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41Competitive Speed Walking

This is not walking, this is actually mincing.

Who needs to walk when you can 3/4 jog

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Wow this number 29 THIS is the most BORING sport in the world! All it is is a bunch of people in tight clothing riding bicycles for hundreds of miles! All you need to watch in cycling is ten seconds and you got the whole idea of the sport. Pedal pedal pedal pass pedal pedal pedal, grab water bottle pedal pedal cross finish line YAY it's finally over!

If you say it is boring look at your mirror

I don't mind cycling, but can all these amateur wannabes please stop wearing tights with sponsors as if they ever were sponsored!

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43WrestlingWrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

Wrestling is one of very few sports that is actually a sport. Most of the others are simply a game. One on one competition, your losses and wins belong only to you.

Wrestling is basically fighting but legally. It should not be considered a sport. Might as well just watch a random street fight, same thing.

If wrestling is boring, Why is WWE so successful for more than 3 decades?

Whoever puts this on there is a complete jackass - DK

Looks painful, poor John Cena

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44Horse Racing

Umm excuse you, no that's not how it works. it may require a lot of money to own a horse, but I can tell you that the stereotypes you get form television is nothing even near the truth. officals check the horse for drugs before and after the race, so the steroids is completely incorrect. it is a sport, id really like to see you try to actually RIDE a horse. and don't come to me saying that you've gone on a trail ride when you were six, that doesn't count. I mean like getting all the tack ready, jumping, racing kind of sport. I will bet you anything that you will fall off, or at least be SUPER sore in the morning.

Horse racing is hard, but it is bad that you people take all the credit, it's not like you guys are carrying a really heavy human, and trying to run really fast when there pulling your neck.

What's so exciting about watching horses run in circles for only ONE lap at a time? Talk about BORING.

Horse racing isn't that boring you can look at the horses and the racers and the horses are beautiful so yeah.

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45Mountain BikingV3 Comments
46BadmintonBadminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" and "doubles".V4 Comments
47Field Hockey

Ground hockey is pretty boring as boring as ice hockey

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48Water Skiing

Best water skiing I've seen was in my mind reading a novel called Men in Green Faces about Navy SEALs in Vietnam. They take a boat out on a river to water ski, the boat runs out of fuel with the skier stranded near a village with Viet Cong.

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Unless she's blowing the horse, no.

Blah! Dressage is just so boring. Like I can watch about one dressage test but if I had to watch it for more than 19 mins I think I would fall asleep. by the way I'm not saying it doesn't take lots of skill and I'm sure the people riding enjoy dressage. But dressage is just not my thing.

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50Australian Football

This game is honestly the most pathetic thing in the world and an embarrassment to Australia.
Worst part of it is defiantly the fans, no passion, no selective seating, and for some reason they hate every other sport but this pus.
As an Australian, I am embracing the fact that world football (soccer) is now more played than AFL in this country.
Time to catch up to the rest of the world people!

Joke of a game men kicking a ball around. Poor tactics simply no reason it is a mix of every bad sport.

Horrible game and an embarrassment to Australia.

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51Lawn Bowls

I have seen tournaments of this sport. 95% of players are old people 60 years and up. But it is kind of fun seeing a feeble old man riling a ball down a very long grassy lane in order to get close to a ball on the other end and see him dance in victory in front of a annoy old woman.

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Just a bunch of fat guys who just shove each other

Its just some fat guys who wear thongs and try to push each other down...

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Anything that has to call itself "ultimate" definitely is not.

It's actually a fancy name for ultimate frisbee.

54Gaelic FootballV2 Comments
55Cross Country

You would xc is boring but watching people and cheering them on is actually fun

So you like soccer? Or American football perhaps? Well, if you take the ball away and any other objective in the game, you will have CX. Simply running. Whoever runs faster wins. UGH!

Go run! Run and run. Run only. How boring it this. ALL YOU DO IS RUN!

Not to watch. No.

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56Whack-batV3 Comments
57Superbike RacingV1 Comment

I haven't seen this many sweaty dudes groping each other on the floor since the great homoerotic San Fran orgy of 1987.

Boring sweaty guys grappling each other, yawn

Rolling on floor for minutes it,s just boring

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59Olympic Swimming

Watching people swim and touch a wall 5 or 6 times. Thrilling.

This the same as swimming-not a sport

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So boring! It is a slow version of ice hockey except that the players miss the ball half the time and can only use the side of the stick. On top of that, they can't keep possession so it turns into a boring hacking fight! Then when the ball is near the goal, all you have to do is find some way to hit it on target and it's a goal because the keeper can't stop such a little ball from going in a big goal. It is officially my least favorite sport. I'd rather watch golf NASCAR any day.

Are you kidding? Hockey is love. Hockey is life

I love hockey! UNFORTUNATELY it is the most rigged sport after WWE wrestling. It's controlled by old rich dudes that stack the cards in their favor.

Hockey is boring to watch boring to play I would rather watch a turtle walking across the street

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