Most Controversial Movies of All Time


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21The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
22Melancholie der Engel
25Last Tango in Paris
26Do the Right Thing

One of the more violent gang movies, it was originally given an NC rating at one point. - egnomac

This movie is beyond anything bad. It has a lot of drugs, nudity, sex, and gore.

28Deep Throat
29Brokeback Mountain

Controversial for a stupid reason.

30Pretty Baby
31The Deer Hunter

There is no way you can watch this movie and not completely question the American government. Oliver Stone's 1991 film was extremely controversial because of its cold, hard facts about the Kennedy assassination. After watching this film, your views will be forever changed. - rambocrazyhorse

"Cold, hard facts"?
Not really, more like convoluted hallucinations.
If you think this movie presented anything but fictional drama, you are hallucinating too.

34Hostel: Part II
35Apocalypse Now
36Sausage Party
37The Exorcist

A lot of people thought that linda blair was possessed the whole time and that the movie was cursed. She was injurred onset and another actor on set, jack macgowen, died unexpectedly.

39The Green Mile
40Spider-Man 3

Is it controversial because of Emo peter or that they didn't do venom right at all?

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