Most Clutch Players in NBA History

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Kobe Bryant
No one even THINKS about where the ball should go at crunch time for the Lakers. And it doesn't matter whether Kobe's free or not. The ball is going to him. And the degree of difficulty on most of his clutch shots is unbelievable. But he'll always nail that shot, whether it's a 3-pointer or a long, long fade away jumper. As someone else here said, just because Jordan came first doesn't mean he's more clutch than Kobe. Jordan is the G.O.A.T. But for many more reasons than basketball #Marketing
The competition is way tougher now. defenders are much better now than when jordon played. kobe is being double even triple teamed and while some numbers may not seem too impressive, numbers do not take into consideration the degree of difficulty. also his presence is clutch. some people also look at assist and while kobe may not have the most assist in crunch all that says is his teammates are missing.
Kobe hits tougher shots than Michael Jordan. He hits it off one or both feet. It's just Michael Jordan came in first that's why people can't accept the fact that Mike ain't playing no more. He is their hero. Sorry guys, Mike is done Kobe is the present. And when its Kobe's turn to exit another player will arise and its his turn. However, for now the play is "Give the ball to Kobe and get the hell out of the way! "
[Newest]No matter how tough the shot is Kobe rises to the occasion and drains the shot no matter what.

2Michael Jordan
ok.. I shouldn't have to justify myself but I will. the better way to see if a player is clutch is to see his performances in the playoffs. 1997 kobe hit 4 air balls in the most important game of the season. 1998, after his all star game, his game collapsed until the end of the season(included playoffs). in 1999 he got swept without responding against the spurs. in 2000 he was clutch two times, one was game 7 against portland, another was the 4th game in the finals. in 2001 and 2002, he didn't have to be clutch because o'neal was making it easy for him... the only clutch situation he faced was against philly, game 1 and he lost against iverson. then you got 2004 when he got destroyed by prince, he even scored 11 points in a game and then the decisive games, when, twice he didn't shoot the ball for an entire half... then you got his 6/24 in game 7 against the celtics... then you got the statistic that espn put that shows that he is by far the player who misses the most in clutch situation... and I can go on and on and on... jordan is the best of the best in clutch situation, nobody can seriously denied it...
I would say Jordan is the MOST clutch players in NBA history. In a crunch time, pass the ball to him and he can make a decision in a less than one second: to pass the ball or to shoot.
I remember Game 6 the 1993 finals, Bulls vs Suns, when Bulls left 2 points in the last second Jordan pass the ball to John Paxson and Paxson scored 3-points...
Kobe is 1-11 lifetime, in a 5 point game with under 10 seconds left. This vote is a joke to any self respecting basketball fan. Honestly, Kobe shouldn't even be in the conversation. I'm taking Jordan, Horry, hell... Even Derek Fisher is more clutch than Kobe. Kobe fans need to face facts and stop believing all that media hype. Jordan's the G.O.A.T. and the most clutch player ever, hands down.
[Newest]Sorry Jordan kobe make more clutch than you

3Larry Bird
Pat riley once said if I had to pick a guy to take a shot to win a game I would pick michael jordan if it were for my life I would pick larry bird. Larry is an easy number 1 in this category and reggie is an easy 2nd
When the game is on the line, who else do you want out there. Game winning shot, clutch steals and great passes. Larry Legend!
Being a clutch player isn't just about laser 3-point shooting. Larry bird could make a crucial steal, hit someone else for a last-second shot perfectly, or make the shot. Kobe has nothing on the Legend
[Newest]Larry told the defense what he was about to do and then show them, that's actually, clutch clutch. If you can't see he is the best I need some of the weed your smoking.

4Reggie Miller
all I gotta say is remember the games against the knicks and the game against jordan. PERIOD!


Strait up, I've never seen anyone hit more single last second game winners than Reggie. I would have Reggie at 1, Larry Bird at 2, & Michael Jordan at 3!
I think he can shoot the ball without even looking at the basket.. he can do turn around 3 pointers, its like shooting a free throws for him
[Newest]Miller time is on

5Jerry West
MR CLUTCH is so underrated how is kobe in front of jerry west kobe is not the 2nd most clutch player in nba history jerry west is only guy to win the nba finals mvp on the losing side kobe has the record for most missed shots in nba history the guy plays hero ball not basketball man


Jerry West the best clutch player of all time. Not even close who is second including Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, who frequently missed clutch shot in other games during the regular season. They hit their clutch shots, but not with the frequency of Jerry West.
Finals and when they faced Baltimore he alone led the team clutch doesn't mean hitting a buzzer beater it means when you lead your team when they need it when Baylor was out everyone thought they were going to collapse West stood up in the Clutch and the same with Wilt


6Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson was very clutch. He could hit a buzzer beater or make a great pass to someone else for the last shot.
Exactly. He should be number 1


7Dwayne Wade
Everyone remembers his '06 finals which were basically the best nba finals that 1 man has ever played.

But who saw him on the Olympic team in 2008? He was not only the best player on a team with lebron james, kobe bryant, dwight howard, derrick rose, etc -- But he also poured in another one of his ridiculously clutch performances in the Gold medal game against Spain.


