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YouTube is a need of life these days... Oh, no running low on my YouTube, gotta go!
can't stop looking at youtube!
Who needs iTunes when you have YouTube?


The most popular social networking site ever made


It take at least 45 mins to look through all the front page stuff. By the time you refresh, it's already been replaced.
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5There, I Fixed It
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Lovin the top tens
Visit TheTopTens Website

9Zeusbox Wallpaper
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10TV Tropes
Oh My Gosh! It does ruin your life. I trope my life now. In fact one of the tropes are T.V. Tropes will ruin your life.


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The Contenders

11Totally Looks Like

12People of Walmart

14Girlfriend Photo Battle

16FACTSlides is a colorful, animated, powerpoint-like, endless stream of fascinating facts.

I'm finally hipster enough for tumblr


19The Pirate Bay

Really fun website, Based on the telephone game it's very addicting and very fun.

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