Most Dangerous Countries In the World

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It is so dangerous because people living there risk their lives and their average life spam is about 30-40 and they lack access to clean water food and other kinds of materials to survive. They also get killed in different kind of reasons that don't actually have to be killed
Uh, **cough cough** third world country. And how in the world, is the U.S. most dangerous? I mean, our government might not be best as of now, but were not so incosiderate that we just would nuke a country. I, being a 13 year old male American Minor, know were not some dirty pigs that take everything and do bad stuff. Way to be positive, people.
First Iraq was safe and calm but when america army attack it, Iraq became unsecure and terrible, I think sources of all insecurity in the world are america and Israel.

Please think about this issue very carefully that, in each country there is insecurity and war america paricipate it.
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2North Korea
It's dangerous because the dictatorship is SO MUCH... like there's no freedom of speech and internet is forbidden. Only the high rank officials can use internet to cover them up. THEY ARE FULL OF LIES! No North Korean people have access to the Internet because the government is concerned that people would see things that would make them feel unfairly critical toward the West, and the government would like to protect the West's reputation by preventing the people from going on the Internet. LIKE! And there are lots and lots and lots and lots of propaganda. They are war freaks in short.
I was actually surprised at how easy it is to escape North Korea, it's as simple as boarding a flight to Beijing, a non hostile relationship with a communist country, and from there going to another place. The problem is that the people are so brainwashed that they wouldn't know to do that, or that they're living deplorably. The country shouldn't even be called North Korea. South Korea shouldn't be called that either, the south is the only REAL Korea. The North shouldn't even be recognized as a country, it's a giant prison. And Shorty needs a bullet through his forehead. Can you get on that, Rodman? Make yourself useful for a change.

No freedom of speech, no Internet, strict laws, no US consulate, and executes Christians. North Korea is a place where the Cold War hasn't ended yet.
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3United States of America
The Usa is getting more dangerous, and all the people who are saying that USA is not dangerous is because they live in USA and don't want to admit that it is one of the most dangerous country in the world, I mean world wide, you see american news all the time that are about murders or robberies or prison breaks, and I live in the UK. Its not that the people are crazy its just over populated like brazil and china, and Iraq is dangerous because of there history with bad presidents like salaam which made them violent. That's all I have to say.
The United States lately is not safe. Many tragides happening, and it sure isn't safe for kids walking alone. For example look at the Boston Marathon many people got hurt and some died! I think it just isn't safe walking around in a big event world wide.
The USA is not only dangerous I hate USA people say that it is the best country all over the world I live in Pakistan I know that there is load shedding in Pakistan but behind this reason is USA. USA does not allow Pakistan to produce current USA does allow us to build dams. In Pakistan the summer is too too too much hot on other hand there is load shedding every where but the people are so much tolerant they bear the extreme heat of summer but if the availabilities of electricity gas and water the Americans would die my country is so much charming country and it is the atomic power country Americans drop bombs on us without any reason through their drones USA attacks on whole Muslim countries if we say that Iran Iraq Turkey Pakistan Afghanistan Sudan and Algeria are dangerous countries then it would be wrong the actual dangerous and bad countries are of Europe North America South America including Brazil USA UK Spain Russia and AMERICA and from Asia the bad countries are India and China who sends the atomic weapons especially America to the Muslim countries to destroy them I love MuslimS forever the reason for the criticism all over the world is only USA USA USA...
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For my opinion afghanistan is most most dangerous country in the world, united states of america is no way near as dangerous as afghanistan, but some places in the united states are dangerous like the bronx or detroit but any where in afghanistan is more dangerous than anywhere in united states of america
my one friend who used to live there said half her school got blown up


I read a book called Pavana and its about an afgan girl, it seems like a really hard place to live in, under the taliban they can't do much especially women.


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somalia is the dangerous country on the face of the earth 1988 june- july 200.000 men gone missing alone killings of inoccent civilians raping another 50.000 women in the following year and not to forget the looting and killing baby's 1988- 2010 apperently an aproximately of 4.100.000 somalis dead this is not a war its genocide way above all
Somalia has no government. Plus there is a lot of terrorism. There's a civil war going on warlords, pirates, famine, and drought. Somalia is hell on Earth.
I'm scared to go there but its started to rebuild
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Pakistan is extremely beautiful place, especially northern areas are just like Switzerland. Pakistan is very famous for Basmati Rice, Mangoes, Cotton, Sugar and other minerals.