Dwyane Wade is the best or not the best clutch players of the current Miami Heat. He is a Shooting Guard, but he's clutch at shooting 3 pointers, and his nickname is called "Flash" or "D Wade". And that's why he's a clutch player. He is well known for hustle plays, passes, and he can shoot, he can dunk, he can rebound, and he could do anything. And that's why he is the boss. Laugh out loud
This guy makes jaw drop every time it's crucn time. Wade has the killer instinct to just go at you hard, and deliver a blow right in your face. The dude played god awful in the Chicago Bulls series this past year while Lebron was carrying the team for the first 3 quarters, but Wade showed up every 4th quarter and played his best 5 minutes of the game. And don't even get me started on the 06' finals. This man is on a mission, a mission to be the greatest EVER.

8Robert Horry
Horry has the name "Big Shot Bob" for a reason. Don't believe me? Watch Game 5 of the 2005 NBA Finals. The guy has 3 Points in the first 3 Quarters, then drops 21 in the 4th and OT to give the Spurs a 3-2 Lead. Tell me that ain't clutch.
We are not arguing best players, its all about what they do in the final minutes. Robert Horry is the man I want with the ball in hand taking a three to go to overtime
Big Shot Bob. Seven championship rings, for which his clutch shots played a part.

9Paul Pierce
He had to carry the Celts for a good part of his career hitting clutch shots. Pierce is not MJ but he deserves higher.
The Truth! He definitely deserves to be on this list
The Truth! He definitely deserve to be on this list

10Lebron James
Why is LeBron even on this list he made like 3 clutch shots.
Just wow he has most clutch in 2008-2009-future


LeBron is great but he ain't clutch. Sure he has incredible game winners but he chokes more.
[Newest]Lebron ain't no clutch only has like two clutch shots

The Contenders

11Ray Allen
50% shots taken when trailing by one or two points, or tied, in the final 24 seconds of playoff games since 1996-97

6/12... only game winners, so here didn't counted shots in crunch time (5 minutes)

4-6 Place in All-time Clutch in my opinion... better than Kobe for sure...
Greatest shooter of all time no doubt.
Game 6 vs spurs, he save the championship for Miami and steal championship for san antonio

12Chauncey Billups

13Bill Russell
He went 10-0 in game 7's. That's about as clutch as it gets.
Just Look at all the Rings.

14Kevin Durant
He got a four point to tie
Huge kd fan. Super clutch player. That one time he hit that three to win the game. Fading 2-4 feet away from 3point line. Hit it swish. OKC for life

15Dirk Nowitzki
How is Dirk below LeBron? Sure LeBron has had some clutch games, but almost every game of the Mavericks 2011 playoff run was a clutch game for Dirk. There is a difference between clutch and having amazing stats. Dirk is clutch.
Dirk should be in the top 10 above Kobe and LeBron. He had to carry the Mavs for years based on how he performed in clutch time. Bill Russell is one of the greatest but he's as great in clutch time as a lot of the people here. Dirk=Future HOF


One of the Best 4°Q Players of All Time. He shoots from three, in layout, in high post our low post.

16Tracy McGrady
He scored 13 points in 33 seconds
Please the man always shoots with 2 people guarding him in the last 1 min
Unguardable 1 on 1.

17Vince Carter
To me he is one the most clutch players ever how can lebron be up when you have so many guys that are better than him in this category its not "hater" thing because I enjoy lebron but its just stupid in my opinion and you can count d wade clutch winner games and vince carter and you will see who is better in clutch shots
It's a shame surfing the net, looking at various so called the best ever clutch player lists because most of them does not have Vince 's name on it. Seriously he is by far the most underrated player.
Most underrated player of all time

18Stephen Curry

19Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
No single individual can hold this dude period! I'd give him the ball first in clutch time. Greatest scorer of all time for a reason.

20Tim Duncan
4 championships, game winners, greatest big man ever, How can he not be on this list, game winners aren't the only judge of clutchness, he plays best when the Spurs need it. Greatest PF, Greatest big man.

21Carmelo Anthony
Most game winners sense 2003 behind kobe that still plays in the NBA.

22Damian Lillard
4 buzzer beaters in his first 2 season -- and one of them sent a team packing home in the playoff

23Shaquille O'Neal

24Allen Iverson

25John Stockton
Along with Karl Malone, he is one of the clutchiest player in Utah Jazz franchise history to led the league in points, and assists, and wait there more. STEALS.

26Joe Johnson
"Made game winning shots over strong defenders such as Serge Ibaka and Lmbah boute. He can make a shot no matter what in the last seconds.

27Rajon Rando

28James Worthy

29Elgin Baylor

30Bob McAdoo
In the clutch his shooting percentage topped them all in the Day before 'legalized traveling & double-dribbling' Check the Stats prior to MJ..

31Ben Wallace

32Jimmer Fredette

33Draymond green
Well he's pretty much hit the same amount of buzzer beaters as Lebron so...

34Derek Fisher
It's an insult he wasn't on the list...
WOW he isn't On yhe list game winning shot vs the Spurs to win it wit 0.4 seconds to go fading away

35Steve Kerr

36Al-Farouq Aminu

37Brian Scalabrine

38D.J. Mbenga
Man! He scored 200 points in the last 20 seconds of the game last NBA Finals. Dang!

39Luke Walton
He a clutch man

40Gilbert Arenas
If he's not in the top 15 then no one remembers and that's sad

41J.R. Smith
This season he hit 2 buzzer beaters he is starting to become clutch
He is not top 30 though

42Julius Erving

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