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Mad injuries.. I can't believe kiteboarding isn't even on this list. Also proximity flying should definitely be #1. We all have the brass to play soccer or ride a horse L. Nobody wants to jump off a cliff because it's insanity.

102CrossFit Games
Crossfit is extremely dangerous. You could get SERIOUSLY injured. I mean, WALKING? This is a WHOLE LOT more dangerous than WALKING.
People get sore and hurt but nobody has died from it.
Crossfit is only dangerous if you don't have good coaches I do it and I am 11

Broke the two bones of my forearm by running into back glass wall in an attempt to keep the ball in play. Very easy to roll your ankle in this sport as well.
The racquet could easily hit you hard causing broken legs and arms. The court is only so small which makes getting hit more likely.
The ball could rebound, and hit you in the face.

Not many outside of Europe knows about handball. Its kind of like soccer just with your hands. I have played handball for 10 years and I have gotten a concussion, my shoulder out of place twice, pulled my thumb and fractured many of my fingers. Handball is a tough sport where there is a lot of physical contact and a handball player don't wear a lot of protection just on your knees when you jump to score.
I've played it for 15 years now, and I don't know how many friends I have seen get injured in this sport! It's a game where you put passion and strength, we have no protection and we don't play on grass, so it's a lot more dangerous than dancing for instance!

Although bouldering is relatively safe, it deserves to be above badmiton, people falland break bones, dislocate knees, not to mention the strain on your tendons can be so severe you can't hold yourself off the ground. The crash pads can only do so much to protect you.
Bouldering should definitely be in the top 40, bouldering indoors or on natural rock both has its danger, like overstretching muscle fibres or arms and legs colliding with the tiles or rock while doing a route or dyno.

106Goat Tying
Goat tying is really hard on ankles and knees when getting off. But it is such a rush that you can't stop! I love goat tying, but truthfully I think that is why my ankles and knees hurt all the time.

Hang gliding and paragliding are both a dangerous sport.

108Trap Shooting
Trap shooting is not dangerous at all. All the people emphasize is gun safety. On the trap line there is no way that the gun will be pointed in an unsafe direction nor dangerous to any human being. It will be pointed down range and only one shell goes in the gun at a time so no accidental mis fires

109Ultimate Frisbee
My friend broke his foot and he now lives in a dark dark house and wears a dark dark boot
That's not dangerous but it«'s awesome

110Sting Pong
I got hit by a ball and went to hospital and now I can't have children. My friend (Croney) got a broken leg from playing ping pong, weird but true.

Its brilliant except the fact when someone is trying to tackle you dow there maybe a few broken bones
Kabbadi is indias most popular game...

Gee ::name other sport here::, that sounds dangerous. Please tell me more.
Judo isn't a sport

It' so dangerous! The discussion might get out of hand and you might get decked... IN the FACE!
I have no clue what that is but it sounds dangrious

114Caber Tossing
Caber tossing is that game in Scotland where you basically try to throw a telephone pole farther than the next guy. Hernias, here we come.

Imagine a bunch of crazy Afghans on horse back playing polo with a goat carcass! Sounds pretty dangerous to me!

116Formula 1
Firstly, how is cheer leading a dangerous sport? Its not a sport even (no compitition) plus, in f1 loads of great drivers died like Senna. Crash at 200mph like at Monaco and you don't know what your going to hit

I sprained my hamstring. Not fun

118Speed Skating
I think this should be higher on the list because I used to speed skate and I know that you can fall and break arm or break a leg or crack your head open and things like that
Skating in circles with giant razor sharp blades strapped to your feet

119Four Square
I got hit in the face this one time :( :( :( :(

Its not dangerous but really fun

121Marco Polo
This game is insanely intense and no regulation padding is worn beware of this activity...
I once stubbed my everything
Isn't that a pool game

122Kick Ball
One time my friends shoe flew off when she kicked, someone threw it back at her and it hit someone else in the face and they started crying.
Don, t get hit in the face
Sure, about once in 100 games you get hit in the face, trip and scrape something, or twist your ankle, but it really isn't dangerous.

