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They're the ultimate source of frustration during Summer. They bite you, leave itchy bites, make that annoying buzz when flying, you can't get rid of them, they spread deadly diseases, kill livestock, lay lots of eggs, hatch within hours, and reproduce like they're going extinct.
I live in Georgia and these the** mosquitoes just HAVE to ruin my July cookout party. Quick get the repellent. Take that you west nile spreading bitches!
More than 130 bites when I went back to my beautiful country... Colombia... But it was because I was without a shirt most of the time... And I didn't used any repellent
[Newest]Yep of course in the summer

2Justin Bieber
I was looking and looking. I found it. The most annoying voice on the planet. It sounds like a terrified buffalo. I want to seriously get the chance to meet this... Thing, so I can tell it how much I hate its music and how it killed REAL music.
Ignore the stuff on the list that says bullies, mosquitos, etc. Justin Bieber is why the music industry sucks. If anyone would listen to Imagine Dragons's "Monster", The XX's "Tides", or old music like how 'bout "Tragedy" by Bee Gees I'd be so happy. Justin Bieber is like "I'm so cool" well guess what? You're an idiot who's desperate for girls. He should've gone to jail faster. It's like with Selena Gomez. I've hated her since the first episode of Wizards. She's so stupid and you would only like her because of how pretty she is! AND SHE'S UGLY! IT'S MAKE UP MORONS! And now, she's on drugs and drinking. Justin's fans are so stupid. I bet they are irresponsible teens who leave their house in a normal outfit, change into tiny shorts and a crop top (ugh kill me), and party. Like, wow, how about those grades of yours?

Justin Bieber pushes teens into become little idiots who you want to kill. This is coming from a 11 year old who has to walk by teens who curse all the time. I live in NY so the schools are different.


I have a daily ritual. I made a tombstone in memory of good music, and I dance to good music every day in front of it. And its all because of justin bieber
[Newest]Can't he just die or make some real music like rock/metal

3People who smoke around others
This is why someone invented a smoking area. If there is one USE IT! I don't want to choke over the scent of cigars while I'm eating my sandwich!
I hate that don't they realize second hand smoke causes lung cancer just as much as smoking does now nonsmokers will suffer and die because of smokers who can't smoke in a SMOKE area
I hate the cigarette smell it's disgusting and they always spit
[Newest]I always tell my dad I'm protecting myself from getting lung cancer

4People who walk really slow in front of you
Or worse... When they STOP right in front of you when you're trying to get somewhere... ARGH!


People do this in the school hallways and our school is TINY. It's so annoying! They just get in your way, it's like "Uhh, don't you have a class to get to? " I hate it!
It's so annoying when people do this!... It's like move! I want to go somewhere today, not in about a years time!
[Newest]If you walk slow you need to speed up to help the world

I voted for this because of what the Republican party is turned into. If I had to draw a picture representing the Republican party, it would be a fat, 50-something, Southern, overly-religious, man, wearing a white cowboy hat and yelling crap about gay marriage and how Obama is the Antichrist. If Mitt Romney is elected, I swear I will move to Canada.
I'm a libertarian and I think republicans are even more annoying than democrats. Republicans just hypocritically babble about how they want to downsize the government, then they try to take control of marriage, attempt to ban abortion, continue a hopeless war against drugs, etc.. At least the democrats admit that they're going to inflate the government.
Way worse than terrorists... Way too much propaganda about them


[Newest]I agree with this. However, Democrats are just as annoying as Republicans.