Food and Clothing is so famous around the world that you cannot imagine. Housing and life style is great no comparison.
Yeah, you are right. It has each and everything present in this world (can be every type of food, material, metals, gas, petrol, water, river, deserts, valleys and much more) but the corruption, fighting, less interest in education, dirt everywhere, no cleanness, no helping, competition and dying for money are the reasons which destroys Pakistan.
Pakistan live long life and pakistan is the best country fo the world, you visit then you see, this true that girls are in clothed this is good for us
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Palestine and Israel have been fighting for a long time now about their countries so if you are a cristian and you step in palestine, try to avoid them. Israel, You'll get tortured by palestine's so just try to avoid both of them.
Palestine is torturing Israeli's so Israel is dangerous, but all of the dangers in Israel are because of the dreaded people in Palestine. Israel used to be one of my favorite countries in the world, but now it's definitely not. CURSE YOU PALESTINE!
The country is cursed for all people in the world
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The regime is shelling cities using mortars, bombs, tanks, helicopters and jet fighters! Scud missiles are used too to hit civilians, needless to remind you of the chemical weapons which have been used too! The regime is fighting rebels inside and outside cities.. No where to run! Now what do you think? What country is the most dangerous in the world?
With the war Syria is all destroyed
I think the third crusade has been revived in Syria
Too bad to say but that is the truth
Need an Altair Ibn-La Ahad to save the country...
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I disagree with the fact that Mexico is in 7th. They should be in 3rd due to the deaths caused by the cartels and Mexico is way more dangerous than the usa. Does USA have power gangs or a powerful military. No they don't. Just because Mexico lost in the Mexican American war doesn't mean they are more powerful. Mexico is a fierce country. The USA is no more dangerous than a little doll.
WHY IS AMERICA IN THE TOP 5? PEOPLE... We need to put this list in a per-capita.
America is not this dangerous!
We are not in the TOP 10!
Sicarios (mafia members) pay the government to ignore what the cartels are doing and leave our beautiful people be slaughtered.


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I have many Russian friends but even they can prove that Russia is one of the most dangerous countries in the whole world. Even their presidents are criminals


The country is full in the manufacturing of dangerous nuclear bombs
Look at Chechnya and Dagestan... You'll know what I'm talking about. Chechnya is no more better than Somalia.

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11South Africa
I also live in South Africa, we have had 2 family doctors murdered [our last one we had known for 20yrs, he was shot in his own home in front of his wife while just closing the backdoor of his house]. We have had friends shot, raped, robbed, mugged, carjacked. My husband and son were just recently held up in their local café by 20 armed men. It was a Sunday and they were just buying bread and milk, for goodness sake! Everyone had to lie on the floor and told they would be shot if they looked at them [the criminals], they robbed everyone of anything of value, even ripped chains etc off peoples necks. We have also had intruders in our own garden this past 8 months, our cars have been broken into twice, my husbands office broken into, and my son heard noises at 4am last Friday and saw 2 men sneaking around outside our house, we pressed panic buttons for armed security. We had new neighbours move in behind us this year [2013], their 1st night while asleep they found in the morning that their T.V. and cell phones were gone [phones were under their pillows! ], they have 2 small children, goodness knows what would have happened to them all if they had woken up. Even the caravan sites are not safe anymore, one person where we camped had their side tent slashed and everything stolen from their locked caravan that was valuable. These are just a few real-life stories and there are thousands more ~ So don't tell me SA is safe to live in as it is NOT!
Definitely not safe' my father was murdred in a church when he responded to a alarm as he was the sexton of the church. My partners wife was shot dead in the house in front of him and the grandchildren. My late husband was killed by a drunk policeman, and it ceases to amaze me that you never hear any of these murders solved and I'm talking years but that it is chosen to broadcast worldwide the Oscar trail, I wonder if the brave previously disadvantaged think they are scoring points in this world today by televising this case live! They should only be aloud this privledge when they start catching there fellow brothers who are aloud to committ these hanous crimes and roam free! It is sad for Oscar and Sherien Dewani that they will be the cases used to cover up the crimes the previously disadvantaged committ. The rest of the world should look past these two cases and you will see the crimes being committed against whites in this country! No I would not recommend any one invest or visit these shores of South Africa!
I am South African and I find this very disrespectful. Every country has it's crime, we have a safe life in South Africa you just need to be aware of your surrounding I can walk in the streets at any time of the night or day and I have not once had problems so before you judge a country by its cover get your facts right...
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most kidnapping most dangerious 100 killings a day most dangerous cartels creaters of cocaine and other drugs rebels gurilla armed forces what more can you ask for?
No Colombia does tent have so many killings a day and we are taking care of our corruption problems and you just want to look bad anyway I think that we are not ranked this high
Screw you guys, I'm going home! This place reminds me of hell!
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It is the most dangerous country in a sense of theft
India has started to have its share of dangers, I mean, it is not as dangerous as the countries around it, but people there have started to curse their own country. I know this because I've been there because I was seeing the 7 wonders of the world. The point is, is that India could eventually be listed number one, but for now, it is right in between safe and dangerous.