123Floor Hockey
Very dangerous I got hit in the pinky finger with a puck and my finger turned purple and started swelling up and I could barely write.
It really depends on if you play actual ice/field hockey or not so if you don't play real hockey then don't play floor hockey!
Pretty SIMPLE!

Imagine luge. You're pelting down a very slick, curvy, and narrow track at 90 miles an hour. One small movement and you're flipped off the sled. Just 2010 a luger died before the Vancouver Olympics.
Now imagine doing it with your face down and forward, an inch form the ice.
There you go. Skeleton. Look it up if you're not already scared.
All you have to do is look up videos and you realize this should jump to at least top 25

I am a Soft ball/ Fast ball (My reasons will also work for Baseball and 2 pitch) player, and I often play third base. where, the right handed batters (note, there's a lot of right handed people) most often hit the ball at HIGH speeds. 70 and over? This goes for any spot on the infield... Especially third, since you are about as close to the batter as the pitcher is. our protection? Nothing. Despite a slider, slider shorts and if you choose. A face Mask, which is very hard to see out of. I've been playing for 4 years (Pewee) and on my last tournament 2 girls got injured, in the first inning.

One, a ball to the throat, the other got her hand and wrist jammed between the ball and her glove. Not to mention the first base man is having a ball thrown to them at every play (Almost) out field have a lot of running to do, whether it's in to back up a play or out to catch a fly ball, believe me. It hurts. The sun was in a bad spot where it was directly in my eyes, and I got a ball to the face. Lip split open, ruined braces. but if you are hurt, the play is still alive! So you have to suck it up until the play stops.

Lastly, batting! You are having balls being thrown at you at high speeds, and if you are hit. It's gonna bruise. But you still have to play until you get out, or get home. If you get on base, great! Now, you have to run your hardest to the next bag and risk being hit with a ball that's thrown over hand to try and get you out. Or even being hit with a ball that's batted.

Now sliding, you have to run as fast as you can and throw your self into the ground in hopes of not getting hurt. The sliders do not stay up, so you get a extremely bloody knee filled with gravel and dirt. I have scars the size of a hockey puck on my knees from sliding. Minor to mention you are sliding directly into an object (Thw bag) my friend broke her ankle sliding into second.

The practices are brutal, you need to be fast, have good hand to eye cordnation, have strong arms and a quick brain.

Not only is it a physical sport. But it's a mental one as well. One wrong move, and you have 4 runners in.
I play softball. I am a catcher. I have been hit countless times and the bruises aren't pretty. Once I got a hand sized bruise just from getting a foul tip to my leg. Of you get hit, you are sure to get a bruise. If you get a bad hop it will most likely hit you. To make things worse, once you are in fast pitch 14u you can wear metal cleats which does not feel great being cleated. Once I was catching a I put my glove up and my hand next to it to trap the ball after I caught it and the ball hit my nail, bent it back and it started bleeding. I actually had to pull my nail back to its right position. I do agree that cheerleading is dangerous however I don't feel it should be number one. I feel gymnastics should be number one because I like to do gymnastics as well as softball and I have several gymnast friends who have problems. My friend broke her arm and has knee and back problems and my other friend broke her finger and is very clumsy. Softball should definitely be in the top 20 and gymnastics should definitely be number 1 or 2
Softball is very dangerous. I got hit slightly above the eye off of a composite bat in practice and I was swollen to about the size of a baseball (maybe a little more) and I had a black eye for about 2 weeks. The doctor said if I got hit at least a half an inch lower than I did, I could have lost all sight in my left eye, and if I got hit slightly to the left, I would have got hit in the temple and probably have major brain damage. Thankfully I was very lucky and got hit in a spot that affected nothing but it was very close. Softball deserves to be in the top ten.
[Newest]WHAT!? I have played softball for 7 years and I have had a broken ankle, broken wrist, broken nose, broken shin. broken arm, broken leg, and three cracked ribs. try and tell me softball is not dangerous!
More comments about Softball

126Disc Golf

127Cabbage Ball
I know a frend who threw the bat at my face when she hit the ball and it gave me a black eye. I have never played that game since the accendent.

128Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing must be one of most dangerous sports, skiiers can reach up to 160khm one little mistake at that speed...

129Slack Jumping
You're using a rope with slack in it and too much slack can break bones cause concussions and even death

130Jiu Jitsu
Jujitsu (read Japanese) is no sport, it's a hybrid self defense martial arts style that incorporates all elements from Judo and Aïkido, and some elements from Karate; making it a well-rounded style. If it weren't for Jujitsu, none of these styles would even exist today: Judo, Aïkido, Hapkido, BJJ etc. The ancient Samuraï warriors carried weapons in times of war, such as the sword and a small dagger etc. However, once they were unarmed, they also had to defend themselves to survive, and that's how Jujitsu came to be: using your opponent's force against them rather than using force yourself, in order to disturb the opponent's momentum and to defeat him. Jujitsu takes years to master and about let's say 85% of all unarmed combat skills are taught in Jujitsu. The only techniques that are not (always) taught, or not in every dojo, are high kicks and hard blocks (soft blocks and low kicks however are taught in any decent Jujitsu dojo). On the streets, Jujitsu alone will be more than sufficient to defend yourself against any attacker (s), armed or unarmed, because you have a wide variety of techniques at your disposal which you can use based on the attackers' movements. In other words: Jujitsu is a flexible art, unlike Karate, Judo, Aïkido etc. which are specialized arts. However, if you'd like to be 100% well-rounded, Karate will fill in the small remaining gaps of Jujitsu (hard blocks and high kicks). In short: Jujitsu is by far one of the most deadly, if not the most deadly unarmed martial art out there and since it takes years of training, it will also result in lots of blood, sweat, tears and other fractures for the years of training to come. Jujitsu should definitely be in this list, while physically not nearly as rough as (Kick) boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Karate for example, it is definitely countless times more technical and takes much longer to master the techniques.

131Street Racing
Why kickball before this

It might not be the most popular sport but trust me it can be dangerous. Don't believe me? Google it and find out and see what you think

133Camel Racing
Probably the most intense sport out there. One time my buddy was hosting a race with the locals and when he started the race the camels ran and wouldn't stop and he tried to run, but they caught up and he tripped and from this day on he can't make babies.

134Nude Wrestling
My uncle Bob taught me how to do this and a lot of times he taught me new ways to make them tap out but we always did it hours and we were always sweating and he taught me that its good to rub your body in lotion when you get into it. But, his dick got stuck in my hair and it fell off.
Whilst in a competitive nude wrestling match, an 80 year old competitor/pervert ripped my penis off with his bare teeth and then shoved it up my anus. it was an experience I will never forget.
Isn't this the same thing as wrestling except you are nude it seems pretty dangerous.

135Worm Charming
Professional worm charmers can make the worm crawl up their bum hole and also have the worm bite other peoples penises off and crawl up their bum hole.

136Freestyle Scootering

137Underwater Hockey
This one guy drowned! 1

138Lemon Fishing
Lemons can be very dangerous
The lemons can attack you

139Pie Running
You run and people throw pies at you... I don't think I need to explain further why this is clearly THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT EVER!


You're doing flips on a a moving horse. You also have to jump from the ground to a 15 hands or taller horse, go try do that and tell me how it works.

142Jai alai
Some players die when the ball hits them.
Not sure what this is but it sounds incredibly badass.
Yes... Jai alai. I almost died playing this. I got hit square in the sternum. Flat. I saw a guy die once. Got hit in the mouth. Hard.
[Newest]Dangerous I played once and then didn't play because it was too dangerous

143Competitive Eating
Have you ever gotten constipated from eating too much? I have! This should be number one! I can't even believe that no one thinks it is more dangerous than cheerleading. You could so easily die competitively eating. I bet it happens all the time and is just covered up.
When you at a lot you get all fat and then you can't walk to your own room because you throw up on your way there because your so fat and then you become an aoreic becacuse you keep throwing up your food just so wou can go to the net competition and people die from that
You must watch food attack. It is about people who got into serious trouble with food. Like someone who ate junk food and couldn't breath.

