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Bull Riding


Cheerleading, lacrosse and horseback riding more dangerous than bull riding? Who is doing this list, the members of the Harvard Country Club?
There is no sport more dangerous than bull riding. Did anyone see the story they did on HBO's "Real Sports? " Bull riders suffer one "significant injury" for every 15 events. The bull rider they interviewed listed his injures which included several concussions, 11 surgeries, broken wrists, collar bones, legs, arms, numerous ribs, and several fractures to his face when a bull stomped on his nose! (I don't remember all of them, but it rivaled the injuries of Evil Kenevil. (sp?
My niece rode horse (competition jumping) from 7 years old to 17 and never suffered anything more than a bruise.


Ok what the hell is cheerleading doing there my sister was a cheerleader ha. This is brandon harding from Idaho I ride bulls so you know what I think. Here are some facts us rough stock riders Bulls and Broncs ride for 8 knowing at any second something could go wrong. it's knowing not if you get hurt it's when and how bad. I've had a lot of injures more than any of my friends that don't ride. First off a hores can turn over run you on the panels kick you stomp you or even get hung up and bull riding there is Hung up slammed stomped on kicked head butt getting dropped into the well take a horn get your source caught in the rope and dragged around there is a lot more things that happen all the time that I could right a paper on plus the long term effects of our sport also on both horse and bull what we go through while we are riding let's see Dislocated arm ripped muscle sprains breakers etc even in the chutes we get leg injuries head injuries etc I can go on and on and on but the number one spot should go to what most people don't see and that's our bull fighters or rodeo clowns whatever you want to call them they are the ones that take most or blows read into them
Brandon Harding again I meant spurs not source but we ride things with a mind of its own we can't control the out come because if we could we would never get hurt also we don't give up get hurt get back up and do it all over again but like I said our bull fighters should be number one they go head to head with the bull they try to take the blows they lay over top of us if they have to with out them we would have more injures and more deaths they make the sport safer for us riders but other than rough stock riders and bull fighters not many sports can come close to meeting is on a danger scale
I bull ride pretty much every other weekend at private place where we buck bulls to get them ready for rodeos. You get on a bull that weighs anywhere to 1500 to 2000 lbs and risk your life every time you just sit in the chute. As soon as the gate opens you have a heart beat to make your next move with the bull you don't have time to plan out move by move in a locker room or on a bench like most sports. If you mess up your on the ground if you break something you have to cowboy up and still get up and run your butt off to the nearest fence so you don't get run over or attacked by the bull. If that isn't the most dangerous sport out there then id like to see a cheer leader get on a bull and last for the 8 seconds id be surprised if they could last 4 seconds.
Per capita and overall... BY FAR the most dangerous. I did this for years and lost 2 friends with an additional 2 friends in a wheel chairs for life. Most of the guys I know have lost teeth and have had multiple concussions. I had to quit and moved onto mixed martial arts because I could not physically continue bull riding. If you consider X-games a sport, that also needs to be considered. Cheerleading is a joke, and soccer is what we do until puberty happens. I guess if you want a sport that consists of crying all the time... Soccer could only be second to basketball. Baseball is barely a sport because a position player could almost take a nap... If Prince Fielder is a major athlete in your sport... I'm just saying. He reminds me of golf's John Daly. Oh! And! Golf is NOT a sport. It is somewhere between darts and bowling.
Before you get mad at me, just let me say that you can like your soccer, your cheering, or any other sport you like. Bull-riding, just like boxing and horse riding, are the most dangerous sports in the world. And I'm just keeping it to the sports you people would have heard of. Caving, skydiving, scuba diving, etc. are all plenty dangerous. Anyway, in bull-riding you try to stay on a wild, 2,000 pound bull, some with horns the size of my arm. These bulls have tight straps around there butt to make them kick and jump harder. And all you have to hold on to is a single rope. if you fall of, the bull can stomp, trample, or horn you, and you could break bones from the fall. All I'm saying is, in soccer, you can get pushed over. In cheerleading, you can fall down. In bull-riding, you can get your neck broken by a 2,000 pound beast with horns.
