Top Ten Most Badass Songs

A list of the most hardcore, headbanging, and slow walking songs in history.

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1Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

This song boosts my testosterone

Ha ha ha ha this is such an awesome song, especially 'because it beat the x factor (uk) into xmas numbuer one for 2009 (i think! )

2Beat It - Michael Jackson

How is it badass? I mean, it SOUNDS cool but it's a song about knowing when to run from a fight. Bad is BADass. I mean, it has half of the word in it's title. - Lasvegasxavier

No one wants to vote for others

3Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

This song is amazing because of the vocals and the powerful guitar - Ajkloth

Baby above has small dick

4Ace of Spades - Motörhead

Okay, most of the songs here are NOT what you would call BADASS... Ahead of this motorhead song of true rage as a true badass song would perhaps only be "bad to the bone" in this list..

This and Gimme Shelter are the two most badass songs on this entire list. I wonder what the two of them would sound like mixed together. - xandermartin98

Motorhead is definitely the greatest badass band

5Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Best song ever for the win

6We Will Rock You - Queen
7Back in Black Very Rare Version - AC/DC

Come on think of a time when something badass happened and back in black wouldn't work.

Not the best song ever but cool for walking in slow motion

Better listen to Pat Benatar or

8Enter Sandman - Metallica
9F*** Tha Police - NWA

This song was seen as the start of gangsta rap, and can you get anymore badass than gangsta rap. It's such as badass song. This song expressed the feelings of millions of black people living in the ghetto and what they thought about corrupt police.


10Man In Box - Alice in Chains

Love listening to this song in my car really loud. Layne and Jerry's vocals on this song are great. Never get tired of hearing this song.

Works best when you're slowly getting out of a car.

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?Goin' Out West - Tom Waits
?Mutiny - Goats
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The Contenders

11Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Classic. Overused at some sporting events but still a classic.

12I Wanna Be Bad - Willa Ford
13Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
14Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

Somehow, this song manages to sound like both the 1970s and today's world at the same time. - xandermartin98

15Dragon Attack - Queen
16Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother
17Breaking the Law - Judas Priest
18Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

How is this not on the list?

19Bodies - Drowning Pool
20Objection - Shakira
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Top Remixes (7)

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
2. Enter Sandman - Metallica
3. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
1. Ace of Spades - Motörhead
2. Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
3. Thunderstruck - AC/DC
1. Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
2. F*** Tha Police - NWA
3. Enter Sandman - Metallica

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