Most Annoying Characters to Fight In Fighting Games

Oh yeah!
Fighting game frustration. Even all the good fighting game have annoying people to verse.

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1The Apprentice - Soul Calibur IV

Everyone else, even the last stage, I can clear in under a minute in Arcade Mode. This guy? Anywhere between 5-20 minutes.

I got the most fustration out of him!
Last night, I was at my Dad's friends house. I made it up to him in Arcade mode on this game.
And I was cussing HEAPS! - sagat2010

2Master Hand - Super Smash Bros

Don't 4get the Crazy Hand! - sagat2010

3Seth - Street Fighter IV

I don't get it he's so easy to beat yes he might be annyoing but you can just be as annyoing back don't get it

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4Riptor - Killer Instinct
5Rugal Bernstein - King of Fighters 94

I can't believe he's not here!

6Onaga - Mortal Kombat
7Zangief - Street Fighter

Remember that stupid throw he had in his special moves? - sagat2010

8Magaki - The King of Fighters Xi
9Gill - Street Fighter III Third Strike

Hate this GUY with a passion - nytrizzle

10Goenitz - The King of Fighters 96

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11Jinpachi Mishima - Tekken 5

Imagine what it would feel like if you had a giant mouth in your gut and you were versing him when you set your difficulty to hard. - sagat2010

12Akuma - Super Street Fighter II Turbo
13Twelve - Street Fighter III Third Strike
14Galactus - Marvel vs Capcom 3Galactus is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Formerly a mortal man, Galactus is a cosmic entity who originally consumed planets to sustain his life force, and serves a functional role in the upkeep of the primary Marvel continuity.

In the Ultimate version, he is so annoying! Sure, proffesionals can beat him easily without even assisting (I can), but, gosh! It hurts my fingers! It's a good thing you can play as him, and I'm sure that's fun attacking the Earth, but facing him? I'm out! His attacks cause so much damage, so I'm so through!

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15El Fuerte - Street Fighter IV
16Urien - Street Fighter III Third Strike
17Albert Wesker - Marvel vs Capcom 3

Yeah! Who else would love to stab you with his own arm!? - sagat2010

18Zappa - Guilty Gear XX
19Noob Saibot - Mortal Kombat

My Friends just spam teleport. I get so frustrated that I literally throw the controller away. Definitely should be on the top ten!

20Jun / Unknown - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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1. The Apprentice - Soul Calibur IV
2. Master Hand - Super Smash Bros
3. Seth - Street Fighter IV
1. Rugal Bernstein - King of Fighters 94
2. Magaki - The King of Fighters Xi
3. Gill - Street Fighter III Third Strike



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