Most Beautiful Asian Countries


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Philippines is the most fascinating country in Asia, with its hospitable people, you can't deny from it!
No western people who have been in Philippines could ever deny this country.
[Newest]Philippines - as the Education Center of Asia, well you can't deny it. We have many foreign classmates studying here.

Just come and visit indonesia, the most unique and beautiful country in Asia and maybe in the world
I think Indonesia is very beautiful, and very green and cool
You must see indonesia, is very beautiful
[Newest]Indonesia so many islands love bali


The land of rising sun.
The Japan is best no criminals high tic weapons and philiphines is number one no is not number one no weapons many criminals that's it the Japan is number one

Thailand is the land of smile
Thai girls is very friendly and very beautiful and I love Thailand, I'm American and have been in Thailand for 1 year damn Thai girls is the best
Thai girls are friendly and Thailand is a nice country of Asia. You could find more beautiful girls in here
[Newest]They're sexy and shy

India has Kashmir which is called the heaven on the earth. India has beaches, deserts, wildlife, waterfalls and hill stations. You can also indulge in adventure sports.
India has everything one can ask for. Literally everything. It happens only in India
It has lots of wonders like TAJ MAHAL
[Newest]The worst country in the world

Can't actually believe that Maldives is No.4 haha
Maldives was really beautiful. Should be number 1. The sunny side of life..

7Sri Lanka
Paradise on earth! I think it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world
A country of eternal beauty and developing to exquisite wonder... Definitely the wonder of Asia.. Come visit and see it for yourself
Sri Lanka is truly a very beautiful countries which has different types of weather conditions. Its truly amazing such a small country has too many variations.

I like Vietnam because I'm Vietnamese. I went there on my first bithday its a pretty country the food there is delicious and the dessert is amazing and I went there when I was 8 to
Although Vietnam has a temperamental climate that inundates the country with plenty of rain that doesn't mean that there aren't beautiful beaches to enjoy

Mongolia, with it's nomadic history, and deep culture, has a unique and rare beauty. though it lacks tropical beaches, it's vast steppes convey a feeling of simplicity which cannot be found in any other region of the world. Additionally, its amazingly beautiful and nomadic culture fits in perfectly with the setting which it has developed.
Mongolia is extremely magical and such a serene place. People are very intelligent, affable, hardworking, respectful and their traditions, arts, foods are amazing!
Truly the most beautiful country

You can feel the entire world in Nepal... Visit once you will get it by yourself...
Most beautiful country in earth.
I like it because it has many unexplored wonders

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Universal Studios Singapore. 'enough said

Pakistan is most beautiful county in Asia having nice culture and the best place to live we can go anywhere in the world but no country is better than Pakistan.
Pakistan is full of beauty visit on Google beautiful places of Pakistan than than you get true result
Pakistan has most beautiful country in south asia

This country is beautiful "BUT THE PEOPLE" They are ARROGANT and to SELF CENTERED! They always fight with there other neighbor country to prove that they are the best. They say they are the most educated in SEA but aren't really open-minded and to dumb to other peoples emotion. THEY ARE PURE BULLIES!
So true. Malaysian has develop amazingly good several years ago. The people are too nice and clever too. Malaysia have many interesting place to visit too. The people, culture, religious, and all that make Malaysia is the best place to visit. =)
My Beautiful Malaysia, My Dream Malaysia.

China is most beautiful countries in the world

15South Korea
South Korea is a paradise. Well developed, gorgeous, alluring and so on. And in my opinion the best country in Asia from any aspect. Beauty, progress, education and economy.


17United Arab Emirates

Bangladesh is most beautiful Country in Asia
The best in south Asia

A tiny country, but with the most scenery that I have ever seen! People there are so kind and nice :) should go there for holiday if you are planning on going to Asia sometime!
Extremely friendly local residents

20Saudi Arabia

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