Top 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever

The songs that just get on your nerves. The songs that make you wonder what the person was thinking when they made that song.

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1Baby - Justin Bieber

Worst song ever in my friend's birthday party they played this song, when they heard the word baby of all of them ran out of his house but I didn't understand why I was in the bathroom by the way when I came out I totally knew why they ran out because the radio was playing Jb-BAby All the girls where like "oh gosh he is so hot" he looks like beaver actually and I call him Justin Bieber

When I first heard this song I was like What is this song? And I later realized that it was a teenager that sounds like a kid in 3rd grade! I don't understand how anyone can like this song. There is nothing special abut it, even someone in preschool can say BABY. Anyone who likes this song is just plain stupid, like Bieber Baby

Most annoying song ever ever ever! God it sucks... My sis likes it but liking this song is also a big crime! I mean please! Justin bieber lovers and baby song lovers get a life..

This is the worst of his song. Although it's popular I don't like it. He look like baby the same with his song

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2Friday - Rebecca Black

Excessive autotune, horrible lyrics, horrible music... It's almost as if the producers said "Here's a singing robot, here's a "My First Words" dictionary, and here's a chalkboard to scratch nails on. Let's get to work making this innocent 13 year old girl the most despised person in the universe. " - d3bates

No one should vote for this, no one should watch this, no one should pay any attention at all to this, they're just making it more popular

Such a stupid song
Removed from youtube! Laugh out loud!
Boo rebecca black and boo friday!

We know the days of the weak

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3Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

I honestly can't believe that Friday was called the worst song of all time and hated by everybody, whereas this song is played literally everywhere. It's so much worse than friday, with its repetitiveness, the singer's annoying voice, and the lack of any type of meaning whatsoever.

When I listen this song on the radio I'm like "DAMN IT, CALL HER! I CAN'T STAND HER! ".

I hate this song because it's stupid and doesn't make sense. She reminds me of Taylor Swift, how old is she? 16, wait she's 26?!?

Terrible, just plain terrible

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4Let It Go - Idina Menzel

The cold never bothered me MY ASS, Why Disney make this. I mean THIS DESERVES Top 3, What THE HELL happened to real music? This is overplayed, And I think the only people who like this annoying crap is 5 year olds still in pre-school.

The Demi Lovato Version sucks too. No hate on her though just... GAH WHY?!

This should be number 1, Baby may be the worst song but I hear this song everywhere. My hatred for this song became so deep when this was used as our graduation music for the 6th grade

This song sucks. I can't believe my mother likes it. If I hear that damn song one more time, I will slap Elsa in the face and strangle her to death.

That song is annoying!

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5#Selfie - The Chainsmokers

So bad. I'm not just going to listen to teenage girls talking about some boy. That's for cliche movies, not music. - Songsta41

This is a terrible song. Just a girl talking? Really? That is not music! - Turkeyasylum

I think this song is like insult music

I really feel like I want to take a selfie right now.

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6Who Let the Dogs Out - Baha Men

Why. Does. My. Sister. Like. It?

Who let the dogs out? Who let them in

Chuck Norris let the dogs out. - Animefan12

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7Gangnam Style - Psy

The most overrated song ever. You people REALLY like that kind of music?

The most annoying and overrated song of 2012 - htoutlaws2012


I hate this song!

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8I Love You - Barney

I think we can all safely say that anything by Barney is horrible.

Worst song ever! I hate Barney more than anything. This should be number 1.

Pretty bad song but feel bad about the guy in the suit it wasn't HIS fault he had to sing that. He probably hated it too! He was on the news once crying about how everyone hated him for no reason

You love me I hate you - EpicGlenn2512

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9Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

Nicki very stupid for her song Stupid Hoe I'd listen through it it was not amazing however she that rapper Nicki best song is Starships and Super Bass - onlyway

, where should I start? Well, first off you know a song is stupid when the chorus is stupid hoe. No Nicki, I believe you are the stupid hoe in this situation. The lyrics are such bull crap, I've never been able to sit through the whole song without gagging and shutting it off.

