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Paris Hilton


She's idiotic and spoiled and expects everyone at her every whim! She gets everything and it gets on my nerves
The precursor of celebs who got famous for the utmost wrong reasons. All the way from Kim Kardashian to Snooki are her successors. As a rich heiress to a hotel chain in-name only, she got famous by starring in reality shows, not that the shows are based on reality. Falseness appears everywhere just like her features.
Paris is right up there with the Kardashian sisters. It hurts my head to think about it, I'm leaving now.
You are all suffering a delusion regarding these so-called "celebrities"... The only reason these talentless people get a look-in to "fame" and get their faces on a T.V. screen is because the media successfully sold their "importance" to you... And you all bought into it and accept putting up with them being rammed in your faces by the media... How can some up their own arses shallow talentless twats like the kardasians get famous then? Because YOU dopey pinheads actually switched channels on T.V. to watch them! YOU is the REAL problem in all this ha
Paris Hilton is overrated and she is being famous just because of father is the hotel owner, not to mention her money. She is also sets a very bad example for everybody
The word celebrity takes a bit of a beating when you include people like Paris Hilton. She has no talent, and only got to where she is in life because of her parents.
Paris hilton... Where do I even start? She has zero talent, she really isn't even all that pretty, and she talks like shes a ditsy blonde. I swear she just does it on purpose... So annoying!
she is the one you love to hate , is ugly and talentless, but thinks shes gods gift to the world. conceited and totally obnoxious. wish she would disappear!!!!
She is just a showing a spoiled rich girl who doesn't know what to do with her life and she just has all this money to spend!
I do not think Paris Hilton is a bad person. Nor is she annoying or really selfish. I do not know her personally, and neither do any of you. From what you have all written, most comments are empty and ignorant. I do not know why I have felt strongly about people hating celebrities, but as a result I have informed myself about why people are famous, good things they do and what not. I am by no means a stalker, but an intelligent person with a heart. Parish Hilton is a lucky woman who works hard, and enjoys life. She is lucky to be the great granddaughter of the founder of Hilton Hotels, and people work hard so their families can enjoy their money. So what she did coke. Who hasn't, or at least thought of it or knows someone who has? Please. Don't hate people from jealousy and claim that they are famous for being famous. Someone who is an entrepreneur and artist and who constantly has the press' cameras up their butts deserves a break and the respect and dignity that all people deserve. Regardless of how rich you are.
I hate Paris Hilton, She is so ugly a Slut and shes way to skinny does she think that's cute because it isn't she looks aneroxic she ain't cute an she need to go somewhere
I JUST HATE HER, no talent, ugly, horrible nose, too skinny, just is so pointless and there is no need for her in this world at all.
Why is this Dumbo even famous she doesn't even look like a human she is the ugliest thing in the world she is too skinny and she is stupid. She is so annoying ew
Only famous because of her family. She - no, IT must be destroyed. Maybe the armies of the world could launch missiles at her. I bet it would make a lot of people feel better. You know, I've always wanted to punch her in the face... And I hope someday that dream can be fulfilled.
She can't sing. She can't act. And shes a complete ditz. Yet she has a tv show. She has cds. And shes in movies.
When I saw this list her name instantly popped into my mind. She's ugly, slutty and has no talent whatsoever.
I agree with what everyone says here. Paris is famous for being famous, does nothing good for society (or well at least if she does it's for publicity).
She's on so many worst and most annoying lists that she couldn't count them because she'd run out of fingers
I wish i could punch her set her on fire and throw her in my trunk then drive my car off a cliff shes a whore
She is totally the worst celebrity. I hate her. She never let's me watch T. V peacefully, she appears everywhere from nowhere.
I couldn't agree more. She couldn't get elected dog catcher, because the dogs (who are smarter) wouldn't even vote for her.
She really does not have any certain skills(worth -while)
She is actually quite slow! The only reason she is a model is because she is skinny... Not beautiful!
I know where I'm not staying 'Hilton Hotels' :) Very disgusting women she is indeed, with the tapes and the attitude in general I think anyone would be able to dislike her in a millisecond.
She's rude, alcoholic, doesn't work, she smokes weed and hides it, she only rich because of hilton hotels,
She's thinks life is what you where, etc

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