I agree, Karate is by far the best and most well-rounded striking art. It teaches how to punch, how to perform open hand strikes, how to kick, how to use your elbows and knees, and finally, in some cases, it also teaches you some throwing and joint lock techniques. Karate is the perfect basis for anyone out there who wants to start a martial art, and while not nearly as complex as Jujitsu (Japanese), it's much more physically demanding. I would suggest anyone to start Karate as soon as possible since the younger you are, the stronger your body will be, Jujitsu can be taught a lot easier to anyone within any age group but is much more technical; Therefore I would advice anyone who seeks to become a well-rounded martial artist, to start with something simpler yet more intense like Karate etc. , before continuing with something more complicated yet more subtle such as Jujitsu.
Karate can be really dangerous its pretty much street fighting but sometimes you now what your opponent's going to do. My teacher once went in with a light punch-slap thing and completely dislocated his pinkie. I mean it was just dangling there bone was pretty much detached.
You get kick in the face break your bones and it's weird

Hurdling yourself from a 33 foot concrete platform, on to unforgiving hard water, at nearly 60 mph when you hit the water. During the approach you think about not hitting your head or any body part on the concrete, or nearly killing yourself by landing wrong. Twisting, flipping, piking, tucking, extremely tight and solid through the air, falling to the ground in seconds. One wrong move, you could be dead. Not a very popular sport. But I dive. It's a combination of pain, gymnastics, guts, and water. ( and of course the training)
Diving is a very demanding sport you could easily hit your head or clip your feet on the board my friend hit her hands so hard on the board that she broke both of them if you think diving is just jumping off of a board you are wrong it is fliping and twisting and very difficult to do.
I think that diving is much harder than a lot of these sports but people don't cre because "it's just jumping off a platform". Why don't all of you try to jump off a ten meter platform and you are facing a serious risk off hitting your head, landing on a frikin belly flop (if it hurts from the edge of the pool multiply that times 100) and on just a small sound could distract you and make your jump have an extra mega belly flop. Just try it, you'll see.
[Newest]It is very difficult and dangerous it would hurt if you hit you're head on the end of the board or if you have a belly flop that really hurts as well.

Definitely a dangerous sport! My teammates have gotten concussions and stress fractures. Someone has hit their head on the diving board (who is actually a top state diver). I however have pulled muscles, strained my elbow and knee. Bruises from the side, other swimmers and lane ropes. Also, too much chlorine is bad for you. You can be sore for days after swimming for just 30 minutes! MORE VOTES!
How is cricket and badminton and walking more dangerous then swimming you could hit your head off the walls drowned hit any part of your body of something a lane etc could hurt your self diving on the starting blocks pull muscles need I go on?
I don't see how many of these are in front of swimming. I mean, eating! Really? I've seen so many knee/shoulder injuries, stress fractures, and broken bones in swimming, but I've never seen a serious cheerleading accident. Some people should try real swimming, it will change their mind about it, its extremely difficult and demanding.
[Newest]I'm a swimmer myself and I can't tell you how many of my team mate have fractured growth plates from diving in too deep and have suffered dehydration and had to be pulled out during practices! Brutal sport!

147Ping Pong
Without a doubt the most dangerous I broke my penis while trying to hit the ball.
You could also get in the eye with the ball if your not careful.
The ceiling could collapse on table tennis players at any time, crushing them to death. There's also the ever-present danger of catching a life-threatening disease from the bat handles.
You can hit your hand on the edge of the table when swinging for the ball. Might leave a bruise for a day or two.
[Newest]You could get hit in the face with a Ping-Pong ball.

I did martial arts for more than 10 years but never broke a piece of bone and none of my friends died but I've lost more than 5 friends Rock fishing.

