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It is so dangerous because people living there risk their lives and their average life spam is about 30-40 and they lack access to clean water food and other kinds of materials to survive. They also get killed in different kind of reasons that don't actually have to be killed

Uh, **cough cough** third world country. And how in the world, is the U.S. most dangerous? I mean, our government might not be best as of now, but were not so incosiderate that we just would nuke a country. I, being a 13 year old male American Minor, know were not some dirty pigs that take everything and do bad stuff. Way to be positive, people.

First Iraq was safe and calm but when america army attack it, Iraq became unsecure and terrible, I think sources of all insecurity in the world are america and Israel.

Please think about this issue very carefully that, in each country there is insecurity and war america paricipate it.

What if Iraq attacked US like they did to them?

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Somalia has no government. Plus there is a lot of terrorism. There's a civil war going on warlords, pirates, famine, and drought. Somalia is hell on Earth.

There is no law in Somalia. Pirates on the coast, corrupt so-called government and civil war on the inside. It a country full of bandits and people ready to shoot you and steal everything you have. Let's not forget the terrorist attacks.

I'm scared to go there but its started to rebuild

Somali migrants are useless and they leech on Public Welfare in any part of the Western World.

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3North Korea

It's dangerous because the dictatorship is SO MUCH... like there's no freedom of speech and internet is forbidden. Only the high rank officials can use internet to cover them up. THEY ARE FULL OF LIES! No North Korean people have access to the Internet because the government is concerned that people would see things that would make them feel unfairly critical toward the West, and the government would like to protect the West's reputation by preventing the people from going on the Internet. LIKE! And there are lots and lots and lots and lots of propaganda. They are war freaks in short.

North Korea is way too corrupted. North Koreans are brainwashed, being told that their "eternal leader" is a god, and that Kim Jong Un controls the weather. People are starving, with some regions turning to cannibalism, and millions dying in a 1994-1998 famine. There's no freedom at all, and saying a bad word about the leader would get you killed. They threaten the US and South Korea, and have nuclear bombs. The Internet is completely banned. Law-breakers, including Internet users, Christians, people trying to escape, and rebels are put into prison camps which has conditions that you can compare to a Nazi concentration camp. Children and infants are killed, prisoners are brutally beat up, and people eating snakes to survive. Some even say that biological weapons are tested on them. There needs to be some changes. - ethanmeinster

I was actually surprised at how easy it is to escape North Korea, it's as simple as boarding a flight to Beijing, a non hostile relationship with a communist country, and from there going to another place. The problem is that the people are so brainwashed that they wouldn't know to do that, or that they're living deplorably. The country shouldn't even be called North Korea. South Korea shouldn't be called that either, the south is the only REAL Korea. The North shouldn't even be recognized as a country, it's a giant prison. And Shorty needs a bullet through his forehead. Can you get on that, Rodman? Make yourself useful for a change. -

There is actually tourism there, no joke. There is a guard that has to be with the tourist at all times, and they show you only what they want you to see. North Korean tourism has been getting attention from the media lately, and they are probably going to trap a bunch of tourists there some time soon.

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For my opinion afghanistan is most most dangerous country in the world, united states of america is no way near as dangerous as afghanistan, but some places in the united states are dangerous like the bronx or detroit but any where in afghanistan is more dangerous than anywhere in united states of america

my one friend who used to live there said half her school got blown up - cowstar

Land mines, malaria, lack of government, lack of resources, extreme poverty, famished, malnutrition, illnesses, drugs and religous radicals known as the Taliban make this country by far the worst place on Earth to live. Don't underestimate any of those I've listed, research will show you each one is the worst in it's class. Afghanistan leads the world in malaria cases, active land mines, and poverty. Their number one crop is opium! Americans will pay out a federal salary to local nationals to earn hard cheddar by performing hard labor, digging ditches in 120+summers all day should be worth more than a handsome $7! That's right, apparently making 7 US dollars is well worth a hard days sun!

Afghanistan is the best country

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Pakistan is extremely beautiful place, especially northern areas are just like Switzerland. Pakistan is very famous for Basmati Rice, Mangoes, Cotton, Sugar and other minerals.

Food and Clothing is so famous around the world that you cannot imagine. Housing and life style is great no comparison.

Yeah, you are right. It has each and everything present in this world (can be every type of food, material, metals, gas, petrol, water, river, deserts, valleys and much more) but the corruption, fighting, less interest in education, dirt everywhere, no cleanness, no helping, competition and dying for money are the reasons which destroys Pakistan.

Pakistan live long life and pakistan is the best country fo the world, you visit then you see, this true that girls are in clothed this is good for us

I love Pakistan and proud to be a PakistanI

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6United States

The Usa is getting more dangerous, and all the people who are saying that USA is not dangerous is because they live in USA and don't want to admit that it is one of the most dangerous country in the world, I mean world wide, you see american news all the time that are about murders or robberies or prison breaks, and I live in the UK. Its not that the people are crazy its just over populated like brazil and china, and Iraq is dangerous because of there history with bad presidents like salaam which made them violent. That's all I have to say.

