Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs In the World


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The Top Ten

Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers are by far the cutest dogs in the world! Not only are they soft, fluffy, awesome, etc, but they are also loyal and loving dogs that never want to leave your side. Go Goldens!
Its w world most beautiful dog forever
There are the best
[Newest]I have a golden and I vote for golden

2Siberian Husky
Their the most prettiest dogs ever. A lot of people own them.
I have a blue eyed Husky and it's adorable, I would not trade him for any other dog.
They should be number one because thy are the most beautiful dog
[Newest]I like the husky it's so cute

So adorable fuzzy and cute. There is one that is like adorable, search up five month black eyes maltese puppy and the fifth pic is adorable.
I have a Maltese and she is so cute her name is Sophie and we got her as an Easter present love her she's so cute ❤️❤️💋
I have 3 and they are adorable.

4Yorkshire Terrier
THey should be in the 8th or 9th in the list below. They aren't pretty at all. Just because it's famous.
They should be in the 8th or 9th in the list below. They aren't pretty at all.
They are so cute and small I love yorkies

5Shih Tzu
They are beautiful when they are taken care of, but are high maintenance because their hair tangles so easily. This is my choice of most beautiful.
Shih tzu are not only beautiful but also intelligent dogs. They are amazing companion, friendly and funny. Wonderful dogs
Fantastic dogs and beautiful whether in a puppy cut or kept longer.

6Lhasa Apso
They are so cute and fluffy and very beautiful and if you don't think they're cute then your wrong

7Border Collie
Border Collies are BEAUTIFUL! They also make great dog to be with!
Just Glorious and Graceful. Great for herding livestock!

Please before you write something think long and hard about how you might or could hurt someone's feeling who dose have a pug! This is not nice and should not be aloud only voice your opinion if it is nice and supportive! And I think pugs are cute also!
Best perfect most darling beautiful dog you could ever have but be careful they need a lot of care and attention, and cannot survive the heat or nasty people. Only kind affectionate people need apply!
I think pugs are just the coolest dogs ever, and even if they don't seem nice, they are BEAUTIFUL in their own way (I mean like the funny way, but beauty is beauty).

9Doberman Pinscher
Amazing dogs not only for their look but their loyalty and loving personality. Why their not #1 on here I don't know...
By far the best looking dog.
I love these dogs

I don't really like poodles because their butts are shaved
I've had Poodles my whole life and each and everyone of them was not only beautiful, but great companions as well as being grear great comedians

The Contenders

11Bichon Frise
I have got one and his name is Frosty. He is the most adorable boy in the world in the world who loves his family very much. I can never resist those jet black eyes and nose and that lovely snow white fur. Heaven!
Bichon Frise's are beautiful, cute, cuddly, nice, caring, great family dogs, loved by everyone, adorable and just plain amazing. What can get any better?
I had one his name was coco he bites their not the best with children HUSKIES are. Also their known to pee and poo a lot
[Newest]I have got one he is very beautiful

12Cavalier King Charles
My dear Cavalier. They have such cute faces, striking colors, and beautiful long ears, coats, and tails.

13Cocker Spaniel
Cocker spaniels should be higher they are so beautiful and have such sweet faces

14Labrador Retriever
They are beautiful! They're the perfect size and they're faces are adorable
I used to have one and the white lab is beautiful I mean it!
Labradore is the best breed in the world

This should be 1

16German Shepherd
My dad had 7 of them and their puppies. They are not only sleek and gorgeous but highly intelligent, very ;oyal, and they are the best friend anyone could wish for.
I have a husky German Shepard mix
I like German Shepards because there cute

17Old English Sheepdog

18St. Bernard

I love them to death. I love it when they go to sleep and haf to hide there
Little noses its so cute.

20Bernese Mountain Dog

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