Rock fishing can be far more dangerous compare to any other sports.
Actually, looking at statistics, I believe this is the most dangerous sport. The others might be rough and tumble, but add the water factor, and you have a whole new dimension of danger.
You have got to be tough to go fishing.

The tech on the guns (ex, three burst and the PSI on the air tank turned up) can seriously injure someone, leaving either broken skin or a bruise, raises irritated area of skin if not protected and or the gun not chrono'd.
PB for the win is where its at. GO Paintball! I love paintball, yet its dangerous due to the high FPS of the guns, and stuff like that.
Very fun only hurts for a little bit.

You could also hurt your wrist if your not use to bowling or even if you know how to bowl and you turn your wrist the wrong way. You could also have shoulder problems if you have a high back swing. Anything could happen if your not careful.
You really hurt your knees a lot because when your getting up to the foul line and slide a lot of the time you could slide just a little bit wrong and it could totally screw up your knee. Once I could hardly walk for 2-3 weeks.
One could slip and injure themselves if they wander out onto the slippery part of the course not to mention how the heavy ball can wear down ones wrist.

There are infinitely more things that could go wrong on a yacht than in other sports. I sailed with someone who almost lost a finger when one of the ropes snapped, and with another who was almost strangled by a different boat's mainsheet. Finally, if you think about ocean racing, that is very dangerous, with the Fastanet race a good example.
I'm pretty sure more people have died sailing then any of the other things on the list. And sailing is in the olympics, unlike most of these other pansy-ass sports.
Sailing is definitely one of the most dangerous sports. My High School sailing team lost one team mate when she drowned after an accident and I and many other team mates have suffered concussions. The professional sailors have had many injuries. Just this week (5/11/2013) a two time Olympic gold medalist sailor died training for the Americas Cup. So sailing should definitely be higher on the list.

152Lawn Bowling
As many elderly people generally play bowls it has one of the highest death rates; heart attacks are not uncommon in this sport whilst it is being played.
More people DIE when they are still playing bowls. At my club 6 people died this year, Eliot


You can tell this list was made in the USA. They are all girls' games above this one! Cricket is insane! They are allowed to throw a solid, hard, heavy ball at your head and body at over 100mph! And you have a piece of wood 4 inches wide in your hand to hit it with. Then when the ball is travelling at 150mph you have to try to catch it TEN FEET AWAY! NO head protection, gloves, just BALLS! Top sport in India, 700 million population. (i got a cricket ball on the head when I was 10 years old, knocked me out cold for half an hour)
Can cause even death if hit in some areas. No matter how much protection you take its still dangerous. There are some insane fast bowlers. This is one of the sports which you can't even think of playing without proper protection.
So many batsmen died playing cricket. Phil Hughes died after a ball hit him on the neck. Try standing at silly mid-off without a helmet you are risking your life. A umpire got hit on his bum and had to leave the field. One guy got a fractured skull!. And another got a hit nose and it was full of blood.

Heart attacks, strokes seizures, Passing out, Concussions from passing out and falling, DEATH you got it in running.
You just trip and get badly hurt.
You could trip and break your ankle

How can tennis not be on here? Tennis is upper hard. You so called athletes called cheerleaders try run laps all day, then, hitting a ball for two hours. For tennis, you need really strong arms to hit a ball, and if you run to the corner really fast, you need to be able to stop so you don't sprain something. Most of you cheerleaders are the ones at school that wear hooker outfits and say stupid cheers. Your all skin and bones, I'm surprised you guys can lift the Pom poms, much less then a person! I love tennis
You could throw your racquet up and it could hit someone.
One time the ball caught fire and burnt me

157Hot Air Ballooning
While it's definitely not worthy of being in the top ten most dangerous, it's definitely more dangerous than ping pong. The danger isn't just from being "acendently pushed" [sic] or falling, as another poster said. There's also the danger from power lines, trees, unexpected high winds, fuel leaks, or just pilot error causing the balloon to drop from the sky. While fatalities don't happen frequently, they do happen. Just ask the families of the 19 people who died in a hot air balloon crash in Egypt this year.
If somebody acendently pushed you or fell of you could get really hurt or injurd so be carefull.

