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1Justin Bieber

You-Know-Who (I am so ashamed to even type his/HER name) is a fool who does not know how to spell music. I would suggest him/HER to go for a sex change operation cause one must be what he/SHE wants to be and You-Know-Who is a lesbian.

he should sing... nursery rhymes
thats his voice - diehardmusicmaniac

Words can't describe how terrible he is, so I'm just going to bitch about some other things on this list. First off, Metallica should NOT be on here. I can't defend other metal bands (although I do love all of them) that are on here, but Metallica inspired so many other artists

I knew he'd be number one on this list - congratulations!

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2Britney Spears

This list is so stupid the only people I really hate on here are britney spears, jonas brother, justin bieber *gags*, paris hilton, madonna and the black eyed peas. This list is horrible and is just aimed to upset people who are reading hurtful comments about their favourite band/singer. My Chemical Romance are amazing and my favourite band of all time they shouldn't be in this list and the comments about them really boil my blood and it annoys me even more at the fact they know their upsetting lots of people, so next time just keep the nasty comments to yourself. Ok? Thanks.

Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx

How did Metallica and the Beatles get any where near this list, apparently nobody has ever heard of a thing called MOST POP SONGS, Metallica at least still makes a few good songs, and The Beatles are one of the founding gods of Rock, paving the way for all of the greatest bands ever and, unfortunately, most bands on this list, like Bieber

Every single person who voted for Avenged Sevenfold can go die in the flames of hell.

Avenged Sevenfold is not annoying, or even close to annoying. A7X can kick the crap out of any other band.

Britney the best of all time

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3Jonas Brothers

There isn't a band more Annoying then The Jonas Brothers
they write horrible music!
the little girls that scream and cheer for them are just as Annoying! - OzzyVanHalen

Are you kidding?! The Beatles are ahead of these losers? Come on, guys! These guys are over played hacks who have no soul. They seem like very nice gentlemen, but they are not musicians and they are given too much credit. - NicePants

Metallica are above this Crap
Metallica is real legend while this sister is joker sellout
Metallica doesn't deserve to be here at all
If anybody truly know that what MUSIC is
please vote for Jonas Sisters - robertlead37

Hey, did you know those assclows are a rock band! Yeah I mean it, a rock band! (I found them on's best rock band list! !
So I think they deserve a place here! What do you say? - Nord666

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4Paris Hilton


What even? Avenged came before this dumb girl? Well, that shows what type of people we are...

Awful, just awful, no not Paris Hilton, I don't care about her. It's awful that Britney Spears is on the top. She's amazing.

She's a singer?
I thought she was famous for being rich and spoiled.

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5Miley Cyrus

I hate to be that person but she really is a bad role model for kids.

I used to love Miley Cyrus before she became... Ugh!

Her voice is almost all autotune

Since she ruined "smells like teen spirit," I just wish she dies.

6The Black-Eyed Peas

Why are they also singing dumb songs? I gotta feeling you guys are dumb. Boom boom pow! That's the sound of everyone hitting you and trashing your dumb songs.

Heres whats really annoying, they have had one good song, and if you look at some of the work Fergie has done outside the group, shes not terrible, she actually does really well with slash, one of the gods of rock, and yet they make songs like dirty bit, one of the worst catchy songs of all time.

It's sad because they used to have songs like "Where is the Love" that we're actually pretty good, but they now play songs like "Boom Boom Pow" and "My Humps. " I hate when bands so stuff like that...

They are really a COMMERCIAL and BAD group, as all the hip hop bands are... - rock2metal

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750 Cent

Sounds like someone taught a gorilla to talk but the gorilla just ends up saying the same thing over and over


oh my god I called IT a musician...
but Rick Astley must be first - loboto

I agree with the monkey comment. He's trash. I'm surprised he hasn't been offed. - vadnj0

Not even worth a plug nickle. - FearlessFreep

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Just like Limp Bizkit, Nickleback has become the butt of the joke known as 21st century music. But for good reason. The reason they annoy me isn't because they're the worst artist. It's because they're so sickeningly average. Bieber and the Disney Team are worse, but not as popular.

Same with Taylor swift, I get them confused with matchbox twenty. It's all the same with country theme.

There so terrible and bad if it wasnt for creed and icp they would be the worst band of all time - ChrisHenry

They are awful they pay people to write their songs - pablo

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9One Direction

One question- why the heck is Coldplay higher than One Direction? What is WRONG with this planet?! - sameera62

1D thinks they're so cool, and all this stuff about loving their fans is fake. Don't know how I know this? Just ask around. You'll find out soon enough about their scheme...

They are only liked for looks, just like the jonas brothers when they were popular but at least they could play instruments and wrote some of their songs. And their fans are kind of obssessed with them like they are gods, no offense. - toptenseriesmaster

Laugh out loud it would be hilarious if they entered a mortal kombat tournament.