More comments about Republicans

This should include all forms of behaviour that make other people life hard or harder! Any form of behaviour that makes it so that other people can't or don't enjoy their lives! Any form of behaviour that makes it so that other people don't feel safe or have difficulty or unwanted, unneeded, unneccessary distractions from going about their own lives!
They kill innocent people. Because of them afghanistan, Somalia, pakistan and pretty much the middle east and africa are now killing zones. If you want Americans and Israelis out of you land killing your own people as well is not going to help.
Yes, that is right. However, there were American terrorists too. It isn't just limited to people from the Middle East, terrorists are everywhere
Terrorists Hit The Twin Towers. Those People Ruined Peoples Lives! Those Basterds.
[Newest]Causing most violence in the world atm. these low-life failures turn to extremism because they're bored or can't think of anything to fix their own life. ultimate cowards that use innocent country men and women as a shield or as sacrificial lambs

Although mosquitoes are pretty annoying as well

The only one I know is really bad at it. I'm not sure if this makes him funny, or even more annoying


Bullies push you around and do mean stuff and make fun of you. Bullies make you emberassed.


They try to make your life miserable for no apparent reason... I wish I can skin them all alive for no apparent reason legally...
[Newest]Many students are bullying...

8Non stop talkers
I have a friend that is talkative. I just hate that, she is like. "Hey, you know who I saw yesterday in the park? Erika. Remember her? She was my cousins girlfriend, that girl who used to be addicted to television. Television? I can't lose for a second time "American Idol". Janelle Arthur didn't win, can you believe that? Do you know who I think of when I see Janelle Arthur? She kinda looks like Marta. Remember Marta? She was my best friend in second grade. Remember second grade? I peed my pants once. I said my pants, I must not forget that I have to buy those amazing pants I saw on Marie Claire yesterday. Remember Marie Claire? It used to be my sisters' favourite magazine. Remember my sister? She's in New York now..." and blah blah blah.
No... I don't care about your views on politics. No... I don't care what the government does In Area 51. Yes, I do want you to stop talking. RIGHT NOW.
its almost like they are having a conversation with themselves, which I find annoying, but look at the positives in life... Right?!
[Newest]I enjoy silence, people think I am depressed or boring, which is really insulting, because honestly I don't need to know what other people had for lunch, I don't need to know how you slept, And I DEFINITELY don't need to know whats going on in your intestine. and NO I am not antisocial.

9Getting in a slow line at the bank/supermarket etc..
...and watching the others lines move forward.
Ah...then you may want to check out my list: Top Ten Amusing Things to do to Break The Boredom in a Long Post Office Queue...


This is why I love self serve tills, less standing behind someone nattering on a mobile while being served at a checkout. In a slow line I feel like yelling "COME ON ALREADY"!

Why are a lot of people racist? Why do some people only care about their own race? I hate racism! In fact, everyone should & it should be a crime. Let me tell you a few things that are so racist that they bother me. It's just two things, so basically I don't feel any racism around me. The first I'm going to talk about isn't that much of a big deal. I just feel like it might be a little overboard. Anyways, my younger brother & I are half Asian & half Hispanic people that were born in Texas. I'm not really racist, but my brother's friends & him, well, I feel like they're racist. Kids at school once like to make jokes about him because he's half Asian. They didn't really care about his Hispanic side. Not only did they make jokes about him because he's half Asian, they also made fun of each other. Apparently, they like to make fun of their own races, so that means my brother & kids from his school are racist. I feel like this should stop. If they keep it up with their racist jokes, a teacher might catch one. Now, for the other thing. I feel completely offended by this one. A lot of people say that Asians are "bad drivers". I even saw memes about how they make "horrible drivers". Why do a lot of people have to say that? If my father heard someone say that Asians are bad drivers, he'd feel offended because he's Asian & guess what? He can drive! What's wrong with you sick people saying that Asians are "bad drivers"? Asia is offended, my dad would be offended & I'm offended because I'm half Asian. The type of Asian I am is Vietnamese. Anyways, why must thing "Asians are bad drivers" thing be heard by many people? That's completely racist. My dad is Asian & he can drive like his brother. If they are Asians & can drive, I bet any other Asian can drive. Anybody can drive!