Worst song ever! My ears bleed when I heard it... - ImagineACoolUsernameHere

I didn't realize Nicki Minaj was writing her autobiography with the song "Stupid Hoe"

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10Crank That - Soulja Boy

Yes! Soulja Boy deserves the top spot for the most annoying song ever! His lyrics are crappy and I can't even understand a thing he says except for the repetitive YOOoOUUs and the SOULJA *gibberish lyrics here*. And yeah, the music itself is annoying and so is the Soulja Boy dance.

I had seen lots of rappers around and he's one of the worst. Repetitive lyrics, beating, music that makes a song very annoying. - ronluna

This should be banned from the radio!

I loved soulja boy, now he is just crap. Where is he know. I'm not going to look at all his video's posted over the last 3 years to find a decent song, you can't find any no more.

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?Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

I gag every time this song comes on. My radio doesn't switch stations fast enough

?Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento
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11Thrift Shop - Macklemore

Gives me headaches beyond my recognition. My brother constantly plays it. Never liked it, never will. - PositronWildhawk

OK... I know lots of people really love it. I personally don't get why. I don't want to be a hater because I get so annoyed when people are alwatys hating on my favorite band, Cascada, but I dislike this song. I respect that people like it but I can't understand why people want to hear a song about a trip to a thrift shop. I am also not a rap person. I respect that some like rap, just like I wish Cascada haters would respect the cascada fans. I hope I did a good job writing this review.

I liked it the first few times, but on play number one hundred million, it got annoying. And the lyrics are pretty dang ridiculous.

It's good at first, then it's popularity and the fact that it's over played ruined it. - LostDream258

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12Whip My Hair - Willow Smith

It gives me a headache every time I hear its like stop torturing me please. The only reason she got this song is because who her parents are.

That's just sad that somebody would write a song about this.

At least Call Me Maybe and Poker Face actually have more than seven words in there chorus's. The noise of this song is worse than a Mandrakes scream. I said it!

This should be number 1. Or, well, number 2, at least.

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13Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

God, why does this song even exist? Nicki, do planet Earth a favour and stop making "Music." Where is the Juke Box Hero when you need him? - LostDream258

The most disturbing song! You all call this song is MUSIC? This song is insult music!

14Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

Worst song ever written. Even worse than Friday or that little girl who sings "Baby." This song has the same melody as the Hokey Pokey song, which is a song written for four-year-olds.

Any adult who purchases this song should be sterilized on the spot to make sure they do not breed and make the human race even more stupid than it already is.

15A** - Big Sean
16Diamonds - Rihanna

I used yo like Rihanna but now with her Diamonds and pour it up song it feels like she's doing porn, not music

I have nothing against Rihanna, but this song sucks! I hate that it (used to) play on the radio every 30 minutes. It's an annoying and stupid song.

Shine like like a diamond. First of all, she could have said diamond only one time. Seacond, people are much better (sometimes even worse) than a diamond, and 3rd, I could by a diamond with only 1, 000 dollars, and some people are billonares.

And that billionaire is definitely not you considering you don't even know how to spell "second" and "buy"

This song is very annoying!

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17The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis

If I would have cared what the fox says I would have asked a long time ago!

A fox barks we learned that in preschools bet that idiot didn't go to preschool at all

This song is so stupid. Why should we care what the fox says?

I still don't know what the fox says

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18Barbie Girl - Aqua

WHY isn't this number 1?

19What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

This song is extremely annoying and you can hear it EVERYWHERE you go. The band is also annoying

This is one of the most stupid and annoying songs in the entire world.

THIS SONG IS SO OBNOXIOUS! And let's not forget One Infection's even more obnoxious fangirls.

I fudging hate this song

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20Royals - Lorde

This song is incredibly BORING. Lorde is incredibly BORING, Her voice is incredibly BORING and the Music video to the song is also INCREDIBLY BORING. yawn!

Lorde can't sing, she's ugly, this song sucks, her voice is horrible, she said bad things about everybody

"I am Lorde. Ya Ya Ya" Randy Marsh.

This song is so boring and annoying! BAH! The same Thing over and over, so BORING!

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