Baseball is physical. And for all the people out there that say "All you have to is hit a ball", your wrong. don't judge it until you play it. I'm a catcher which is the toughest position. My parents told me that it'd be too risky for my size. I thought I'd be fine. If a had a Penny for every time I gotten hit by a ball in the dirt, taken a foul tip, or even ran over, I'd be rich. And don't even talk about lacrosse. I mean I thought it was pretty cool until people started blabbing about how dangerous it is. I do admit it is dangerous, but that's what you get for trying to play a Native American sport. Why you toughen up and play an American American sport.
Thank you I play base ball and you could get killed if someone hit a line drive and hit you if your a pitcher or any position last year I got hit by a pitcher and he throws at least over 50 miles per hour stupid cheer leaders that's not even dangerous why is baseball way down here stupid volley ball that's not even dangerous thank you for reading this good bye again tell me that this is a very dangerous sport and it is so volley ball and cheer leading is so stupid and I play base ball I am a girl!
It is hard you can get hit in the chest and die plus you can break your ankle sliding you can break fingers break wrist pull muscles the other week I hurt my wrist and couldn't play my second game I couldn't even swing my batt you easily get hitt in the face if it's hit hard enough I play softball but I watch my brother play all the time and we are extremely aggresive on bases and hitting it's not as easy as you think I've gotten fallen on just last week when I was catching and we do play in till we can't we have cut knees cut elbows and we do run a lot we don't just stand there and wait for a ball at practices we run up big hills more then you would think we put do much effort into the game ya you could have only 2 practices a week or every day of the week and games all weekends you have no life depending on the team you put all you have into the game in till you break something seriosly it's intense
[Newest]Baseball is way more dangerous then pie throwing and dancing you idiots put in at least 28

159Jumping Rope
I jump rope and have suffered multiple broken bones, twisted ankles, and sprained wrists. Jump rope combines the aspect of cheerleading and dance but then adds a rope that you constantly have to skip over the entire time. Competitions are brutal and last for hours. I've been on a professional jump rope team for 10 years and I have practice everyday, sometimes more than 8 hours in one day. The majority of you could never handle the physical strength that you need in order to jump rope. So learn about it before you bash it.
Jump rope combines gymnastics, dance, cheer, and soccer, when you are on a professional jump rope team that trains for over 10 hours a week like I do. If you haven't noticed, all of the previously mentioned sports are in the top 20. And in the last 2 years on my team, I have witnessed sprains, fractures, dislocations, broken bones, shin splints, and even bleeding. So jump rope should definitely be in the top 15 at least.

I had always heard golf was number 1 based on a few factors. There are more people golfing at any one time than playing almost any sport. On any given day there are over 100 people playing on every available course, that's thousands in any one city from dawn until dusk. Average age of golfer is higher than any other sport resulting in back/neck/shoulder and other injuries. Also alcohol is more present in golf than any other sport leading to additional golf-cart related stupidity.
There is a certain element of risk in all sports, golf however factors old people, it has lightening strikes, heart attacks you name it it has it. Evidence shows more men die on a golf course then participating in any other event
Deaths from golf ball strike are not as uncommon as one would think. Try Googling 'Death and injury from golf ball strike' and see what you think.
You could get hit with a golf ball and starve to death... how is this not #1.

161Beer Pong
Dude, I was so drunk I through the ball at the cup, it bounced back, hit me in the chest and I(since I was so hammered)felt like I got shot in the chest... That's how I died. Yeah... Think about that...
Alcohol poisoning, duh. Plus, you can get serious carpel tunnel from throwing that super light ball the wrong way, gosh!
Are you kidding me... Its beer pong. if you can play the sport while hammered it has to be easy
How I died yesterday

When you walk a monkey can jump on you and throw bananas at you and when they are unpeeled!
Once I stubbed my toe while I was walking
[Newest]My best friend died walking, not to mention speed walking, the intensity of that sport, by far the most dangerous, I saw someone trip AND stub there toe

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