Asian people, African-American people, Mexican people, Canadian people, small people & big people all live on the same planet, and we need to get together & know that everyone on the planet is a part of it. Americans, Italians, and Canadians all live on the same planet, even if they have a different race. I feel humiliated to live with anybody that I don't know that is completely racist. So, let's spread the word & end racism forever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever! Don't be racist! Be like me & Mario. Mario is an Italian plumber created by Japanese video game developers. I'm a half Vietnamese, half Hispanic person born in Texas. No matter what race you are, please don't be racist. Martin Luther King Jr wanted black people to have freedom like us white people. If that's what he wanted, then we can do it & let's stop being racist. If anyone is listening to my words, then spread this.

There is a lot of evidence around them that they are wrong. UK, USA, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, India and many other countries are all very very different, but they are full of science, technology, music and many other aspects that are not that dissimilar! I know a lot of people of high abilities from many different places and of different religions. Racist arguments are inept, as they can see for themselves.


All should take a lesson from the weather! It pays no attention to criticism!
[Newest]Really why do people have to judge people by their skin color or looks. Like really does it make you a better person. I mean white people are people too!

The Contenders

11Email spam
I just hate them so much... They always take everyone's valuable time and many of them aren't useful.
I don't have an Email account but this sounds pretty annoying.


I have a friend that takes advantage that she can message me and is posting random subjects like 'i like tings' or'lines of death. '


12Lying politicians
This covers about all of them.


This happend to me today. I was playing bowling with my friend and then my other friend came up so I put the pins up for her the way my friend did to me. Then she got all mad at me for no reason. I told her my friend set it up the same way I did then my other friend who I fist played with said that she diden't do that. I HATE LIE'S!
You might as well say, "politicians" because doesn't every politician lie?

13Over population
Too many people making too many problems.
Is that a lyric from genesis's land of confusion?
As soon we can travel to other planets, humans must rapidly spead out so earth won't end up like that city planet on star wars
GOOD NEWS: the uk average childrens per parent is not 1.7 down from 3.5 in the 1900s.


14Slow drivers in the left lane.
Hello? There is a speed limit people. Most cars in the left lane are already going way faster than the speed limit and the slower cars are sticking to the speed limit. It is you who needs to slow down. I take the right lane just to be safe from all those crazy road rage speedsters. What? You're late for work. Should have left earlier.
There was one guy who sped right by me going like thirty miles over the speed limit on a multiple lane road and I caught up to him two minutes later at a red light. Going faster sometimes doesn't even get you that far.
I really don't like this rule. What if the destination of a slow driver is on the left?
Slower traffic keep right! It's the law.

I suppose its annoying but it also all helps. Without war, the world would be over-packed with humans. Destructive humans. They cut down trees and make special animals extinct. After years and years, we'll finally make the atmosphere collapse and die. We need to cut down on humans in order for our species to live.
War is the worst thing it kills over millions of people, it is just horrible
Hope and peace please god

16People who throw their lit cigarettes out the car window in front of you
This was a big problem this summer here in California. It caused many big fires!


Laugh out loud I hate this

Brothers who tie you to a chair and make you watch Hannah Montana


little brothers can be the most embarrasing things ever.


I agree, although it's not a certain gender of siblings, it's just siblings, ESPECIALLY the younger ones.


[Newest]My little sister thinks she is so cool, when she's acting like a complete nimrod

