Top 10 Most Annoying Cartoon Characters

August 2, 2015 - Everybody who invented these cartoon characters should be unemployed (With the exception of Choice 3, that's a voice acting issue). Who comes up with crap like this? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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You think you are funny little girl? You are like (wheres the mountain) can't you see it? It only 3feet in you.

My T.V. almost break because of you.. And why does a monkey could talk?
I can hardly punch the people who talk about you!
You? You always take our mind mad! I can hardly throw the T.V. and kill myself if I see you
You think you are beautiful.. The only think I want to do is get naked in the mall..
Don't you creeping out? , you are talking to a talking bag and a stupid map
Oh, man I hate that map.. I can hardly tear you up and eat you
And what do you except at your head. Its crescent.. Can be place at the moon
What do you expected.. You are so fat that you cannot fit at our door
You are truly make me explode?! The most annoying and ugliest girl are you

.. If I see you.. Oh you better watch what will I can do! Or I will torture and murder you hard
Where's the mountain? It's right there, where's the mountain? It's right there. So where's the mountain? SHE'S DRUNK
While Dora is an awful show, it is not the worst and should not be on this list. Unlike most of the other characters on this list Dora tries to make a positive influence on the viewers and attempts to teach them positive lessons such as don't be greedy, be kind to others etc. Yes you can argue that she is stupid, but the show isn't trying to pass her off as a child prodigy. The most heard remark is her asking where the mountain is and that it's right behind her. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS OF COURSE IT'S BEHIND HER! How else can the children watching get involved when they can't see what she's talking about. Besides most people who pick on Dora (I know because I did this too) are second graders trying to be cool. Everyone picks on Dora at this age, but the people who don't move on are the annoying ones. Although this show gets obnoxious if your above the age of four, it certainly should not be on this list.


[Newest]I don't really like Dora. Nobody that I know likes it, yet it still is on television! Why?

More comments about Dora

2Spongebob Squarepants
The early episodes they played off Spongebob like he knew what his goals were but was pretty naive. The new episodes they made him pretty stupid and very annoying. Do I even have to mention Patrick from now and then.

The show is not very good anymore since after the movie. Though you might actually get a good episode every now and then. I stopped watching back in 06 but I have little sisters and they occasionally watch it from time to time.
Now, Spongebob used to be a very good cartoon. Excellent, in fact. But, inexplicably, after Stephen Hillenburg quit with the show, everything went wrong. Tom Kenny somehow blew out his voice, and it is way too high pitched and irritating. The worst examples of this are shown in the episodes "Funny Pants" and "Night Light". Seriously, man, take a Ricola or something.
This show use to be cool. Back when I was young, cartoons made comedy in the writing not unfunny jokes written by a 5 year old to brodcast to a bunch of kids with no taste! SpongeBob was a good show before the movie but now it just sucks! SpongeBob himself is extremly annoying, and I can't even watch the show now.
[Newest]Take him off the list

3Scrappy Doo
I really, really, really hope that this horrid canine does not have a fanbase. He is the absolute worst thing ever to happen to the Scooby Doo series. Atrocious.
He stole Scooby's spotlight; I don't know why but he wasn't even neccessary! He doesn't deserve any love... It's just so stupid and lame how the creators added a pointless character in the show!


Scrappy didn't even play a part in the gang. Good job They made him evil in the Scooby doo movie (not the really old one I mean the one that isn't either old or new)

4Mr. Krabs
All he cares about is money he even likes money more than he likes pearl$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


All he can talk about is money! So annoying. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I like the old Mr. krabs better. He was cheap, but he gave good advice. Now he's all "me money" And doesn't even sound like a pirate
[Newest]Burn in hell, Krabs. Greed is one of Seven Deadly Sins, ass.

5Fanboy (Fanboy and Chum Chum)
I love chumchum but I hate repeat HATE fanboy I swear he is like a skinnier version of timmy but unlike timmy who is actually cute (and adorable) fanboy is an annoying bastard!
YES OH MY GOD! It hurt me just to watch five seconds of that show, just as annoying and stupid as RABBIDS INVASION! Both shows are so unintelligent, I would rather watch a ten hour interview with Dora and SpongeBob than watch this show. Come on Nickelodeon! YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!
Never mind fanboy its chumchum I hate this stupid fat ugly Mexican boy just like the person at the top said its CHUMCHUM
[Newest]I don't like it its stupid!

Man, this creepy Snarf could give us bad nightmares! The way this character created way back in the 80's could rape our brains! Good thing today the new Snarf from the new Thundercats ain't annoying at all!
I agree that martha speaks is an annoying useless piece of blubery dog dropping and rouge the bat has enormous disturbing female organs. I DON'T LIKE SNARF, TOO UGLY
This pitiful excuse for an animated character will haunt my dreams forever. Seriously, GET HIS HORRIBLE VOICE OUT OF MY ACHING HEAD!
[Newest]What the SNARF!?!?! Couldn't possibly be more stupid!

