Top Ten Most Beautiful Women In the World


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21Jennifer Lopez
Even I as a girl would say she's gorgeous and definitely hot!
Why is she not in top ten
I'm shocked not to see this BEAUTY in the Top 3! Jenny is gorgeous


22Demi Lovato
Her smile can light up any day.. such a true, beautiful women. And, not only on the outside, but also in the inside.
She is the true definition of gorgeous.
Her smile is so beautiful contagious, it will make you totally fall in love with her.
She is a good singer also she is beautiful...
[Newest]She is so beautiful, cute n sweet!

23Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, beautiful and cute name to hear. She has all the feminine features. With a sleeky hair, cute lips they're dazzling when she smiles a winsome smile. Amazing boobs and hot legs! Best part is her porcelain skin, rosy lips, and her boobies! I wanna caress her porcelain skin and body from top to bottom. And finally I wanna go tatse her gorgeous lips!
I LOVE HER FACE! Innocent looking and very feminine.
Why? First because she did an amazing job as Catwoman in the dark knight rises. Second she made almost everyone want to bang her after seeing those amazing boobs in love and other drugs! Case closed people.

24Kathryn Bernardo
She's so pretty snd good and great with her fans
Super ganda in whole world. idol :-)
I love Kathryn super duper! I love her! She is the most beautiful teen actress of all time of course!

25Scarlett Johansson
I would rather look at Scarlett Johansson for 10 seconds than make out with anyone else on this list. Easy pick for me.
Knowbody comes close to the beauty of Scarlett Johanson
She can melt the whole iceberg of north and south pole
[Newest]I can't believe Scarlett Johansson is not in the top 3!

26Kim Chui
She's very beautiful inside and out. Her sexy body has nothing to do with and her beautiful face was exceptional.
She's truly the most beautiful woman for me. She's very good in acting...
.for me she is the most beautiful woman of the world because she is so captIvating.! She's perfect!
[Newest]She have a genuine smile that makes her beautiful

27Kristen Stewart
She is a really gorgeous person... She is the best and 1 of the most beautiful women ever
Kris it's the most beautiful woman... Her beauty its naturally.. No surgery or anything... Also her fashion style it's so look.. Great... Not only beauty but she's great actress... She's my inspiration... I hope she will got married with her English boyfrien Robert Pattinson faster... =)
She's very cool, very gorgeous woman, humble, very talented... N'i think she's very2 beautiful actress in the world... GREAT N'AMAZING ACTRESS IN THE WORLD...
[Newest]She have the most beautiful eyes in the world

28Mila Kunis
She's from Ukraine(the place where the most beautiful girls live)
She deserves to be in top 3

29Marilyn Monroe
Whoa! She's not even in the top ten? She was beautiful inside and out! Marilyn Monroe is the first thing I think of when someone says "beautiful". Please, please vote for her! She was intelligent, kind, and beautiful! Marilyn is my favorite :) She was also great at her trade. I <3 you, Marilyn! Xo
Are you kidding me?!? I'm not even looking at the rest of this list #1 must be terrible because Marilyn Monroe SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 you people are sick and demented Marilyn is the best thing that every happened to you people its just that life overcame her :(
Saw proof she had so many surgeries. I do like her a lot but don't think enhancement and tonnes of make-up should be on any beauty list! RIP

30Michelle Keegan

31Catherine Zeta-jones
Catherine zeta jones is to beautiful to rate just to see her would be better than winning the lottery.
Beauty, class and talent all in one.


Shes the most beautiful definitely oh and by the way I'm not sure that half of these women are in the right list... I dunno man

32Ariana Grande
ARIANA SHOULD BE NUMBER 1. She is so beautiful inside and out, I swear she's an angel
One of the hottest looking girls I've ever seen with my very own eyes
Ariana Grande is the sexiest woman in the world
[Newest]Why she is not on top

33Emma Stone

34Bea Alonzo
One of the Philippines' MOST BEAUTIFUL star. She's also called as the Box Office Queen because of her blockbuster movies!
She has beauty and brain.. And can compete all over the world with her beauty and body and talent in acting
Beautiful inside and out plus her classic, elegant and simply gorgeous beauty. She even always remain silent of all the good deeds she has done like what' she's doing to PREDA- (Prevent and Rehabilitate Drug Abuse)
[Newest]Beauty.Brain.Heart. What more can you ask for?

She cares a lot for her fans and all sones know that she has a really good heart. Shes very particular about health, and is always mindful of the health of the people around her. She is so unique, and definitely different from other celebrity. Shes so pure at heart and shes a really decent and well-mannered person. I don't treat her as an idol, I treat her as my role model. Shes not only beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside. She works real hard towards her dream and she treats people really nicely. This alone inspires me so much and everthing about her makes me crazy<3 I really love this girl. Not to mention that shes really intelligent too.
Elegant statuesque frame, long flowing hair, a face like a doll. Her beauty is understated and regal at the same time, she is somebody with an unmatched aura. More than that she has a beautiful mind and heart. She works harder than any man and has a strong, intelligent character. A prime example of looks, talent, grace, humility, and loveliness.
She's an angel inside out. Juggling school despite her busy schedule, reminding us fans of life morals and taking care of our health too. Having an UN diplomat as an idol? There's no words I can use to describe the angelic her.
[Newest]She has a natural beauty

36Nina Dobrev
Shes absolutelty gorgeous from head to toe.. Just love her
The Hottest brunnette on the Planet!
She is bulgarian and exotic looking!

37Maja Salvador
. . a pretty girl with great humor!
Maja is so pretty
Simple and she has a pleasant face even no make up..fresh and young!
[Newest]Shes very beautiful inside and out..Natural beauty..

38Katrina Kaif
Perfect features... Unusual beauty that resides both in heart and soul to sum it up all everything about her is damn good. Ever noticed how mesmerizing she looks even without make up
She is a natural girl.
Its more beautiful than kristin kreuk
[Newest]She has international face. Who can someone be cute and sexy at the sam time

39Lucy Torres
She's a goddess of beauty
Philippines goddess of beauty
If you saw her at close, you'll be mesmerize by her heavenly charm, she's so damn pretty.
[Newest]One of the most beautiful celebrity in her country

40Jennylyn Mercado
She has the beauty.She don't need to act sexy because she is already sexy the way she is! Very Stunning yet Gorgeous:) She is the woman to admire for even her co star says so.Love you jen - --lovely
She's beautiful even without makeup. A really talented actress. What can you ask for? She's on my top, no doubt. Knowing she's already a mom.
Why isn't she in top top 10? Come on guys, Jennelyn beats some of the girls listed above her, she's gorgeous and irresistibly sexy!
[Newest]Shes beautiful inside &out

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