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People weighing 250 lbs, skating at over 30 mph while running into each other, with a 6 oz. Frozen object being fired around the ice at speeds of up to 110 mph. What else is there to say.
You have 12 large, angry Canadian, Swedish or Russian men (or women, but let's say men because those leagues tend to have more contact) going at ludicrous speeds in a confined space by carving through ice on SHARPENED PIECES OF METAL attempting to bat around a HARD, RUBBER DISK at speeds of above 100 mph with their LARGE WOODEN STICKS. Oh, did I mention you're allowed to fight and it's full contact?

Take a look at the NHL, how many of them have all of their teeth? Concussions are insanely frequent. Broken spines are common, as you often find yourself being hit into the boards head first.

Now, I wouldn't say it's more dangerous than bullriding or Motocross... But I also wouldn't call those "sports". At least not conventional sports.

I played hockey at a low division youth level, and I still broke my arm twice through getting hit into the boards awkwardly. I've seen many people carried out in stretchers and taken to the hospital, and I've seen guys slur their words more than a drunken frenchman with a speech impediment.

Hockey deserves third place. Behind rugby and gymnastics.

Soccer has no place on this list. That's just stupid. There's absolutely no contact between players. The only thing they have is a high concussion rate.
What? Hockey number 8!?! First off the occasional concussion doesn't make a sport dangerous. I've had a friend have his wrist broken by a foam ball just because it hit his arm at a very vulnerable position. Anything can happen. In hockey, you are constantly being railed into the boards or slashed at. Just because we use probably the most padding than any other sport doesn't mean we're relatively close to safe. The opposite applies to soccer and other sports: Just because you don't have much padding, doesn't mean it's more dangerous. Injuries occur constantly in hockey. Players have had bruises, broken bones, severe concussions, throats being slit by blades, and even the tips of hockey sticks stabbing players. What's more is that we're allowed to brawl with each other. HOW IS THAT NOT DANGEROUS!? People say that they can die playing whatever sport. People have died playing hockey, it's not just an extreme possibility. I mean come on, we're on ice. Fall the wrong way and you're going straight to the hospital.
Okay people. I've been plying hockey since I was a little girl. I've seen broken bones, missing teeth, blood, fights, punching, and have felt the weight of a girl 2x my size skating 30mph and knocking me right on my ass. So for you football players And basketball players, none of you guys should be talking! Basketball: You guys throw a ball and get a few floor burns. Whatever! And FOOTBALL players: You guys are the worst! You guys play with pig skins. And you don't even play that long. Yeah, it may be hard, but hockey is way harder. And bullriding and cheer leading?! Like, are you serious! Cheer leaders: You jump up and done and wear skimpy skirts to show our ass off! Bull riders? : That's more of a hobby. It is dangerous though. But really hockey players? That's just not cool. I know from experience. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE hockey and soccer BOTH. But for real. Soccer is hard too. We spring non- stop for 1 1/2 hours with short breaks in temps of 90° to 30°. Whether its sweat-your-ass-off-go-to-the-lake-day or freeze-your-ass-off day where is luring run or hail and there winds of 20 mpg. And did I mention they condition the HELL out is us? Yeah. Its brutal. So atop the hating of soccer and hockey people!