That's George Bush' fault
NO IT IS NOT GEORGE BUSH'S FAULT THAT OBAMA SPENT 8 TRILLION DOLLARS AND PUT AMERICA IN THE WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION! Democrats say we shouldn't have gone to war with the Muslim Extremists and my answer to that is "Oh yes of course we're just supposed to LET the terrorists kill us" And if ANYONE tells you Sarah Palin is an idiot, ask them why and watch them say "Because she just is". The perfect response to that would be "No that's a crappy 1st grader answer come on you're a big boy I want a big boy answer
Yahoo! We should doll out money we don't have to people who don't work, and just make hardworking people pay more taxes! We should make abortions legal, because you're only killing babies, right!? No, lets have a tiny army so that if another country bombs us, we wont have a way to defend ourselves! Lets make our mascot a donkey because we're all total asses, right!?
I'm a kid and I think that wasting our money whining about somethin stuPid like the fact that war is the worst possible thing that ever happenEd to America or saying that the life of an animal or a woman or a black or a Muslim or some other minoritie is worse then if it happened to a white guy. And protesting a soldiers funeral is probably the worst thing that I have ever seen any American do without physically harming someone. If anythingthey should be down On their knees thanking God that this man was defending their freedoms and rights. God bless America y'all.
[Newest]Here are your average idiot republicans right here

19Meetings that waste everyone's time.
In my school we are always having meetings to talk about nothing! We talk about stuff like eating healthily and booring stuff like that

It's annoying when they call me to advertise stuff you don't need. They also stalk your email and call you like 24/7


It bugs the hell out of me when I pick up the phone and then they practically start yelling in your ear.


If you don't like this be like Seinfeld:
Answer yes when they ask you if you want the product, then hang up.

21Slow Internet Connection
Once (or sometimes), I waited 4 minutes to wait for a page because of this. I was really pissed. And when you play games, you either disconnect or have extremely high pings. Dammit man.


Sick of seeing that spiral rotating for hours on end just for something like a five minute YouTube video


It takes only 1 minute for it to upload but once I tried to get on but instead it took 20 minutes


[Newest]Yes. SO annoying. One of the worst things.

22Screaming Babies
They won't shut up, and every time you ignore them, they just scream louder. They don't know when to quit.
I love babies! They play and make cute noises, but when they cry... UGH I will get my belt and smack their butts.
If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you NEVER, under ANY circumstances, if they get hurt, ask if they're ok... It will 100 percent of the time lead to screaming and crying for at least 10 minutes

... Reading this at 2 in the morning
If you are autistic then you have side-effects of insomnia, I can't sleep because of that.
I think it's actually worse when you wake up really early and can't go back to sleep.

In this modern day and age you can now gradually pay yourself to an early grave and waste everyone's money when your in hospital in later life with breathing difficulties. And then government wonder why we are all bankrupt and paying for people who chose to waste their life. Make things such as smoking illegal like drugs!
People who waste their money while wasting their health. Amazing aspiration
Smoking sucks. People should play with string instead.

25Bitchy Girls
They flirt, they have sex, they use guys


I'm a girl but I hate girls that's why all my friends are guys and I dress like a boy
Ya hate what are they doing bad heart -__-

26Dumb Questions
I'm dating this girl for 1 year and 7 months, I've told this kid that I love her to death and that she means the world to me. I told him that in the 8th month. yesterday he asked me why I'm dating her.. -_-
I agree with that person. I've been dating this girl in school for 7 1/2 months and this tall kid asks me if were dating yet, like kuru not funny!
Is so annoying when someone asks a question that's like how do I open this or something

27Calls from collection agencies

28Heart fans

They are annoying and they keep coming up in games
They should ban all adverts that make you wait for something.


Music is too subjective to be on this list, personally I am not a fan of the music however I have listened to enough of it to know that it is not all about violence and money - try again
Rap promotes violence and is about money and stuff that songs should not be written about. What happened to good musicians like the beatles and led zeppelin.
Yall say Rap is Bad. Country music Really sucks. Country singers just talking about girls and having sex and and getting drunk and their girl dumps them they throw beercans at both of her shadows. Luke Bryan Jason Aldean and those other male singers are nothing but trash they just talking about having sex and getting Drunk on girls. at least on Rap they talk about other stuff besides girls Go Rap.
[Newest]Why rap is here

Should be optional for people who want to grow up to be a teacher or lawyer or something like that
A waste of time!


