Top 10 Most Annoying Voices Ever


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The Top Ten

Justin Beiber
Mum: what's that annoying screechy sound?

Me: oh, it's justin Beiber's singing

Mum: oh ok. I thought the neighbours were strangling a cat
Okay. Thank God he's at the top, safe. I knew he was gonna be SOMEWHERE NEAR the top. I don't wanna say what I have in mind for JB for killing good music. Good music is Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, and that kinda music. By the way, Freddie Mercury has the best voice on the planet, and nobody will ever compete. Especially not... Beaver man--I mean girl.
RIP Freddie.


[Newest]His voice became deeper, but still annoying! Gimme a break please!

2Miley Cyrus
Not only is her speaking voice absolutely annoying, but she is so full of herself. Take off the 50's underwear shorts and just sing real songs...
The kind of voice that could bend steel. And the fact that she never shuts up doesn't help much either...
Miley Cyrus sounds like a donkey that sucked up a whole bunch of helium and got an extra squeaky voice. Miley Cyrus writes the worst songs in the world and she sounds terrible. I can't stand her.

3Fred From Youtube
sounds like he sucked in a bunch of helium


It's like he sucked up all the air from a balloon and started yelling! ANNOYING!
God, I wonder what type to of drug he did to achieve such an hysterical voice.


I once read somewhere in an article that someone always wants to stab himself after hearing her voice.
@ Alexandr: that's right. electric voice.

and BTW, she can't dance. :))


Oh yeas! Her voice is horrible as mac computer. Can't believe she has fans


Same as Shakira - Just plain awful

5Barack Obama
Arrogant, snotty, short clipped, ending on the high note, sentences. Saying nothing. All the while with his chin in the air. I can't stand listening to him, always get off his face as quickly as possible.
This guys just isn't who he said he was. Can't stand listening to him anymore.
Yes, he is very arrogant.

6Spongebob Squarepants (Cartoon)
I'm suprised SpongeBob is under Rihanna because Rihanna's voice is not annoying while SpongeBob has one of the most annoying voices ever
SpongeBob arabic voice sound better.
Oh CRAP! I HATE Spongebob SO MUCH!


I hate her she is annoying she has a goat voice

She needs to be higher up. It's sad because she can sing, but her voice is so annoying, she sounds like
She has an Air bubble stuck in her throat.
I hate her voice, her success is in showing skin and shake it! Which she is notthe greatest on that either, there are belly dancers who are amazing! Shakira does the job but she is not amazing in anything that she does, that shows you that sex-sells.
[Newest]Shakira voice has a goat stuck in her throat

8Julia Gillard
worst polition and the worst voice in the world
And um I believe that australia should be this and that...
Yeah julia shut up, your the worst thing 2 happen to this beautiful country
Us Aussies had to deal with her voice for three years... It was hell!

9Pee Wee Herman From Pee Wees Playhouse
omg he is so annoying! especially the laugh!


Especially robot Pee Wee Herman (Max) on Flight of the Navigator.


His is really annoying by the way you look nice go out with me could yoy

10Beavis From Beavis & Butthead

The Contenders

11Steve Urkel From Family Matters
His voice is annoying, but the point is to make him like that.

12Katy Perry

13Nick Jonas From The Jonas Brothers
I've listened to lady gaga, kehsa, katy perry, and this bag of flying ass is the worst singer ever. I don't even know why they would choose this "thing" to be a singer. he's almost as bad a justin beaver! atleast this guy has hit puberty
he sounds like a rodent being run over by his wheel. I honestly have no idea why people think he has the voice of an angel.

14Lady Gaga

15Mariah Carey

16Lil Wayne
This guy has like the most irritating voice ever. He sounds like a rock scratching a chalkboard.

17Ellison Barber
Ellison talks through the base of her nose and it drives me crazy! Every time she comes on Fox I have to change the channel. Why doesn't someone show her how to speak from her diaphragm. I don't care how smart she is she could drive anyone crazy with her horrible voice!
Nasal high pitch valley girl voice at a speed too fast to follow. I'm a Fox junkie, but when she comes on, I have to mute or change channel
What are they thinking I have to turn her off every time is wrecks my day.