I'm sorry. All my life, I've been watching bull riding, and never I've seen so many young guys get hurt or killed doing this. Yes, cheerleading is a VERY dangerous activity, but I think it's second to bull riding. You almost never see bull-riders above thirty. If they live that long, they retire. You see young guys in their twenties with no teeth who can barely walk, and I've seen plenty of young men get pounded into the dirt who have to be carried out on a stretcher, and next season you see then- in a wheel chair on the sidelines, paralyzed neck down. And sometimes, you never see them again.
Bull riding has definitely got to be number one.
During my bull riding career I myself suffered 2 fractured necks and 13 broken or fractured ribs along with torn tendons and ligaments in my riding arm. I have also seen 2 riders killed, I wont name them but they were both very experienced riders, I have also seen numerous mates get knocked out or end up with broken bones barely a weekend went by without some one getting a trip to the hospital. There is a saying in bull riding circles "Its not if you are going to get hurt its when and how bad"
Bull Riding should be the most dangerous sport I should no I have rode for 7 years its not a stupid sport like most people say it is I just got hurt I have a broke rib a lacerated liver and a collapsed lung its not a matter of if you get hurt but when and how bad but we are athletes we train hard to b successful so we can win a world tittle 8 seconds is a very very long time on the back of a bull the only way to ride is put the fear away and b there 110% when the gate comes open because if you are then everything will go well and if you have good bull fighters they will do everything they can to help you so you don't get hurt
I ride bulls in high school rodeo and yes we have a helmet... Its thinner than a football helmet... And the vest wont stop you from breaking bones it just keeps horns from going through you... I've been hung up stomped run over and flat out beat the hell up riding bulls... Been on horses since I was 3 broke tons of horses and the worst thing ever happened to me was I was moving a bull out of a pasture and it spooked my horse and he flipped over on me resulting in a bruise... Point is if your smart and pay attention in other sports you can minimize the risk... No matter what on a bull chances are your gunna be hurting in a few minutes or possibly dead
Bull riding is 8 seconds of pain. When you get on you risk your life. First of all, the bull is a bull and the bucking is bred in their genes. Every time the rider gets on they are risking their life. There has been stories of men becoming paralyzed from the bull. The riders could get stepped on, bucked off, and head butted. It's not only the riders who are in risk of their life, it's also the rodeo clowns. They try to get the bull's attention which the bull often runs straight towards them injuring the clown. Therefore, bull riding is the most dangerous sport.
I've written horses for 64 years and have been hurt pretty bad, however last year a bull rider friend was riding a bull and got stepped on in the gut. He was in the hospital for a month. I have never been injured that badly. I must say that much of my riding experience has been great with no injury. The times I have gotten hurt have been when I was riding a horse I had no business riding or taking risks like riding a horse bareback in a dead run on a hard dirt road. It really hurt when I hit the ground ( the horse shied)
I ride horses every day for work and then I go to rodeo and ride bulls and there ain't a horse alive that can hurt you as bad as a damn hang up on a 1500 pound bull it hurts and all you can do is take the pain and hope the bullfighters get you off before you get really hurt... And in cheerleading you have people whos only job is to catch you before you hit the ground we don't get that in bull riding... And besides the conditioning is intenswe you think you work hard in football and soccer no we have to be able to walk around the arena fence on the top rail before practice and then hold your body up with one hand for minutes on end while gripping the rope as tight as you can... Then add in the fact that you ride with serious amounts of pain every week and you can't do nothing about it but cowboy up so really whats the toughest sport because every time we nod our head we know that we may never talk to our familys again
It is incomprehensible that people think riding a horse is more dangerous than bull riding.

Truly, Horse riding is indeed a dangerous sport, I don't doubt that it is a sport. However, logically, we all know that Bull Riding has a higher risk of high injury and death than Horse Riding.

Cheerleading, which is also a sport, does not deserve to be the Most Dangerous Sport (which it was at the time of this writing.). People do get hurt, but do as many people DIE annually as people do when they Bull Ride?

People, think a little, even if you don't bull ride!


