Most Controversial NFL Players

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The Top Ten

Michael Vick
Got arrested for making dogs fight I think


Should not be allowed on the field.

2Michael Sam

3Pacman Jones
at least vick will probably learn his lesson but pacman just dosen't learn at all


4Terrell Owens
Million -dollar body with a 10-cent brain. And he's a cancer to boot. Wouldn't want him on my team.
get some popcorn.


5Ray Rice

6Chris Henry

7Joe Horn

8Chad Johnson
His ego is out of control and he thinks everything he says on national T.V. is amusing.

9O.J. Simpson
Surprised I was not number one on this list I don't need to tell why

10Shawnee Merriman

The Contenders

11Ndamukong Suh
Just another punk on the field acting like a child in a mans sport. What a disgrace to NFL.

12Randy Moss

13Tank Johnson

14Rodney Harrison

15Steve McNair

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