Most Annoying Actors

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1Matthew McConaughey

I wish he would crash in a head on collision in his annoying as hell Lincoln commercials

Male equivalent of anne hathaway

Most annoying speech patterns I have ever heard.

You seen "Mud", "True Detective"? - AlekhyaDas

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2Matt Damon

Makes the same movie over and over, although did a phenomenal job in School Ties and Mystic Pizza.

We are having Matt Damon crammed down our collective throats right now and people are dying for more!

Same demeanour with awkward wince, overrated unconvincing actor.

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3Ashton Kutcher

Can someone send this stupid unfunny farmboy back to the cornfield he's corny in more ways than one. Charlie sheen is better looking and was blessed with a personality. Kutcher is retarded and boring!

He is arrogant and annoying.

4Tom Cruise

Couch jump anyone? How about the fact that he thinks that there is no need for any medications and vitamins will cure everything?

The guys nuts and what role will stand up to the test of time? Maverick possibly.

Should have retired years ago while he had some support and dignity. Now I'm just embarrassed for him.

Really weird guy. Creepy.

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5Ben Affleck

Yeah, he's pretty annoying and I think every movie he makes has to do with the greatness of Boston.

Enough with Boston already.

I hate Irish racist actors from boston with no talent except to speak like street trash without pronouncing rs boston is wannabe New York. Sick of it sick of them!

6John Malkovich

His voice annoys the turds out of me. - logblobo

7Martin Lawrence

This guys about as funny as a stick. Big Momma!

8Sean Penn

Did a great job with "I am Sam", but the guy needs to loosen up off screen for cryin out loud. Get a sense of humor already.

A talented actor, but seems very full of himself.

9Jackie Chan

He isn't even that good and most likely can't fight to be honest also he is in most movies that could be done better than someone ell to be hones

Do people really go to see these movies?

10Will Ferrell

Over acts. I don't want to see him in his underwear ever again!

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?Alec Baldwin
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11Bruce Willis

Did nothing but tough guy roles after Moonlighting (inferiority complex)?

Skinny old white chicken showin his saggy ass. Is he 70 now?

12Johnny Depp
13Russell Brand

Just overall an annoying, big headed, useless turd in human form, a no-talent under-achiever who believes that he is the savior of the people, the worthless scum-bag should be used for target practice.

The definition of the most annoying actor. I cannot even stand watching more than one minute of him!

14Josh Radnor

Ted from 'how I met your mother' his quest for love sucks!

15Jimmy Fallon

Nothing more annoying than someone who thinks they are funny

One word... Annoying. I flip the channel anytime he shows up.

16Robert Pattinson
17John Travolta

What a horrible singing voice he sounds like a girl

18Ben Stiller

Takes over acting to a whole new level. All of his characters are basically the same. Needs to step away from the spotlight and let someone else come in and entertain us.

He has a knack for making me feel uncomfortable

I actually like Ben Stiller but a LOT of people hate him.

19George Clooney

So annoying words cannot express. Closet case.

20Kevin Costner

Totally boring performances and an inexpressive face - paqui

Water world and The Postman. Enough said.

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