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1 Zubat: Pokemon Zubat: Pokemon

Gee I hope I find a zubat in this cave said NO ONE EVER

3 pokemon that act like one. They are pretty annoying because;
1. Walking in grass, there's a chance Rattata appears.
2. In caves, it's Zubat
3. Surfing, tentacool appears.
They are very annoying when you going somehwere. You're going to a place you need to and then the pokemon 'Mind if I interrupt? '

Whenever I run across a Zubat I run away unless I'm fighting a trainer. SERIOUSLY these things are so weak that you will always win, but they have a really gimmicky moveset that makes the fight drag on forever UHHH!

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2 Creepers: Minecraft

The worst thing about these guys are that you can't hear them at all unless you hit them or they start fizzing up. - aarond9010

Oh... Boy oh boy... SO MUCH TO COVER!
Creepers are very annoying for many reasons. One is because they explode and trample your homes. What MAN?! /
Another reason is because they destroy blocks and make your biome look ugly. Correct me if I'm wrong?
I bet you'd have more. We all just hate them.

I always play in peaceful mode in Minecraft to be not disturbed by zombies, creepers, skeletons and other enemies! When I play in other modes I am really annoyed, because from aggresive mobs in Minecraft! - AlexandraMoonDust

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3 Falcons: Ninja Gaiden
4 Chainsaw Man: Resident Evil Series

Their hard to take down and kill you with ease. - egnomac

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5 Fire Imps: Conker's Bad Fur Day
6 Fireballs: Donkey Kong

These guys sometimes made it impossible to finish the 4th stage mainly because they block your path and annoyingly box you in. - egnomac

I hate theses guys the most for some reason they're really smart and always get in my way. - egnomac

7 Headcrab: Half-Life

These face humpers are not too dangerous, except for the poisonous one that TRIES TO REDUCE YOUR HEALTH TO 1% and when you get hit by those, watch out for the fast ones, they will take advantage to kill you instantly

For short: Poison Headcrab + Fast Headcrab or others = INSTANT DEATH

The only way to avoid 'em is to shoot it with a shotgun or a magnum, do not worry you'll now when they will attack when they emit a monkey screech or a pvz imp scream.

More annoying in half-life 1 try it

8 Like-Likes: The Legend of Zelda Series

I hate being eaten by these guys! - aarond90

9 Lakitu: Mario Series

They piss me off so much. There is almost no way to avoid them and they throw spiky creatures at you.

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10 Ghast: Minecraft

We all hate them. They are making very annoying sounds and the hardest part is you have to hit there fire charge back at them, and they easily dodge. EASILY.

Although, I do enjoy a game of Ghast Tennis. - aarond9010

I made a ghast farm in the nether but one escaped and went through my portal
and then when I went back in my world, my home was utterly destroyed and I can't see
very well because of its shadow and I keep dying because of that stupid shadow.

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11 Metroids: Metroid Series
12 Giant Knights: Sonic and the Black Knight
13 Turrets - Portal

This is also the only enemy in the portal series besides Glados and wheatly.

Turret : Will you come over here.
I then use a portal to do something that kills them. - Skullkid755

14 Space Pirate: Metroid Series

Seriously, it's incredibly annoying when they come in multiples and they're all shooting at you at once in a game where you can only focus on one enemy at a time. They are responsible for about 90% of my deaths in Metroid Prime!

15 Lava Bubble: Mario Series
16 Big Eye: Mega Man
17 Elite Soldier: Half-Life 2
18 Koopa: Mario Bros.

They are annoying because once you kill them their shell goes everywhere and they are hard to catch. They also kill you easily with there shells gliding everywhere.

19 Hunter: Resident Evil
20 Metroid: Metroids
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1. Lakitu: Mario Series
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