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1Jin KazamaV1 Comment
2Lili de Rochefort

For me she is the most charismatic tekken character... Because of the way she dress and her graceful moves while fighting.. So she deserves at least the top 5...

Charismatic character? Ist that obvious enough that its EMELIE DE ROCHEFORT

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3 Marshall Law
4Devil Jin

Always an outstanding character...
One cannot resist without trying him or checking his game-play...
And if yo play good at him... He's definitely your main man...

5Leo Kliesen
6 Christie Monteiro

Christie definitely eddie is charismatic to but christie is more of a main character

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8Kazuya Mishima

He is was thrown into a volcano and he came back, how can anybody compete with that.

Greatest character of all time! Love his twisted story, his tragic story..

9Feng Wei

Awesome character. Powerful.. Artful.. Superior

10Alisa Bosconovitch

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Go Hwoarang, go and fight for master Baek and make him proud!

13Sergei Dragunov
14Eddy Gordo

Have you ever seen him being steady.. He always wants to kick asses.. He is the best to fight against Nina, Lei, Paul, Law & King.
Trust me even if we don't know the game we can still win with this fellow

But honestly I don't like Tiger (other form of Eddy) Even Tiger looks great but it's hard play with Tiger

15Armor King

By far my favorite, WWE moves

16Miguel Caballero Rojo
17Julia Chang
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1. Christie Monteiro
2. Devil Jin
3. Marshall Law
1. Jin Kazama
2. Lili de Rochefort
3. Leo Kliesen



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