I loved Elmo as a kid, and I didn't really focus on his voice. Now I completely understand that his voice is very annoying. I don't hate Elmo, but I'm just saying that he is kinda funny, but his voice is still annoying, but funny.


Most annoying voice ever!

19Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Oh this is so true.

20Ariana Grande
I think she has a nice singing voice. Her speaking voice, on the other hand, makes me want to claw my ears out!

21Senator Hillary Clinton
HELL YEAH! Whats worse is that Bill is actually from CONNECTICUT! HaHaHaHa.


22Meg From Family Guy
Yes, Mila Kunis has the most annoying nails on chalkboard voice ever'!
I don't know if she is a bad actress or that her voice sounds like she can't speak English.
She sounds like English is her second language and feel scared to speak,

23George W Bush

24Rebecca Black

25Gilbert Gottfried

26Beyonce Knowles

27Joe Jonas

28Kat Von D

29Brittany Taylor from Daria

30Lois From Family Guy
Lois on family guy, is that Alex boistens real voice, its so annoying, who sounds like that, my mum does a bit.

31Adam Levine
The lead singer of Maroon 5. Do I need to explain more?
Worst male singer EVER!
He just shouldn't sing. End of


33One Direction

34Timmy the Trash Can

35Face on Nick Jr
They do this so kids will go play outside


37Fran Drescher
Simply the most annoying voice on the planet

38Janice Litman Goralnick

39James Dyson
British accent but it's that annoying whistle on certain words...
Owner and VoiceOver for Dyson Vacuum cleaners T.V. commercial.

40Nicki Minaj


42Princess Peach
I cannot believe Princess Peach was not on the list! "HELP ME, Mario! " You do not need help, Princess Peach!

43Larry From Tuff Puppy

44Tom DeLonge

45Bui Anh Tuan

46Huong Tram

47Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents

48Jennifer Metcalfe
Jennifer metcalfes voice is so squeakey and annoying type her into YouTube you will see

49Ellis Hollins
Ellis Hollins is Tom on hollyoaks, his Manchester wc ent is so annoying

50Seth MacFarlane
Too deep, he always says um, get your words out

51Seth Green
Just so annoying, he sounds like a stoner

52Earl of Lemongrab from Adventure Time

53Jedediah Bila
Same as Ellison Barber, stretches opens her mouth (like she is going to stick her fist in it) to anunciate every syllable, her know-it-all attitude screams out of her mouth. Why would anyone put her on T.V. ?

54Jennifer Tilly

55Kim Kardashian
She has it terrible when she talks. Have you heard her new song "jam". She cannot sing what so ever.

56Mel B
I like English/Irish accents but her deep throaty voice posses me off. Quit talking and ruining America's Got Talent!

57Marge Simpson - The Simpsons

58Leonard - Total Drama

59Announcer - Battle for Dream Island

60Iggy Azalea

61Dan Reynolds
The lead singer of Imagine Dragons, the most overrated band (in my opinion)

The guy who sings "Let Her Go"

63Ross Lynch
I have to say, of all the singers on this list, this kid has the most annoying of all. This is what happens when his music came on my laptop.

Dad: (runs outside)
Me: What?
Dad: I heard someone dying outside.
Me: No it was just Ross Lynch singing.
Dad: Oh ok. Makes sense.

64Britney Spears



67Sonic the Hedgehog

68Zero (from Mega Man X)

69Baby Peach

70Amy Rose

71Cream the Rabbit

72Crash Bandicoot

73Carrie Underwood

74Alex Swoyer
I feel bad saying this, but her voice is very shrill for a reporter. I suppose there's a reason she's working for a website rather than a real news organization.

75Axl Rose

76Kenya Moore
Her voice is grating. Her laugh is AAHH.. HA... HA... HA! Fake and loudly obnoxious.

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