Most Controversial NFL Players

These guys stir up the pot whether on or off the field.

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1Michael Vick

Got arrested for making dogs fight I think - Ajkloth

Should not be allowed on the field.

2Michael Sam

For coming out gay! That left the Rams to draft which was a big mistake and luckily cut him right away. - htoutlaws2012

3Chris Henry
4Ray Rice

Wife Beater! Let me show you the elevator Punch! - htoutlaws2012

5Terrell Owens

Million -dollar body with a 10-cent brain. And he's a cancer to boot. Wouldn't want him on my team.

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6Chad Johnson
7Pacman Jones

at least vick will probably learn his lesson but pacman just dosen't learn at all - baylorfan1990

8Shawnee Merriman
9O.J. Simpson

Surprised I was not number one on this list I don't need to tell why

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10Joe Horn

The Contenders

11Ndamukong Suh

Just another punk on the field acting like a child in a mans sport. What a disgrace to NFL.

12Randy Moss
13Tank Johnson
14Rodney Harrison
15Steve McNair
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