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1United States of America

I hate the USA. I hate all the crime they have, all the hatred towards other countries. I hate their ignorance towards other countries and their overall ignorance. They have a terrible Educational system. Too many black problems (serves them right for having enslaved all of those people from Africa). They are the most gun crazed people in the world. They have so much poverty, so many street people, so many gangs. The drug trade depends on Americans usage. They think Canadians still live in igloos. So uneducated) They have the most corrupt medical system in the world. Doctors are in it strictly for the money. They have the most demoralizing food stamp system in the world. When I was a child I thought everyone lived in big homes and had a pool, that is what they wanted everyone outside of USA to believe. Their Government thinks more about pouring money into war than taking care of its own people. They would like to run the whole world. They forget one think... History shows that great powers in the past have been taken down. Lets not get to cockey cause you could be next. Phony, phony, phony. I am glad that I am not an American although I have a sister who moved there and is an American I never want to make that trek to the USA for a visit. The best country in the world, bull.

There are so many beautiful countries in the world and wonderful people. What Americans forget is that we are all alike in the world. We piss and pick our noses like everyone else and have feelings and want the best for our families, who made the USA the best. Not God.

I don't like people saying how Americans are ignorant. I'm American and I don't think Canadiens live in igloos. There is a lot going on in the United States ( and the rest of the world). But people should be grateful, because your life literally depends on where you are born. But it's your opinion, and I won't argue with that. - Pony

This country takes advantage of other countries, allows unborn babies to be killed, allows people of the same gender to marry, gives rights lie "Freedom of Religion" an restricts Jews, Christians, and Muslims from practicing their beliefs, they have tons of drama if a black person is killed, but if a white person is slaughtered nobody cares, they mourn over Pearl Harbor where 2,000 were killed (I understand this is a sad thing) and when they bomb Hiroshima where 200,000 were killed they do not mourn. In history books they include that Germany was ruled by a dictator who started a mass genocide, but they do not mention that Hitler was Austrian, he wouldn't have been in power if the treaty of Versailles wasn't written by greedy power hogs, and they don't mention that they looted German houses and kicked the rightful owners out when they took over a city. And do NOT get me started on the President. - GeorgBavaria

We have definitely done bad things in the past, but there isn't restriction on freedom of religion at all (at least in Florida). In my personal opinion, allowing same-gender marriage isn't a bad thing, but that is up to personal beliefs. Same thing with abortions, that is controversial and many normal citizens don't know how they feel about it because they aren't being given correct information. political parties are becoming increasingly stupid and biased. Also, the President has made down idiotic decisions, most Americans acknowledge this. - FandomsUnite

I agree. USA is so corrupt, bad government, bad education, unhealthy food, highest demand for ilegal drugs, tons of gangs, racists, rapists, tons of criminal activity and not to mention the fat people. but you have to understand NOT ALL OF AMERICA IS BAD. there are plenty of bad, corrupt people, but there are also nice people willing to help. we have a lot of charities: st. Jude, wounded warrior, food banks, habitat for humanity and so on. NOT ALL AmericanS ARE BAD GIVE THEM A CHANCE.

North Korea Nuke USA

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2North Korea

They execute any person who dislikes our says something rude to the leader of the country (or total dictator of the country) and there are basically no rights. Christianity is basically banned, and worshippers have begun to do it privately. They threaten to nuke other countries, ban Internet, and don't get me started about the propaganda. They make them believe crazy things like " Kim Il-Sung is a the eternal leader of North Korea and is a god" or "Kim Jong-Il controls the weather and created the hamburger". Kim Jong- Un is basically deranged, as he killed his uncle. While millions of people starve all across the country, the government imports Coke. Instead of using their money to feed the starving population, they just increase military strength and just end up in more debt. For example, the government tried to build a building called " the Ryugyong Hotel, a hotel that is over 1,000 feet tall in 1987. They still haven't opened it. This country is crazy and sick. - ethanmeinster

I can't believe that Ameroca was voted more corrupt then North Korea... Yes we have flaws. Many flaws. Yes, we are trillions of dollars in debt, we never solve any problems, and yes, we are mostly fat, uneducated, gun-enthusiasts. But: do we worship our leader as if he was a god? No. Do we believe that we are the center of the universe? No. And most important of all: are we all brainwashed minions of a fat, psychotic warmonger? NO. come on guys. Be real. We (Americans) may be very very flawed, but admit it: We have it so much better then North Korea.