I just started playing mens league and this sport is insane. First you skate at 20mph into the boards (hoping to stop) then a giant mass of flesh and plastic comes crashing into you. It feels like getting hit by a car. Then you have to dig out the puck, while this is happening people are hacking and slashing away at you with sticks and sharpened skate blades. Then you pass the puck up, if it gets stolen then you have to jump into the path of a 70 mph slap shot. I mean come on it is like a midevil battle out there. Hard projectiles flying at you and 5 big goons chasing you with big axe shaped sticks trying to send you crashing down onto the hardest playing surface in sports. I've already seen a guy almost break his ankle from intentionally blocking a slap shot. The craziest part is that this is just a mens league! I mean we don't get paid to do this. We pay to play this sport and it's not cheap! ($1000 for equipment $500 for the season to play) We sacrifice ourselves for people we don't even know. I only know one guy on this team. Not only is hockey the most dangerous sport but, it's the men's leagues that are the worst. At least the professionals get paid millions and have been playing there whole life and know how to angle for hits and brace for impacts. We are just a bunch of blue collars skating around like nuts praying for the game to end so we can go drink the pain away with a few cold ones in the parking lot.
Hockey should definitely be in the top 5! I've been playing adult league non checking hockey for 5 years and have had 3 concussions, 3 broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, and pulled quad, not to mention all the sprains and bruises from every game. I got slew footed tonight and landed flat on my back and could barely get my skates off after the game! One guy on my team caught a slap shot to the skate and ended up with 2 broken bones and surgery. Another caught a puck to the face and had 46 stitches inside and out of his mouth and was lucky got to keep his teeth. Another had his leg cut open by a skate and almost bled out before he could get to a hospital. Not to mention all the broken legs, collarbones, shoulders, and arms. I don't know how hockey is rated below cheer leading!
Hockey is definitely way more dangerous than cheerleading. All your flyers are light so it's easy. I can yell too. Let me see all of you cheerleaders try to skate on a nit even 1 inch blade on a sheet of ice. Yah you may say it's easy but step on the ice and play an actual game. On the ice, rotating shifts for an hour. Bet you couldn't do it. You're at risk for a blade to the neck to slit you're neck and after that. You're done. I play ice hockey and I'm a goalie. I mean let's see so, done else go stand in a little net and get shots at their body. All over. When someone is coming full throttle at you, you never know what could go wrong. Yeah we workout and train hard too. Cheerleading, isn't nearly as dangerous and tough as ice hockey.
I've been playing hockey for a very long time. Since I started walking, which was almost 11 years ago. Ice hockey should most definitely be ahead of cheerleading. The only way cheerleading could be fatal is if you're bad at it. Hockey is fatal no matter if you're good or bad. A couple of months ago, I was watching a hockey game and a guy got hit in the face with a stick. He was bleeding and he couldn't stand up. You rarely see that happening in cheerleading. Cheerleading is in no way more dangerous than ice hockey.
To the guy who said he broke the glass when he slammed someone into the boards:
That's impossible. The glass is plexiglass. Pucks hit it all the time and it doesn't break. There's no way that actually happened.
Uhm... It's hockey... Baseball.