7Dee Dee (Dexter's Lab)
Dee Dee has no redeeming qualities outside invading her brothers privacy and acting innocent while destroying his belongings.
But here's the thing, Dee Dee was made with the intention of being annoying. And just because of that I find her a whole lot less annoying than I should.
She breaks into Dexter's Lab and totally destroys all of his stuff.

8Johnny Test
The worst thing ever created ever
He's the worst character of the show! He wines a lot, he's a big bratty spoiled stupid idiot who always wants things to go his way! He's very annoying! Plus his show is strongly abysmal oh I hate it! Ripoff of Jimmy Neutron and of course Dextor's Labrotory!
This person is so annoying I jest to punch him in the face because he so so stupid and dumb
[Newest]Johnny is a self centered idiot who only cares about himself

9D.W. Read (Arthur)
I don't think DW is annoying. I used to watch Arthur when I was younger and she never annoyed me. She is just a little kid who doesn't know any better.
I hate that brat she screams all the time and is always getting Arthur in trouble.


D. W stands for Dora Winfred.
Great, I can already feel my brain come up with the most insane ideas in how D. W and Dora the Explorer are somewhat related/connected.

10Finn (Adventure Time)
Oh I am sorry is this poor, traumatized, sad, little boy who has never had a family or lived a normal life getting you down? This show has magic and mystery because some people choose to live in a world without people like you where they can be happy and not have to deal with the pressure and problems this horrible world has thrust onto them. I hope YOU wake up soon and realize that not everybody likes listening to an annoying little punk who can not even get his facts straight talk like a two year old. Bye!
You think your so cool, Finn? You are just a weird, 14- year old, who got shot by lighting, and put into a coma where you are in a land with characters who are ALMOST as weird as you. Plus, your show is overrated! I hope you wake up soon, and come back into reality!
Finn should meet the hulk so that he can pummel him to oblivion.
[Newest]Just it's too annoying

The Contenders

11Pearl Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Do you know what really would be totally "coral"? If this whale would be beached and done with already. She is very grating and dull.
She is so annoying and very selfish. I may hate Mr. Krabs but she still has no respect for her father. Her voice is annoying as well.
Someone harpoon her please!

This guy is so annoying I jest to throw him in his basement and lock the door and broad the window shut
I hope I'm not the only one that noticed he has cancer
This whiny, bald beast should just go jump in a ditch and die slowly.

Towlie Really Is Not That Bad of A Character Even Though He is Addicted To Drugs.

14Rainbow Dash
She's not so bad and is awesome but really, she is too boastful and a bit of a bully. Yeah, yeah, we know you're awesome but please, don't wipe it on our faces. And not because you like flying and doing stunts doesn't mean Fluttershy wants to do the same. Cut her some slack! "
Hate this bitch. Possible worst character of all time.
Never seen the show, but just watching one YouTube clip with her as a cameo makes me immediately think she's such a brat.
[Newest]She's a sonic ripoff. Enough said.

15Peggy Hill
I just want her to admit to the the world that she doesn't know a damn thing about speaking Spanish she easily mispronounce the simplest words.
She generally sounds clueless and when she tries speaking spanish she sounds even more astonishingly ignorant
She is stupid. She wants everything to go her way.

Oh my gosh this show was horrible, and had a character worst than Jar Jar Binks. His dumb%^& smile and his candy opsesion were so annoying I wanted to shoot the T.V..
Like I really want to see that.
Flapjack I Can Tolerate So Don't Get Mad At Me.
[Newest]Kill this little pansy

17Benson (Regular Show)
That dude has anger issues, I don't know why he was in the show in the first place, I hate him! He should be fired from his boss, he should not be yelling at Rigby and Mordecai, it stinks! They need to be more loved than Benson! D:<
Sometimes I like him other times I dislike him it depends.
You hot headed!

18Staci - Total Drama (ROTI)
Staci deserves the top 100 AT LEAST!
Staci should SHUT UP ONCE IN A WHILE! WHY CAN'T SHE BE MORE QUIET AND NOT BE AN ABOMINATION ON AN OTHERWISE AMAZING SHOW? Sorry for using caps, that was just an important message.


19Patrick Starfish
He is so dislike-able these days, I mean in the earlier episodes he was dumb but you enjoyed watching it, now he is either a annoying dumb ass or acts even more annoying by being a smug smart ass. He ought be glad he can regenerate his limbs or he wont be much of a starfish when I'm done with him.
He is dumb and AWESOME.
He is so funny.


20Sanjay (Sanjay and Craig)
Sanjay is really annoying nad irritating ass.

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