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10Avenged Sevenfold

This is ridulous.
Avenged Sevenfold is one of the most talented rock/metal groups out there.

Typical Classic Metal fanboy. There's nothing wrong that band.

Uggh, I can't find any redeeming quality about this thing that people call a "band". Each member is, at best, mediocre at what they do. Their songs and playing style is forgettable. All in all, an extremely mediocre band that plays to the masses, deluding thousands of people into thinking that it is good music being played. - ybothermatt

Synyster Gates is not a bad guitarist, and A7X Is not a bad band despite the fact I don't like it. But its terribly overrated and it has the MOST ANNOYING FANS I have ever seen in a band. They are seriously dumb

A7X are gods, not frauds! Give them respect, especially for the Rev!

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11Rebecca Black


Why even try to put this spoiled artist on record labels? No way that people dislike this girl.

I am shocked.
Rebecca Black only number 10.
Goodness gracious, this is the most appalling grading ever.
Put this spoilt artist right to the top of this list and cement it there.

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12Taylor Swift

She sucks. All she does is cry about her fruitless life. She seriously makes me want to puke! God! She cries about a mean girl and a guy she likes and all that. She is SO depressing. I will NEVER be able to understand WHY some girls think of her as a role-model.

Look, I don't know Taylor Swift in real life. She might be the coolest person in the world, and I understand that her music is not at all for someone like me. But Michael J. Fox, Marty McFly himself, said it best in describing her: "Writes songs about everyone she goes out with? What a way to build a career. "

None of the other on this list are as annoying in themselves as someone who keeps making the same songs over and over and over and over again!

There's more to your life then a boy who doesn't notice you, or a boy who screws you over. Sing about what you had for breakfast! Something! Anything else! Just not another boy song! - LiamMcNeaney

Shut up! How else would she get her thoughts out?

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Madonna is the worst. God knows how she sold 300 million albums. She is queen of marketing and shamelessness not pop. Way too overrated, way too annoying. I can't stand her. She should never have been a singer because she spoiled the art of popular music and made it cheap money making schemes. Being an inspiration for artists like Britney and Rihanna. She is a very bad actress also. God save us from her music and movies.

A genius at marketing and promotion; a mediocre singer/musician at best. Her "music" is derivative and she has only about 2 or 3 good songs.

I love Madonna! Whoever wrote this list Is stupid! I Also like the Beatles and the black eyed peas! I agree that my chemical romance and p diddy should be on here, but Madonna? What has the world come to?

Let's face it... She's only famous for her scandalous moves and lyrics back in the days... She can't sing and most definitely she can't dance...

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14Puff Daddy/P Diddy/etc

They say he can sell anything!... Except his music (bad boy is only famous because of biggie)

I just wish he would grow up and pick a DAMN name instead of all the little nicknames like come on

Straight up, his music blows. I also hate him because he had a cool name, Sean Combs (I don't know if that's how he spells it), and he changed it to a stupid name: Puff Daddy, then to Puffy, then to P Diddy, then to Diddy, then PD, then back to Sean Combs... MAKE A DECISION!

Also he's a puff and a daddy

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15Kanye West

How is that stuck up snot nosed no-talent not number one? He is just the epitome snootiness and self-praise. - dharmiisha

This guy calls himself the next " king of hip hop ". He would not even last 5 minutes in a rap battle.

Just the way he is makes him worse than Justin Bieber

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16Tokio Hotel

Great name, perfect songs, very good man, KING, KING, KING!!!

Stupid Name, stupid songs, stupid person, STUPID STUPID STUPID! - Bec

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18Hillary Duff

she should just go away so we can all have our ears stop bleeding

the beat of my heart just stopped because i suck so much - hilary duff

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I hate Shakira she sings like a man or a goat her dancing is weird and scary she has no talent she is an idiot she is the worst singer ever I don't know why people like her she is so dumb, she has no talent her singing voice makes me want to vomit. - Kezz345

She thinks her hips dont lie, well neither does the decision of the public! Shakira sucks! - beccz89

Why is she even famous she is the worst of the worst ewwwwwwwwwwwwww yuck so over rated -

She is so annoying I hate her she is a freak ew yuck - Kezz345

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20The Beatles

All those who say the Beatles are bad do not know good music at all. The Beatles are the best of the best and no one can change that, so all you idiots who think there are better bands, think again with your small brains.

There is just no way the Beatles even touch this list they are just a ICONIC BAND most people who don't like them are simply jealous of their sucsess or because they have no life

Well I guess people put Beatles on here because people always say they're the best band ever. in my opinion there is no best band, and there never will be. People like music based on opinion. My opinion is that music is bad if all your songs are the same. Like 1D and other pop singers, or rap artists who have no talent. People think that they're annoying so that's why it's on here. These aren't the worst bands, just the most annoying.

The Beatles do suck. They are hugely overrated. John Lennon was a drugged up communist scumbag that frankly deserved what he got. Mark David Chapman is a hero.

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