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Jonas Brothers


Metallica are above this Crap
Metallica is real legend while this sister is joker sellout
Metallica doesn't deserve to be here at all
If anybody truly know that what MUSIC is
please vote for Jonas Sisters
really!?! the beatles, metallica, A7X, heart, axl, and others shouldn't be in this list. THEY ALL ARE AMAZING! JONUS BROS. SUCK! THEY ALL DESERVE TO DIE!
Hey, did you know those assclows are a rock band! Yeah I mean it, a rock band! (I found them on's best rock band list! !
So I think they deserve a place here! What do you say?
Is what they do considered as music? What a bunch of overrated no-talent losers! This is sad. The Beatles are above these guys!? What a joke!
annoying, oh yes. And The Beatles shouldn't even be on this list.
I think the fans are more annoying, they need to lose their contract and fade into eternity forever
terrible, the beatles, metallica, and avenged sevenfold really should not be on here
The jonas brothers are terrible, they should be number 1, they are a discrase!
Metallica, A7X, The Beatles ahead this piece of crap?
bleh. seeing them makes me hurl

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