible because he can somehow take orchestral instruments and combine it with hardcore trap in one song, which reasonably seems like a challenge to do. If you haven't check it out yet, his Friends EP is worth hearing because it is outstanding because every song in it flows nicely through and tells a story through lyrics and the music itself. Not to mention, he has such a great singing voice and can put any of his own vocals in his music. He deserves to be at the top.

The first monstercat album I listened to was 014, and then later 025, recommended to me by a friend. I haven't been in the fandom that long, but the first song that really stood out to me and that I listened to on repeat was "Way Too Deep," which you all probably already know is a grabbitz song. To this day, he's still my favorite artist.

Why isn't Grabbitz in the top ten? His music is amazing!

He has so much skill when creating complex patterns. Just take friends for example and imagine how he designed that.

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