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321 Someone Like You - Adele Someone Like You - Adele

This song is very overrated, as well as the person who sings it. Adele is not SO good. She is overrated. Her voice is kinda boring. And that song is very boring when SHE sings it. I've seen many other covers of that song on YOUTUBE and they are pretty cool, like the one Amber Riley made. But, I think that the problem with that song is the boring voice Adele has (in my opinion).

Why? This song is amazing and so is Adele.

It's a very boring song, I'm a fan of Adele, but this song is too boring.

I'm not surprised Adele sucks

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322 Bad - Michael Jackson Bad - Michael Jackson

What's this doing on here? I love this song!

How dare you put Michael Jackson on a worst list wasn't he been made fun of enough

This is a Michael Jackson staple, why is it on this list?

I hate this song

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323 Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves V 2 Comments
324 I'm Goin' Down - Bruce Springsteen I'm Goin' Down - Bruce Springsteen

Yeah he sounds like he's going down!

325 Diva - Beyonce Diva - Beyonce

I won't argue that this is an annoying song, but Single Ladies most definitely should have been on this list before this one. I hate that God---- song! And the video is even more annoying. Which is one more reason Kanye West needs a baseball bat across his head!

No beat. Stupid lyrics. It's not catchy at all. And it's repetitive. Capable of making you hate music. - Castiel

Real stupidity, useless grimaces, horrible dancing, stupid video - Alexandr

God should be way higher so annoying and no, diva isn't a female version of a hustler

326 Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

People must be INSANE to have this song on this list! If you ask me I think this is one of Michael Jackson's best songs! Love how he added the heavy metal guitar to this song.

This is a great song who is dumb enough to put it here

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327 In the End - Black Veil Brides In the End - Black Veil Brides

Did some preppy ass whiny One Direction fan put Black Veil Brides on here? This song is beautiful and the lyrics are actually meaningful and this band is amazing so f off haters!

I agree this song has a purpose. Sorry to all the 1d fans but they have nothing on the black veil brides just saying.

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328 Money on My Mind - Sam Smith Money on My Mind - Sam Smith

Not to bad but not good lets say it's better than some of his songs like stay with me

329 Escape from the City - Crush 40
330 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

What's this song doing on here? This song's not annoying at all.

I like this song. It's not annoying

I enjoy all Green Day's songs. This shouldn't be on here - kmyeakel

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