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Be careful of fighting and shooting!
Clearly, not everyone knows about Venezuela. With its corrupted government there is murder and kidnapping everyday.
Pretty country. But there are some mercyless b@st@rds

With the transportation of cocaine and arms, San Pedro Sula is the most violent city in the world with 20 murder a day. Honduras is definitely in the top 5
Honduras its Honduras DUH you can never live there and if you go there you'll never come out alive
It currently holds the highest homicide rate per 100.000 inhabitants in the world
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If you travel to Brazil you are likely to get mugged, because anyone who looks like a tourist is a target. Desperate poverty lies alongside great wealth in this country. Economic growth has widened the gap between rich and poor and made crime rates soar. Street crime is rampant in parts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and it is common for tourists to have their lives threatened for their valuables.
I want to go to Brazil at once

Iran is getting more dangerous, it really is. Iran is not as dangerous as Iraq, but the murder rate is pretty high.


Iran are extremely dangerous and there are several reports of crime
Yes, yes it is... My family's from there, but they are not muslim. They ar armenians. So actually I don't know why they ar from ther
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Canniballism kills all tourists when they come here. Never go on the edge of the country



China is really worst in Asia because if they know that we are from others country they kill us and put out meat in the sausage that they export to other country.
China worst in asia.
There are a lot of fake items and dangerous food products from this country.



24South Sudan


Jamaica is a great country. However there is corruption in the government and so affects the country; but this isn't every where. So, don't be of the impression that no street is safe to walk. As in any country we have our good and bad.
First I must say Jamaica is a beautiful country but what I don't understand is why the politics have the country in such a state... As a visitor there I was target for the US dollar... Scary, had to leave the country after two days on a two week vacation...
This jamaican country should be number 3

Rank 1 in whole world, modern peacefully country,
The best country ever!
We can't carry guns in Japan

28South Korea
So many pushy and crazy people there.
Because there are many aweful people.
There are many rape crimes.
People are violence, stereotype, and racist.

I'm Indonesia people but honestly It the dangerous country!.. I hate my life in Indonesia, it life so hard and it scared me... Indonesia poor country.. Country lenuh with litter and fly.. It is very annoying... Its president very lazy and obese.. I'm jealous of Thailand and Malaysia... Their country is very nice, rich, net and beautiful... Indonesia, I'm sorry...
Indonesia... Trully World Paradise

Welcome to Malaysia. , where gun violence and snatch theft are a common occurrence. If you're lucky or unlucky, you might just get kidnapped, held for ransom and probably leave with a bullet in the head. The Police are very nice to the people and the criminals as they get paid to harm innocent civilians especially during peaceful protests. We hope you will enjoy your stay here and recommend that you purchase a firearm in the country as gun smuggling are easily done despite the law.
Malaysia 'boleh'... Meaning everything is possible in this beautiful country. Everything is manipulated or 'under control' with a price tag. Legal and illegal are interchangeable with a negotiable price... God Bless Malaysia
Here Drug is almost Leggal...
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32Sri Lanka
Land mines are every where and people die very quickly

What the hell is this doing here their not dangerous
What! Yo my family lives there and not at all dangerous earthquakes, typhoons, and all those just happen! This is a great, lovely country, Gosh! Shouldn't be on the list!
It has earthquakes 3 years in a row. Also, in October 15, a 7.2 earthquake rocked Visayas. In November, Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda headed towards all of Philippines. The area that was most affected was Leyte, Tacloban.
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Mostly a city in southern Nigeria should listen to this or everyone there will get a year or 2 or more in jail. No shooting. This is against the law, which means, that you should'nt be hurting or killing people. Or me.
Nigeria is the most dangerous place I have ever lived in.. you just don't hear a lot about all the killings, rapes, massacre going on there.. but uhm nobody really cares, I mean it's about 200 million people down there so I guess they are kind of a problem to the world.. and I don't care if your are the pope, reverend, president, minister, king, queen, prince, princess, army or the police.. you all just fronting for the public and you fronting for the press but what really goes on down there is ritualistic, cannibalistic, sadistic, masochistic,...

