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21Sanjay (Sanjay and Craig)

His show is the worst - Goatworlds

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22Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)

Yes, Pinkie Pie is annoying to her friends, but she is hilarious and sweet.

Can you hell to shut up! Pinkie pie is awesome and even Mane 6 are amazing!

Pinkie Pie's not annoying, she's super adorable and funny!

Her show is the worst in the world - Goatworlds

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23Olga Pataki - Hey Arnold!

You hate Big Sis the episode of Hey Arnold, right? Olga Pataki and Lila Sawyer together in the same episode.

24Patrick Starfish

He is so dislike-able these days, I mean in the earlier episodes he was dumb but you enjoyed watching it, now he is either a annoying dumb ass or acts even more annoying by being a smug smart ass. He ought be glad he can regenerate his limbs or he wont be much of a starfish when I'm done with him.

The old Patrick was hilarious I cou stop laughing with him in the old episodes, but now he's a complete a hole, and the worst part is he's AWARE of how he's treating people (seriously he is watch the episode the card) I miss the old patrick

He is evil. Watch the card and u realize everything he does is intentional.

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25"Tex" Avery (The Wacky World of Tex Avery)

A ripoff of the "Red Hot Ryder" character from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Bugs Bunny Rides Again".

26Staci - Total Drama (ROTI)

Dude she was in like one or two episodes, she got eliminated after her first episode.

Staci should SHUT UP ONCE IN A WHILE! WHY CAN'T SHE BE MORE QUIET AND NOT BE AN ABOMINATION ON AN OTHERWISE AMAZING SHOW? Sorry for using caps, that was just an important message. - Turkeyasylum

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27Diego (Go Diego Go)

He is just so so annoying he just say will you help me you know we can't hear you idiot

What do you expect? He is dora's cousin and the last time I checked, she was first on the most annoying cartoons list.

That stuff he has got in his backpack are better technology than Tony Starks industry! Hell, just how old is he anyway? Not a 20 years old would go climbing, parashuting, diving and all the way he does! He should have died like 2000 times now!

28Babs Bunny (Tiny Toon Adventures)

Why is she even on this list, she's one of the greatest cartoon characters ever.

I wouldn't necessary call her the greatest she is good but most of the time she just uses other people's material instead of coming up with her own. - Darkusmaximus

My Little Pony is annoying but the most annoying thing about it is Pinkie Pie

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29Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)

There was an episode of Rugrats where Angelica was going to move somewhere distant. The babies were happy at first, but Tommy realized that Angelica brought the babies together as friends. Then Angelica and the babies were all devastated that Angelica was moving. What the hell.
If I had a cousin who was very cruel to me and who would always break my toys and have me be his slave I would wished he moved away. And if he did. I would be happy because I won't see his sorry ass until Christmas. ( Christmas is what I probably will be afraid of. )
And the worst part about the episode was when she didn't move. - Connor360

She's better than most of the cruddy Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel shows.

I hate Angelica too! Thank god she's on this list! She deserves it!

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30Sid the Science KidV2 Comments
31Amy Rose

No! Not Amy! I love her! I respect your opinion though. If any Sonic character needs to be on this list, IT'S PRINCESS ELISE!

Thank you for putting her here. Justice is happening. Amy needs to die. - TwilightKitsune

She is just a spoiled brat with in irritating voice.
I can see why Sonic doesn't like her.

Who ever put Amy on this list needs to watch the show. She can be annoying but she is pretty cool.

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32Kaz Harada (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi)

He's obsessed with money.

33Sparky (Fairly Odd Parents)

Poof ruined it, but Sparky made it into a living heck! Never watch seasons 9 and above unless you want to be traumatized by the sheer stupidity of it all. Poof's introduction was bad enough. They shouldn't of decided to revive the show after the cancelled it after season 5. - Goatworlds

His introduction is the moment that the Fairly Odd Parents lost its quality. Poof did nothing wrong, Sparky did.

He Butchered Fairly OddParents SO HORRIBLY to the Point where it's UNWATCHABLE! - Ededdneddyfan55

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34Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

How is Aang on here? Get him off please.

35Map (Dora the Explorer)

Don't even get me started on it and the next three down the list, they all should be way higher on the list.

36Olive Oyl

The show is retarded enough but then there's this 50 year old lady with size 15 feet who always whines and cries about everything. Seriously what's Popeye's message for kids, Stick to old, whiny women?

Please explain to me why Popeye and Bruno actually fight over her. Do they actually have no other choices? Are they really that desperate? The world will never know...

She's a 50 years old woman with slim legs and her voice is scratching my brain

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37Jake (Adventure Time)


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38Special Agent Oso

He's an agent that just solves problems that are easier than anything! He creeps me out too! All the characters are idiots on the show! I forgot their names so I can't put them on here :(. Anyway if he ever joined the FBI, after 2 minutes he'd be fired already! Sorry Parents, but its best for your kids to stay away from this (Bleeping) bear and let the show be canceled! - otanersantosvelasquez

I hope Musa ninja kicks him to the face, then Wolfie starts acting like a real wolf and attacks him.

I feel bad for the other two agents who don't get to do nearly as much as Oso does, yet their IQs are much better than Oso's and that '3 special steps woman' combined. Heck, Oso can't even do up a seatbelt.

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39Anais (The Amazing World of Gumball)

At least she's smart, but she's a total brat. If she were raised by my mom and dad then her manipulating behavior would not be acceptable, in fact any typical parent wouldn't find her behavior acceptable.

I hate Anais! She needs to die and burn in the underworld!

I hate anais the only non likable character in the show, in one episode she straight up told someone her familys stupid, like wow some dedicated family member you are

40Robin (Teen Titans Go!)

Just How The Hell Is This Poor Excuse Of A Character So Low On This List?!

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