Why is USA #1? Sure, people could hate America all they want, but we are not the most corrupt country in the world. Afghanistan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Hello? People don't realize how lucky they are to live in America. Doesn't mean it doesn't need improvement but before you complain that America is corrupt go to Somalia and then tell me how much America sucks.

I feel so bad for people that live there

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Having the USA as the most corrupt country is a complete joke, anyone that even votes for the USA has no idea whats going on in Africa, and in India, over 30% of India's legislation steal from the country

Most corrupt country ever. Hoping to leave this country as soon as possible. - Zab

Lists like this don't make any sense when we're just stating facts. Why not ask an opinion?

I hate India because cruel people see history of 1947

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I just voted this to say something. Pakistan may be corrupt, but its not as stupid as people call it. It's a beautiful country, just as good as usa (but maybe not financially. ) its just a myth that everybody is a terrorist there. My neighbors are Pakistani and they are the nicest people ever!

I'm saying this the nicest way I can', considering I think every country has potential and different things to offer the world, but even though every country has it's flaws.. they don't have nearly as many as Pakistan.

The one who has added Pakistan in the list is the most intelligent man in the world

My country at world number 1 country

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Somalia was listed as the most corrupt country in the world and has a long history of corruption. The Somalian government is only one year old and is already corrupt. From setting up refugee camps to divert food donations so they could steal them and sell them on the black market. Also the Al Shabaab movement the infamous terrorist sect control most of the nation and finance most of their operations through ransom money it demands as tribute from pirate gangs... oh did I mention they have pirates too. As well Somalia's Transitional National Government led by Sharif Sheikh Ahmed are most competent at stealing foreign aid. Not to mention it is stuck in an ongoing seemingly never ending civil war which began in 1991. Which lead to the overthrowing of the already corrupt Barre government only overthrown because the Somali Armed Forces the military where supplying armed rebel groups with major weapons this then lead to seemingly constant faction fighting between militant groups to become the new ruling government. The civil war caused over 800,000 people to die. In fact the only reason the people overthrew the Barre regime was his gross mistreatment of the people including the bloody siege on the regional capital of Hargeisa in which over 5,000 civilians where brutally murdered by government soldiers for fear of the presidents fear of separatist movements taking over Somalia. Even executing innocent people who he though where apart of the 1978 coup against him. The government being taken over by ruthless warlords and even terrorist groups Al Qaeda even took over Somalia's government in early 2009. Even corporations have been taken over by warlords who now avoid taxes, sell expired foods and drugs, even sustaining anti state forces and commercializing so as profit from areas that where traditionally in the public sector. The government is constantly being overthrown re established and overthrown again. After the destruction of the Somali Democratic Party came the SNA, then the SNF, SSDF, SNM, SPM, and more corrupt governments run by warlords. Even the modern government the Transitional Federal Government are corrupt. Ministers selling visas and signing dubious deals, misusing revenues, covering up the rampant amounts of organized crime and piracy, selling illegal weapons and diverting food.

Somalia for me is probably the most corrupt country in the world, since the government can't fully aid those hungry people that cause them to steal like pirates, They are somehow, the modern-day pirates

This country has no government and is run by warlords

U guys are a bunch of retards why is the us first Somalia is like the Wild West

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Its corrupt because usa is giving millions of dollars to its people but they use it for army... While they don't have soldiers!

It's very dangerous this country. Mines are all over the place.

If it has moslems, then corruption follows.. these people can't go by one day without blowing themselves up.

Their motto goes, "Come to Afghanistan. Have a blast, it might be your last"

Afghanistan is going DOWN!