35Saudi Arabia
Can't do anything here. Women have absoulety no rights
Should be number 1. Very against other cultures and are sexist and are too severe

I'm from zimbabwe... So this is kind of awkward... But it is kind of dangerous in certain parts but, all you have to do is not walk around on the streets dressed like a slut or looking to flashy or you will get raped... Or your stuff stolen
Most racist country in the world, they happen to be the only country in the world to admit to committing white genocide.

Stop being the most corrupt country in the world.

I went to Egypt and the people where nice, I went out into a small town and ended up playing football match with some of the locals. Only one person was a bit weird around me and he wanted money, but I walked off and he left me alone. My friend was let onto a bus for free because he lost his wallet. But I got told stories of big crime and muggings, I also got warned by the locals not to stay around at night. From my personal experience though, the sights are amazing, you get to see the pyramids, most of the people are kind and weather is obviously, always warm.


It is a place of shameless thieves & angry beggars I will never go back there


40The Vatican City
The Vatican City is not dangerous. It is the smallest country in the world so probably the safest. It is just a place where Cathlics go to sort of like what Temple Square is for Mormons, so nonetheless... It is super safe. Never heard of murders, robberies, or anything like that there. I hope you realized this was the most DANGEROUS countries. Not the most SAFE countries.


42Papua New Guinea
Canibals in highlands, very ruthless


This place uses hostage

45El Salvador

Slicing people and shooting people is the worst thing ever to do.

Not anymore since the peace in Northern Ireland.
Ireland is very safe now, with one of the lowest murder and rape figures in Europe.






It is very dangerous

54Sierra Leone

How come nobody thought of adding Niger until I did!?! I mean there are countries that don't even deserve to be here like Germany or Russia or the UK and even the USA shouldn't have such a high rank... But we don't have Niger?


Niger is not as dangerous as other countries in Africa but it surely should be ranked higher in the list

Have you seen the guy that leads this place, he owns the worlds largest collection of marble buildings. There are serious cases of human rights issues. Not as bad as Somalia or Iraq but it's turning into North Korea.


You really think Libya is safer than Malaysia?

A lot of animals can kill you



A women was stabbed to death this should be the 6th most dangerous

63Trinidad and Tobago
Once you have the right connections you can do anything and get away with it, you are above the law

This countries has been since 2010 under lots of bloody violent crime lots of killing and violence

65Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia is safe. But they had a war from 1992-1995 and lots of people died

Must be in top five, Kids are raping women and doing drugs on account it is one of the poorest countrys people do what they can to survive even if that means to kill someone


Everything about it is peaceful and safe. I know, it wasn't always like that, but I've lived in Turkey all of my life and haven't been in any form of threat whatsoever. It is a generally safe and peaceful country, and I like it a lot.


70New Caledonia
This is a bad country

You see what happened to those religious people in the jungle? Forced to drink poison or shot!? What with that! Should be in the top ten!



Way to go Denmark




78United Kingdom
UK?! Don't make me laugh! Everything about it is peaceful and safe. I know, it wasn't always like that, but I've lived in London all of my life and haven't been in any form of threat whatsoever. It is a generally safe and peaceful country, and I like it a lot.
True story, & I'm Irish
Live there the best of all times go great Britain
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I love Australia but there is lots of spiders and snakes that are very dangerous. And crocodiles.
Spiders and snakes are dangerous ha ha ha. their not even scary unless your a canadian. wake the hell up. if
You die you die and theirs nothing you can do about it.
Almost as dangerous as Canada and The Netherlands... I'm joking by the way
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Run Down finacially and all you racists blaberring about India? UK, Germany, France, USA (too high) ae also on stupidly

France!? Honestly, France is a nice and peaceful country. I have lived here all of my life and never heard of anything bad or dangerous happening so you might as well forget this country was on the list.

@person who said Hitler was born there

You're so stupid. Hitler was born in Austria.
Hitler was born their
Are you kidding me?
I bet a redneck Germany-hater from the US put Germany in this list.
But then again Germany could get dangerous quickly if they let more Bulgarians and Romanians in...

Canada? Really? Just wow
You never know when a polar bear might maul you in the streets of Churchill Manitoba
The most peaceful country in the world is on this
List. Wow, just wow.
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