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21 Papa Pigs: Angry Birds

They are those fat pigs with mustaches. They are a bit hard because some of the certain birds cannot kill him fully in one shot. Papa pigs are always usually built in steel or ice made towers, which makes EVEN more difficult.

22 Enemy Pyros: Team Fortress 2

Particularly if you're a Spy. - xandermartin98

23 Stalker: Dead Space 2
24 Spiders: Penumbra: Overture
25 Wallmaster: Zelda Series

Go away from the game for a while? WALLMASTER! Now you get to restart the dungeon!

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26 Rasklapanje: Resident Evil 6
27 Majestic Agents: Destroy All Humans!
28 Gatherer: Amnesia V 2 Comments
29 Cliff Racers: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind V 1 Comment
30 Hellhounds - Dragon's Dogma

I looked up what people mostly consider what in the most annoying enemy in Dragon's Dogma and the Hellhound was the winner (or loser? ) Anyways its easy to see why people hate them so much. first off: they are just like Wolves and Direwolves by being in groups of 5 to 8, running around in circles around you and your Pawns and constantly jumping in to bite you, except that they are WORSE! They are twice as fast and have far more health than Direwolves, it is very hard to hit them or even stagger them both because of their speed and that they are more sturdy and they do heavy damage to you, even when you are high leveled. And it gets worse: unlike Wolves and Direwolves they can constantly spit fireballs at you that take a lot of stamina to block and can easily stagger you in the process which will leave you wide open for another one (dodging will help a lot (if you can)), and if they knock you down which they can easily do: they will latch onto you and instead of staying in place like ...more

The reason I hate using pawns! Pawns waste my healing items, don't save you, or are too busy getting killed by them as well.

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31 Bullet Bills: Mario Series
32 Nitro Crates: Crash Series

Those things get annoying.

33 Goomba: Super Mario Bros.
34 Malboros: Final Fantasy Series

These things have high HP and will use a move called bad breath on you. Imagine trying to take out Godzilla if you were a poisoned confused sleeping frog.

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35 Boo: Mario

Not necessarily an enemy, but they are a bit annoying, in some games they do attack you and they are EVERYWHERE.

36 Medusa Heads: Castlevania

They float up and down while coming at you, making it difficult to jump over or walk underneath them. Until you get past them, they will just keep spawning and coming at you, and the time in between spawns is only about one or two seconds.

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37 Hammer Bros: Super Mario Bros.

The Fire And Ice Bros Are Even More Dangerous

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38 Great Tengu: Okami
39 Wraiths - Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Wraiths are hands down, the most annoying enemy in the entire Dragon's Dogma series and one of the worst in video games in general. First of all I should point out that they are part of the ghost family type of enemies and that is already not a good thing. Ghost type enemies: Phantoms, Phantasms, Specters and Wraiths can only be damaged by magic, every time you hit them they disappear and you have to wait for them to reappear which can take a while, and if you fight them with no magic users or any magic enchanted weapons than it is just about impossible to win even against the Phantoms (they are the weakest kind of Ghost type enemies), unless you wait for one of them to possess you or any of your Pawns (fighting any kind of Ghost in this game all by yourself is a very bad idea because you can't free yourself if they possess you) and then it them as they possess someone so you can do very little damage with unenchanted weapons which takes several minutes to kill just one. All the Ghost ...more - Virtualman

40 Sentries: Team Fortress 2

They are helpful... When your on their team. - aarond9010

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