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This name is the most beautiful name ever

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Don't really like any of these names... but this one (in my opinion) is the best

A very Amazing name. Give a lot of Nick name options

I've always kind of wanted to name my daughter this

Bella means beautiful

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That should be number one. I am actually writing a book online and I'm thinking of names for the characters and before I checked this website, Kimberly was already the name of the main character.

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Zoey is an adorable and unique name for a little girl or even a little puppy! This name is SO MUCH BETTER then Kimberly or Nicole. In my expert opinion, Kimberly and Nicole are both boring names that remind me of old grandmas.

Its nice name for me I mean for emo girl

That's my friends name to awesome

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It's a very interesting name that I wish I had

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It's just naturally the most beautiful name for a girl. Oh, and did I mention it's my daughter's name?

I've a friend called Grace. It should at least be in the top 5

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Gabrielle a name for the most beautiful girl that can make your heart pound :D

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It sounds nice and easy also looks beautiful when written.

This is my best friend's name and it's so pretty!

Nice name and I actually adore that name..

That's my name

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This is the name of my Sister! I'm happy that this name is very beautiful

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I love the name Jennifer this boy at school when I was little used to say I like Jennifer and I was Jennifer cause he didn't want me to know he liked me laugh out loud so now everyone calls me Jennifer


My friend is called yana but because she's Croatian she spells it jana

I want my daughter someday be yana's name

It's unique and unusual...
It's my first time to hear 'bout that name and it's rare


This name is very cute and I think the nickname Sam is very cute for a girl

That's my girlfriend's name. She's so beautiful

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I like this name a lot I think it's cute

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I love the name vanessa. Its sounds like a princess. Yeah and beautiful as well. Bec. My name is LARA VANESSA. ♥

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Two of the most wonderful people in my life are named this.

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This is my name! But the first "a" sounds like the "a" in Autumn not Anna.

This is my OC's name as well! She has a sweet, soft-spoken exterior but inside she has some psychopatic tendencies.

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Love this name and could call her Eve

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19ChelseaV2 Comments

Shy at first but opens up to people that she cares. Doesn't trust easily but always trustworthy

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