You know how many countries hate us and the fact we still own China that 1 trillion and the crime is no joke 56000 people die in New York City every year and that's just 1 city there's much more Obama almost went to war with Syria and they have nukes imagine nuclear war it would be terrible that will be so don't think all the time oh America the home of the free it's the home of crime and that crime is influenced to people every day crime is growing and every day I watch the news after work and I hear another another bank robbery another person killed another something that's illegal so USA plus I have to make sure my boy is safe to the walk home intact I even have to pick him up from school now because of sexual assault now a days and don't even about the cancer situation 1 person die from it every day here and drug dealers are crazy in Houston there's thousands of gangsters in the New York the Bronx and lots of asylums in California deserts it's crazy here USA should be the 1# most ...more

The US is no more dangerous than the UK, France, Canada, etc. Looking at recent events that have been hyped up and saying "wow it must be so dangerous there! " is foolish. There are obviously bad parts and there are isolated events but it's a very large country, the third largest in the world, with a high population. There is nothing inherently dangerous about the US, and personally I feel a lot safer anywhere in the US (with the exception of East Detroit and Camden) than I would in most of London.

The person complaining about "oh no I have to watch my kid, there's so much crime on the news oh no oh no panic panic panic! " has no idea what they're talking about. They panic and have no idea what reality is, and they need to grow the hell up - the crime here is statistically not that bad. Syria is probably ten times more dangerous. For the record I've only ever met a single person who's died in my entire life (18 yrs), and I live in a pretty dense population zone.

Unfortunately it's dangerous

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The regime is shelling cities using mortars, bombs, tanks, helicopters and jet fighters! Scud missiles are used too to hit civilians, needless to remind you of the chemical weapons which have been used too! The regime is fighting rebels inside and outside cities.. No where to run! Now what do you think? What country is the most dangerous in the world?

Syria is a dangerous place. Isis is there. Isis is a large group of terrible people. They brainwash children so that they can join Isis. This group holds innocent people hostage. Sometimes they kill those people! So I would like to say that Syria is very dangerous.

Living in Syria, I can assure you that after an official count of 400,000 deaths in the past three years along with all kinds of tragic living circumstance where one is unsure whether he'll survive the day or not... We definitely are the most dangerous place in the world.
What a great touristic ad, isn't it?

To be honest, everything is destroyed everywhere, imagine if we had peace just for one day, no isis, taliban, or anything, just because we are who we are doesn't mean we are who you guys think we are, just let it go already

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The country is cursed for all people in the world

This isn't a country. They occupied Palestine. Illegal country... Unfair child of america. They want unrest in Middle East to protect their existence and that's why Middle East is set on fire by usa. Just because Middle East have more Muslim population, they are targeted and stereotyped as terrorists. Nuke this country and world will be a more peaceful and secure

Israel is most dangerous country in the world

Its not a child of America. It was made by the United Kingdom BECAUSE IT BELONGS TO THE JewS. Don't like it? deal with it.

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9South Africa

I also live in South Africa, we have had 2 family doctors murdered [our last one we had known for 20yrs, he was shot in his own home in front of his wife while just closing the backdoor of his house]. We have had friends shot, raped, robbed, mugged, carjacked. My husband and son were just recently held up in their local café by 20 armed men. It was a Sunday and they were just buying bread and milk, for goodness sake! Everyone had to lie on the floor and told they would be shot if they looked at them [the criminals], they robbed everyone of anything of value, even ripped chains etc off peoples necks. We have also had intruders in our own garden this past 8 months, our cars have been broken into twice, my husbands office broken into, and my son heard noises at 4am last Friday and saw 2 men sneaking around outside our house, we pressed panic buttons for armed security. We had new neighbours move in behind us this year [2013], their 1st night while asleep they found in the morning that ...more

Definitely not safe' my father was murdred in a church when he responded to a alarm as he was the sexton of the church. My partners wife was shot dead in the house in front of him and the grandchildren. My late husband was killed by a drunk policeman, and it ceases to amaze me that you never hear any of these murders solved and I'm talking years but that it is chosen to broadcast worldwide the Oscar trail, I wonder if the brave previously disadvantaged think they are scoring points in this world today by televising this case live! They should only be aloud this privledge when they start catching there fellow brothers who are aloud to committ these hanous crimes and roam free! It is sad for Oscar and Sherien Dewani that they will be the cases used to cover up the crimes the previously disadvantaged committ. The rest of the world should look past these two cases and you will see the crimes being committed against whites in this country! No I would not recommend any one invest or visit ...more

I am South African and I find this very disrespectful. Every country has it's crime, we have a safe life in South Africa you just need to be aware of your surrounding I can walk in the streets at any time of the night or day and I have not once had problems so before you judge a country by its cover get your facts right...

South Africa is a great place to live, sure we have crime but like most countries you need to be aware of your surroundings.

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WHY IS AMERICA IN THE TOP 5? PEOPLE... We need to put this list in a per-capita.
America is not this dangerous!
We are not in the TOP 10!