33People that are cruel to animals because they are cowards
I hate them so much I mean what is their problem.
I hate people hurting dogs and other animals including wolves I want to rip bastards up when they kill animals


This especially happens to me in school... more specifically the girls in my class, when a fly gets in the room... its like I need to call animal control or something, lady please its just a fly.

34What Does the Fox Say?
The Fox says I HATE that song!

The worst thing about fangirls is they raise the vote for this handsome artist but not very talented


They are obsessed with their favorite band, do the fangirling flirty bitchy things and they love the band because the singer and or other members of the band because they are so cute. what about their music?


They are all S. U. C. K. E. R!


[Newest]Guys, fangirls aren't just for 'hot guys'. Fandoms can be just about anything. And it's not only fanGIRLS either.

I don't think Hell is a good place its for Horrible people and is offensive when people say "go to hell"


I try not to think of that horrid place.

37Having No Girlfriend
I don't see this as annoying. I'm 17 and never had a girlfriend in my life and I'm perfectly fine.
It's been a couple of months now and starting to annoy me.

38Seeing really bad films on the plane

39Computer Virus
! I literally cannot cope with the unfairness that is a Computer Virus.
You know what else I can't stand?! Phishers who tell me my computer is infected so I'll buy their software!
Not going to happen. No matter how hard you try to scare me into buying your software, you will see your sales drop and your money slip through your evil little fingers!
Well gonna go onto The Top Tens Lists now
What website is this?!
Agree here. Loads of things on the web I don't want to see, and I'd rather keep my software intact. So sod off.


If it has any one of the following qualities: six legs, two or four wings, makes a humming noise, or spreads diseases, bites and stings; it's a pest.


41Fox News

42People who judge a person but don't really know them
Ya they should shut up

43Big Brother
Yes it is rubbish


I can not belive it is 43


The show is rubbish

44Cell phones in the car
I hate to see people on their phone in the car is so annoying.


46Osama Bin Laden
Hope he burn more in hell

47Nicki Minaj

48Your flight getting delayed at the airport

49People that gossip and talk about everyone when they don't even know them
These people are the "media". They want to talk about people especially their private lives. If I met this kind of people, I'll smack their face to their homes. I got one thing to say to them, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, GO HOME AND DON'T EVER GO BACK AGAIN. I MEAN IT! "


this is mostly popular girls at school


I remember one time I got chosen to go to a science fair at another school. I had to bring my uniform and all. but I only had the pair that were tight. so it looked like I was fat or something, everyone kept staring at my butt. maybe if they knew my problematic situation they wouldn't be so selfish.


51Selfish People

52People who don't have taste in music but hate good bands
this annoys me a lot they make a list but they don't know about that band at least I know which is worse and the best


Those people don't know anything about music and they still have the nerves to judge bands like the Beatles. Please let me clear out: first of all LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC and then JUDGE.
they say that band is bad but it is really good and they always contradict you


[Newest]It's so, so annoying! And also, you forgot those who say they "love every kind of music", which in reality means "I don't have taste! "


Yeah I died once on the way to work sooo annoying


56When your own list is filled with bad items and you didn't actually add

57Miley Cyrus
She is so annoying... she jars me to death
As if she wasn't annoying enough, she's too famous now.
Everything is annoying in her

Hey! Look! Listen! DIE!


I'm laughing so hard

Oh the sparkly ness... Kill Bella now!
I can smell the hormones...

60Going #2 and you notice someone didn't put a new roll on
I once had to use my hand... After that, I was never the same again

61When someone leaves your room and doesn't close the door
I HATE that! My mom always does it and I have to get up to close it and 2 minutes later she comes back in and out and she leaves it open AGAIN! I just... Ugh!
Exactly. It's jut SO annoying!
Hate it more than enything... It just ticks me off

You have to pay for every damn thing!