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A true story of Russian Corruption:

In Russia, like other places in the world, a Double Yellow Stripe in the middle of the road means 'No Passing'. A Dotted Yellow Stripe means that you can pass. However, sometimes the Russian Police will put up a sign stating 'NO PASSING'. Outside St. Petersburg there was a road that was being built, and the Police told the contractors to paint a dotted yellow stripe down the middle. They complied. After the road was opened, the Russian Police hid a NO PASSING sign behind a bush. The contractor found the sign, and decided to to the Locals a 'favor' by repainting the road with a Double Yellow Stripe. Well, when the Police found out about this, they went out in the middle of the night with Black Spray Paint and made the stripe look dotted. And they didn't stop there. They hired a farmer with a tractor to drive up and down the road, to encourage motorists to try to pass, and when they did, the Police would nab them. They paid the farmer a bottle of Vodka a day to do this. This is not a joke! They really did this! - Operation_Fortitude

The biggest corrupted police ever in Russia

The government just tell lies. I bet about 50% of the global man made disasters involve Russia in some way

Russia is a stupid country.. Stupid mind

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One of the corrupt countries in the world

A country full of Embezzlement

A country that wants to nuke everybody! - UglyBull


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Worst country in the world I would rather live in North Korea.

Really? Why don't you live in North Korea then? Have fun with your death sentence you unintelligent creature. Haters like you gotta hate so I don't care.

Why my country is in top ten list! Now the stupid Than Shwe is off from the chair

14Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia mixes religion with government, causing many issues. Every law is based on the Quran. This means women don't have as much rights, and other religions aren't allowed - ethanmeinster

Saudi Arabia is just disgusting. no rights for women, on top of that they are treated like pigs. cutting off a head piblicaly as a death penalty definitely makes viorent people like ISIS. plus the king of saudi is ugly

15South Korea

There are so many racists and lairs.

Education of South Korea is aweful, so people are bad manner.

Everything are so fake in this country...

South Korea is not corrupt. your just made that they copy people
They don't have a corrupt government, there people do not starve and they have really good technology. so don't you Yahoos say something negative because of the what people live
. you need to learn your history.

This country is not corrupt!

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Yes, that's true. that Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada are former president of the Philippines that stole some money. BUT, it's not true that FERDINAND MARCOS is the same like them. Marcos is very very rich person. He is very intelligent. He decided to give some of his money to the Filipinos to have their own houses, before CORAZON AQUINO came. that's why. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH IN THE PHILIPPINE HISTORY.

FERDINAND MARCOS, FIDEL RAMOS, JOSEPH ESTRADA, these presidents are really corrupt. They stole Billions from other countries.

Even now many of our government officials are very corrupt that's why many Filipinos are very poor and starving, no jobs and no education. Aside from that mostly all products and needs of people are very expensive because of tax. And that tax that suppose to be to the people of the Philippines are inside their pocket. Diyos ko magbago naman kayo maawa kayo samin na mahihirap kmi and nagpapakahirap kayo and nagpapasarap...


Dear lovely commentor who posted this friendly statement: "Have you ever seen a Chinese person when questioned about anything, even insignificant non- sense be able to tell the truth. They are lying little picture taking, back stabbing, stealing pricks! "

I'd like to tell you to stop generalizing a whole group of people. Yes, we tell the truth. And yes, unlike you, most of us refrain from making uneducated racist comments that have no truth or background whatsoever. I bet that you'd feel incredibly hurt if someone ruthlessly criticized your country's people. I get that some Chinese and the government are corrupt and rude, but there's no excuse to attack a whole country! Besides, we're only nice to you if you're nice to us.

P.S. Picturing taking... so offensive, huh? -_- It's pretty fun - you should try it some time!

Have you ever seen a Chinese person when questioned about anything, even insignificant non- sense be able to tell the truth. They are lying little picture taking, back stabbing, stealing pricks!

June 4th incident. enough said. Check China Uncensored. please no 50 cents brigade. Pray for freedom in Hong Kong.

Chinese Communist Party is denying 89.64

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What? Brazil in #18? It should be #1 and far Ps:I'm Brazilian

I love Brazil, so shut up


Just look at the boat people issue and the prison system and the police and the government.

At 1998 maybe, but now they are fighting againts corruption. Wish them luck

Most Corrupted Country In the Earth - yudha100

20South Africa

Almost every nation in Africa is corrupt, but South Africa is top of the pile. The president steals R206 million for his own security upgrades at his house with his 5 wives...

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