Top Ten Most Awesome Beatles Songs

Now everyone thinks of the Beatles as awesome. It's probably rare than many people find them as awesome. But in their enormous reportoir of songs hides some of the most awesome songs in rock history. This is them.

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I love this made me shout

Rocks just a hard today as it did when it came out in 1968.

I really like this song cause it tells you lots of messages and how the world is always imperfect.

It's the song you'ed like to put on when you're protesting!

2Come Together

Beatles at their best sadly it was in their last album recorded.

Come together! Right now... Over me! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Has some of my favorite lyrics like "walrus gumboot" or "toejam football"

3Hey Jude

Magical. A beautiful song to sing along to with thousands of like-minded fans. - Britgirl

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4Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is an awesome heavy metal 'scary' Beatles song and definitely belongs on this list. I mean, Just listen to it!

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5Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Come on come on! It's such a joy take it easy!

6Day Tripper

One of George Harrison's best riffs. Sums up perfectly everything that was cool about the 60's.

This song is great. Everybody's got Something to hide...etc is one my favourite songs ever.

Felix antoine boucher (john lennon jr) I like the rhythm of day tripper

Of course this song is awesome! - Pony

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7I Wanna Hold Your Hand
8I Me Mine

Underrated surprised it made the list

9I Want You (She's So Heavy)

The last two minutes are so emotional with the heavy guitar lines. And the fact that they only used 14 words is incredibly. This song is a WINNER!

Awesome song that only uses twelve words but is still perfect

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10Paperback Writer

I used to listen to this song and others everyday. It's been one of my favourite songs for a llong time

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?Eleanor Rigby

One of my favorite Beatles songs. - Pony

?I Saw Her Standing There

The Contenders

11Yellow Submarine
12A Day In the Life

This is considered one of the best SONGS of all time, and is easily one of the greatest Beatles songs. All the musical styles in one place, and telling a real story. come on, guys!

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13Old Brown Shoe
14Love Me Do
15Here Comes the Sun

I think this song is absolutely beautiful and awesome. I listen to this song over and over from day to day and it is just getting better and better. The song has emotional depth, it has great lyrics and great music. I love George Harrison so much for writing this song. It is one of the best of the Beatles, no doubt.

Lennon-McCartney were surely composed many great songs. Allow me to suggest Something, as the master piece of Harrison. Just listen to the chorus and the solo guitar parts.

17Let It Be

Easily better than l am the walrus. This song was in the list of greatest songs on this site.

19You Never Give Me Your Money

One of paul's few good songs

20I Am the Walrus

Goo goo g'joob! I Am The Walrus may not have intelligent lyrics (Lennon was obviouslly high), but it's great!

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1. Come Together
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