Bull riding is definitely the most dangerous sport... These bulls are mad and crazy and could kill you. People have to have guts to get on them
I have never done this, nor will I ever. All of the sports listed on here I would gladly partake in BESIDES THIS ONE. It's like seriously, you have to get on a huge ass animal that is going to THROW YOU UP INTO THE AIR, then land on the hard ground, then immediately you have to get up and run for you life before either A) the bull crushes you to death or B) impales you in the heart. Hmm yeah cheerleading is way more dangerous than that.
Cheerleading shouldn't even be on here some dumb little barely in her teens girl had to of written those comments on cheerleading! I am a bull rider and I have been stepped on more time than I can count I have had my face broken ribs shattered my arm broke in half and I've even been lane frosted (having my testicles stomped) now tell me cheerleading or any other sport can beat that
Obviously people that voted cheer leading as the most dangerous spot has never rode a bull. I'm 17 been riding bulls since I'm 11. and trust me its not easier than cheer leading. it take a great amount of strength. which means work out everyday, a lot of reflexes, strategy. what can happen if you fall cheer leading you break an arm maybe sprain an ankle while bullriders break jaw bones loose teeth have skull injuries arms broken legs broken spine broken. some can't even walk for the rest of their life, fractured nechs torn tendons torn muscles mostly any injury you can imagine can happen bull riding. I've been a bull rider for a little over 5 years I've got knocked out I've been hung up, I've even been hucked by a bulls horn and had 2 fractured ribs that luckily didn't break and there are people voting cheer leading "Dangerous" I would love to see any wanna be tough football player, soccer player, rugby player or a 120lb cheerleader ride a 2,000lb pound beast then decide if their sport is still dangerous.
Even though I am not a bull rider, I know that it is a very risky sport. Bull Riding should be in top 3 because you can kill yourself the first time you even try it. I don't care if anyone disagrees with me. I'm just telling you now that your just putting your life at risk. It might look fun to some people, but dangerous to others.
Cheerleading... is better than BULL RIDING!? Horseback Riding is the same a bull riding, unless you count that Bulls have SHARP DANGEROUS HORNS! I mean, why would Cheerleading and Horseback Riding in front of bull riding in #1 and #2 on the list of most dangerous sports. If they are sports, anyway. And by the way, is there a proffesional cheerleading league? How many people have died horseback riding a year? 20. Out of the BILLIONS of people on earth. You know how many people have died Bull Riding- 4,380! Wow, lets see, 4,360 more than horse riding. How many cheerleading? Hmm, lets see... 10! Tennn! This proves Bull Riding should be Number 1!
The fact that cheerleading is listed more dangerous than bull riding, is pathetic. I personally am not a bull rider (horse trainer), but people don't seem to get that holding onto a solid 2 ton animal for 8 seconds with barely any protection, is so much more dangerous than catching a 100lb girl with 2-3 of your other friends. I have seen bulls flip over on top of their riders, and the riders not being able to get back up. I don't even know anymore, this list is really messed up.
I agree, WHY IS CHEERLEADING FIRST dude. Skateboarding should be in the top ten. You can get so many injuries. You can kill yourself if you're not careful. I ride my skateboard all the time and I have gotten some real bad injuries, but hey I'm still alive. I would say skateboarding would be rated at number eight.
Ok cheerleading? Really? Sure fine its a sport, but thousands of schools have cheerleading teams, and maybe out of 1000 times one person sprains an ankle. Bull riding, every time you go out there you not only have the chance of getting your ribs kicked in by a 500-700 pound beast, but getting thrown off a bull.
I ride horses (the #1 most dangerous) but when you fall off a horse they usually stay where they are or continue on, but a bull will come after you. When you fall off a bull you don't have the time to catch your breath, if you stay down the damage will be much worse. Plus I've never met a horse with horns.
I can see how all the others are dangerous, but dude, this sport should be number one. You're getting on top of an angry bull who does NOT want you on his back, therefor is trying to fling you off. And if he succeeds, HE WILL TRAMPLE YOU! This needs to be number one, no matter how epik a sport it is.
Bull riding is fun to watch but there are many people that die from their long horns, their skull and many more. there is also the audience, some times the fences are to low and the bulls could jump over them and could kill many people in the audience. Besides bulls are strong and they belong in the natural habitat, the wild... Where they can rome, hunt, and do what they where made for and we can't take away their abilities just for a dangerous sport.

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