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21 Metabolic Metabolic

The one of the heaviest songs on the entire album. No doubt.

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22 The Blister Exists The Blister Exists

It doesn't swears but its pretty damn aggressive

Its way heavier than duality come on

23 Lech Lech
24 Scissors Scissors V 2 Comments
25 Purity Purity V 1 Comment
26 I Am Hated I Am Hated

This song should be in the top ten

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27 Iowa Iowa

This song isn't even placed...? Yeah, it's generally mellow, but Corey's roar when the intro comes to an end is, hands down, THE rawest of his vocals, period.

28 Spit It Out Spit It Out

How is this one in the first place? Listen to the lyrics, the instrumentals, the sounds, it's non stop talking about killing someone, that's not exactly soft

This needs a boost up to the top 10. Like... NOW.

29 Pulse of the Maggots Pulse of the Maggots

This should at least be above Duality. Duality is not very aggressive at all. - GREATEST

30 Scream Scream V 2 Comments
31 Sulfur Sulfur

A well balanced aggressive song.

32 New Abortion New Abortion V 1 Comment
33 Snuff Snuff

That's the least heavy and aggressive by far. - GREATEST

Corey's voice is so raw in this. So Metal.

34 The Shape The Shape

This song is SO HEAVY! when u listen to it there's a bunch of just (i can only describe it as a SLAP IN THE FACE) full of heaviness. awesome song. it's my 3rd or 4th favorite slipknot song.

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36 Welcome Welcome
37 Prosthetics Prosthetics
38 Skin Ticket Skin Ticket
39 This Cold Black This Cold Black
40 Skeptic Skeptic

Ok, we all know this song is dedicated for Paul. And the agression and pasion Corey sings it... Man, this is Top 10 at least.

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