I've been playing hockey 3 years (now midget) each year was to hospital at least once, broken bone, fracture, sprains, I'm lucky! Could have had some bad concussions, throat slit by a blade, it's rough and some people go out to hurt people, on ice, it's hard look what happens just the other week habs vs bruins, chara, that happens more than that, that was just serious, never know what can happen, horseback is dangerous too I do it, not as dangerous, but soccer? Come on seriously? Put some hockey players on the ice with just shin pads you see what happens then! We've broke the glass 3 times this year
I'm a junior girl who has played for 4 years (FIELD hockey). In that time I've seen broken noses, hands, feet, fingers, a broken collarbone, damaged neck vertebrae, torn knee ligaments, numerous concussions (including once on a 12 year old girl), a dented skull, instant blood blisters, a ball to the mouth (would have lost teeth if not for a mouth guard), not to mention the bruises and grazes that you come away with after every practice. It's just the way things are with hockey - hard sticks, hard ball, hard hits.
In hockey, you get thrown pucks at. Especially if you're a goalie. How would you like it if you were standing in the goal and getting pucks thrown at you 100mph? Not funny. Clinton what-his-last-time got his throat SLIT by a hockey stick. There was blood everywhere on the ice. It's basically angry madmen wearing butcher knives. Someone can run over you with those sharp blade skates. There is no specific goal in hockey-the only goal is to win. And ice hockey when playing on ice it gets extremely dangerous.
Sticks as weapons, sharp blades, every surface is hard (ice, boards, glass, posts, etc), opponents trying to crush you as part of the rules and not just by accident. Hard pucks being shot 80 MPH, blocking shots with your body, fights, elbows to the head. Collisions at 25 mph while standing on 1/4" blades barely balanced. Big, fast, angry players all confined to a small area battling with each other. What more could you ask for?
I like watching hockey and want to play it. But hockey is also really dangerous. Hockey can lead to concussions, broken bones, teeth falling out, getting cut and more. Sidney Crosby got a 6/10 concussion. He's going to start playing soon but if he gets another one he has to quit. My moms boyfriend lost all his front teeth because of hockey. I'm telling you be careful when ya play hockey or don't play it at all if you feel uncomfortable.
Your on a one and half inch of steel and you have 200 pound men charging at you to put you on your ass. Not to mention all the other dangers: blade cutting your neck open, concussion, you also have a stick that can kill someone if used in the right way. I don't know about you but in soccer you get a red card for tripping someone while in hockey its ok to lift a guy off his skates by hitting him and letting him lay on the ice grasping for air but can't be helped until his team gets a hard rubber puck that can break bones.
Soccer?! Look I play soccer and I think its a great sport but to say it's dangerous? Yes obviously every sport has its risks but hockey is by far the most dangerous, you're playing on skates, people purposely trying to hit you, on ice (which increases the speed substantially, also you always have those people who actually want to hurt you, and lastly the risk of getting your throat cut by a skate
Gymnastics? At least they don't get punched in the face and hit with sticks. I have been playing hockey for as long as I can remember. I have been on a team since I was like 5 or 6. I have seen people bleed rapidly. Does anyone remember when that guy skated into his goalie? He cut a blood vessel and there was a 3 foot puddle of blood. Don't believe me? Look it up. It was from the sabers. And how is cheerleading number two? It's not even a sport. Your just putting your hands on the air yelling for your team. If it was a real sport there was be a official leauge.
Ok I can understand gymnastics but cheerleading is not a sport. And soccer? I ended up breaking my wrist twice, sprained both my ankles, AND almost dislocated my shoulder! I never see soccer players making contact into other players. Oh and did I mention that I've gotten slammed into the wall FACE FIRST plenty of times? Ended up in a 1 week coma from the impact. AND I lost a tooth. And let me tell you, getting slammed into the wall and landing head first on ICE is not fun!
Ice hockey should be tops. In a game of hockey there is a risk off getting broken bones, teeth knocked out, slashed with blades etc etc need I go on. We travel at high speeds and crash into the boards. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be punches thrown too. All that to contend with while standing on ice wearing boots with mm thick blades!
Hockey should be at least in the top 5. Like, seriously? Cheerleading? That's a bunch of crap - in hockey a bunch of people are trying to attack you, and there's a 0.45 chance that you're going to get into a fight. So personally, I think Hockey is one of the most dangerous sports - definitely much more dangerous then football, and most dangerous then cheerleading
I think hockey should be in the top 3. hockey is an extremely dangerous sport, more dangerous than football. there was a goalie who took a blade to the throat and could never play again because of it. hockey players get bad concussions and broken bones. hockey is a much more dangerous then football and soccer. yes football players have been paralyzed but so have ice hockey players, I truly think hockey should be in the top three.
Definitely hockey should be at least number 3 because even though they have helmets and mouth guards and that stuff they get concussions and nose bleeds and all of that stuff. I figure skate and if someone gets their fingers skated over it would HURT and their fingers would probable get cut off! I mean really hockey should be at least in the top three! Who agrees?
I am a u18 midget and I can't tell you how many times I have almost been paralyzed from getting hit from behind. Some kids don't play for the love of the game. My brother played for Mississippi State University and I saw a friend get kicked in the head and took a baseball swing to the head. He is lucky to only have a minor concussion. And let's not forget Miller and Zednick who got their neck sliced by a skate.
Is this even real? What?!
Cheerleading? Is this a joke?
Uneducated blondes... Watch hockey... All you'll see is concussions, cheerleading maybe a sport, and a not so easy one... But seriously? The most dangerous? Laugh out loud
Are you kidding? Hockey is number eight? First of all, the puck could come at you at a hundred miles per hour and take your eye out. More importantly though, if you get a sliced with a blade, you could easily die. Very painfully and gruesomely I might add.
Once I was playing hockey, and a guy highsticked me and I lost 3 teeth and as I looked up I see the player knocking each others asses and as a guy fell down his skate cut the throat and blood was gushing everywhere and some guy next to me fell down with a concussion and I got back up and my goalie jumped on one of the player and in the faint distance I here glass breaking..

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