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21Vanilla Sky
23A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
24The Blair Witch Project

Not to mention the photography, which made me nauseas

25Million Dollar Baby
26You've Got Mail

Boring. Only Parker Posey is fun to watch in this movie.

27Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This movie is amazing you guys suck. If you are looking for action this is the best movie ever. You have the worst opinion ever if you put this on the top 10n list of most boring movies. You guys suck.

Marines invading a planet with blue monkeys. How the hell did they screw this up and make it so excruciatingly boring? - Shadsilvson11

29Legends of the Fall
30Rear Window

This is one of the classic Hitchcock's, but it isn't for those who like only action movies, like Stephen Segal's (puke)

31Open Water

Why Inception? Why 2001: a space odyssey?

In the name of god who the hell create this list so wrong and why this is not in number one?

I saw it at my best friend's sleepover. WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! I'm glad I fell asleep before it ended.

34The Matrix Reloaded

Too lengthy in fight scenes and dialogue. - BoltMarksman

36District 9
38The Color of Magic
39Speed 2: Cruise Control
40Warriors of Virtue

Fell asleep every time I tried watching it

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