64People who forward urban myths

65Time Limits

So I am running from thing in a game that will destroy me when my computer freezes for 7 seconds and I lose 3 months of hard work


67Haters and Bashers
most people are hypocrits bout being a hater kuz they say they hate haters when they are one themselves


People hate on people but they really need to step back and check they own selfs!


the worst! look into youtube there are so many haters and bashers there


[Newest]If you call bad names to someone you don't get better or anything. First you should look at your own flaws instead of pointing fingers at other...


69Bad Movies Based On Video Games
It so annoying when Hollywood decides to make a movie based on one of our favorite games and screw it up big time.


Video game companies should be a lot more protective of who they choose to direct movies based on their games.


I hope they don't make a Minecraft movie... It will be ruined if they do
[Newest]It's even worse when the video game is based on the movie

70Attention Seekers

71People who talk on their cell phones while driving

I would hate to live across or beside a fire station.


73Bubsy 3D
Why is this game here? It sucks, but come on! There are way worst games than this!

74Fake Stories of Creepypastas and Other Things
Some times you believe that crap like someone sais he/she likes you then you ask them out and bam they turn you down. (just an example... )


75Being Sick

76When you buy a new pair of shoes and you get home and realize they gave you two different sizes
Abiagil cowell
When you are at the shops and they say your size the when you get home and wear them there to small and they say a different size in the shoe it really bugs you.

Isn't it a bit poor to say that Americans are generally annoying?


Not all of us are annoying sure there are a couple bad apples like Mitt Romney and this kid in my class but besides that there are only a few others which are truly annoying.
It's like saying to a person in Africa that blacks are annoying, not trying to be racist but if that what it has to go to for people to notice this, I can live with saying this on just one website. I don't see a problem with Americans except most of us are fat and have a small amount of us ruining the U. S, other than that, I love to live in America.
[Newest]I don't mind Americans, but I don't like American culture.

78Airport Security
These people are the worst they harass people just because they can.


79Overrated songs

80Birds Crapping On Your Car
I will shoot those damn pigeons!
... Or trampoline... Every. single. day. there's a new turd on my trampoline mat and it takes me 10 minutes to clean it up

It's just a waste of time and energy
It sucks and its annoying and boring as hell
A complete waste of time. Plus, I got better things to do!
[Newest]My life is ruined because of it!

82Disney Channel 2012 Onward
Dog with a blog, lab rats, shake it up,
Bring back zack and cody, that's so raven so on

Almost as bad as yolo

What the hell government? Why do you fail at donations!?!?


85People richer than you
Everyone has a friend who's rich and always wants you to do expensive stuff all the time, and you get the embarrassment of having to say "sorry, I can't afford it." and them pitying you


I just hate it when you have friends who are richer than you and how they brag about going on cool vacations for spring break!

My best friend is Christian and he lies more than I ever had... and I am orthodox
I have friends that do that all the time


88Sports Fanatics

89When your pencil point thing is all uneven and it's hard to write with so you sharpen it but it's still uneven and you sharpen it until there's no more pencil
OH GOD! This used to happen to me a lot! So, now I'm happy that the mechanical pencil was born! Screw you, wooden pencils!

90You die

91Parents who force their kids to enter beauty pageants
I really hope little miss trimspa isn't a real little girl... otherwise what did they do her poor face?
Seriously, how do you go from an AIRFORCE PILOT to something as low as a pageant dad?!


93School Teachers
Some just repeat stuff, some are dumb asses, some don't care some are abusive, only about 0.000000001% are nice


94Having people yell and scream at you all the time

95Bad Breath
Oh my God there was this kid I went to summer camp with who didn't brush his teeth for a whole week... You could honest to God literally smell his breath from 10 feet away
When in doubt clean it out

96No dill, only sweet relish, after buying a hotdog.

97YouTube commentors
Almost all of them are haters... And swear. All the time
I think they need a filter for the comments


98Baby Shows
Baby shows like Barney, Dora and Teletubbies are annoying.
I agree dora sucks baby shows shouldn't exist. homeschool for 2 yr olds is better

Enemies. Especially in the Mario series.


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