Where have you been? I have lived in America my entire life, the crime rate has gone up tremendously since World War Two... American's have lost there Patriotism... - LostDream258

I disagree with the fact that Mexico is in 7th. They should be in 3rd due to the deaths caused by the cartels and Mexico is way more dangerous than the usa. Does USA have power gangs or a powerful military. No they don't. Just because Mexico lost in the Mexican American war doesn't mean they are more powerful. Mexico is a fierce country. The USA is no more dangerous than a little doll.

I'd love to travel to Mexico but the thought of it scares the crap out of me, I was reading in the News Paper before, some cartel kidnapped An American man who was just on vacation down there with his wife for a few months. They tortured him, beat him, starved him and demanded his wife to pay a large amount of money if she was to ever see him alive again (I can't remember how much It was, but it was a lot of money) they kept him hostage for 4 months I think. He was only released once his wife had payed all the cash. He is Ok now. But No thank you I wont be travelling there any time soon.

In Mexico Is The Place Where Gangs Come From The Shoot a lot Of Times.

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As such not a very high crime rate but the risk of getting killed is high due to animals like snakes.


Tonnes of tourists were shot here. Its not really got much of a police force.

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I have many Russian friends but even they can prove that Russia is one of the most dangerous countries in the whole world. Even their presidents are criminals - Magnolia

Russia like the US is dangerous. Russia under Putin is trying to restore their empire ( the bear was never dead, just hibernating ). The US is trying to desperately hold on to its empire. The current poisonous relationship between these two nations will see a miscalculation and when it's over, the remaining nations... England, China, and others may have to pick up the pieces. On the other hand, nobody in the world is safe if both the US and Russia remain hell bent in their current mindset.

The country is full in the manufacturing of dangerous nuclear bombs

United States hate Russia

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No Colombia does tent have so many killings a day and we are taking care of our corruption problems and you just want to look bad anyway I think that we are not ranked this high

most kidnapping most dangerious 100 killings a day most dangerous cartels creaters of cocaine and other drugs rebels gurilla armed forces what more can you ask for?

You guys ever watched Narcos? gets real in this country

A lot illegal activity

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Clearly, not everyone knows about Venezuela. With its corrupted government there is murder and kidnapping everyday.

Be careful of fighting and shooting!

How did USA get ranked more dangerous than Venezuela. Just shows how much people go outside their bubbles and check on reality...

Venezuela is actually really dangerous

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If the Best country in the world that is India.. Because the Indians are very humbles and good human beings.. one of the best country in this world

India is a beautiful country. Here all the religions people are living with care and love.

India is good. I am from Kabul, Afghanistan and I have been to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. and found Mumbai the dirtiest and stinkiest city. it is very crowded and over populated and people of India have a very bad habit of pissing on the street and they are very stinky people all Mumbai stinks like urine and other issue is pick pockets. you will have to watch your wallet every time you get out of your room.

It is the best country in the world it is not dangerous

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How is Honduras number 15? Honduras highest killing rate for the year 2014. The rate is 80.57! That's a high amount. I would stay far away from the Honduras to keep my life safe!

Honduras its Honduras DUH you can never live there and if you go there you'll never come out alive

Honduras is extremely dangerous, with the corrupt government, drug lords, and gangs. Its had the highest homicide rate in the world for at least the last 7 years.

It currently holds the highest homicide rate per 100.000 inhabitants in the world

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If you travel to Brazil you are likely to get mugged, because anyone who looks like a tourist is a target. Desperate poverty lies alongside great wealth in this country. Economic growth has widened the gap between rich and poor and made crime rates soar. Street crime is rampant in parts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and it is common for tourists to have their lives threatened for their valuables.

It's like any other latin American country, if you don't want trouble, stay away from the shanty towns and poor areas. The violence here is 100% related to the social gap and its consequences.

Speaking foreign languages in poor areas draws unwanted attention, because people will always think you're from a rich developed nation, even when you're not.

If you don't speak a word of portuguese, you do better travel with a local friend, it's really easy to make Brazilian friends in travel social networks like CouchSurfing.

I want to go to Brazil at once

Brazil has one of the highest murder rates per capita - Joansb

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Poor Ukraine it's getting horrible

Ukraine has started becoming terrible with what they did to the Malaysian flight.
The skinheads there do not let blacks live and do lots of stuff like tearing your body and getting your organs out and kill you. Plus you have also got Russia as a neighbouring country and it always keeps having wars

Supid Ukraineian rebels are fighting the government now it's about Syrian Rebels Russia and France are attacking them

18São Tomé and Príncipe

The most strange country in the world! we don't know almost anything for that tropical island-country! but I think that it is the most hot country in the world because it is in the place where equator and primary cache get together each other!


Why is this even on the list? It's one of the best countries ever.

Don't go here you'll get kidnaped at night


Compare Rwanda to its neighbor, Burundi, please! Burundi has much more corruption and death and etc. Rwanda is an average country. - Joansb

Rwanda is a bad country in your opinion but for the people who love it and were born in it like it and appriciate the country maybe offended

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