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I come from a small province in New Zealand with less than 100 000 people living in It. In the last year 2 people died and 1 was paralysed playing rugby just in my province. That's not including the countless broken bones, concussions and other injuries. In rugby if you run strait at someone and have a head knock you're gonna have a bad time. If you are in the middle of a ruck and the other team starts stomping with cleats you are gonna have a bad time. If you are in a maul and it collapses on you, you're gonna have a bad time. Rugby is bad if you want to be safe. This list pisses me off because people vote for their favourite sport, not the most dangerous one. My favourite sport is cricket and that pretty dangerous but not as bad as rugby. So don't vote for sports like soccer. Vote rugby because its bad.
Rugby is not more dangerous than American Football or Rugby League, this is because you are taught how to tackle properly, around the legs, with your head on the correct side to stop head injuries. Whereas in Rugby League you can get serious injuries from the shoulder charging and in American Football you can easily get head (and frequently brain) injuries (shown many times on the news) because you are taught to go into a tackle head first.
Rugby is definitely more dangerous than football and cheerleading. Rugby you have no padding and you are always tackling people. I also definitely think it is more dangerous than cheerleading because they say they play when they are injured well ya rugby players do to. I have seen one girl play with a concussion and a broken nose, then that same game she sprained a her ankle. That's dangerous and I am pretty sure if you make a mistake in rugby it would put you in danger just as much as it would in cheerleading or any other sport. So anyway RUGBY IS definitely THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT IN THE WORLD.
This sport is way more Dangerous than Rugby League & Soccer


The topic is most dangerous just so people know cheerleading is no way near as dangerous as rugby it may be difficult but were talking about danger lots of people die playing rugby Because of injury just like bull and horse riding why football is there I don't know a few times I heard managers say a player is not playing because of a bruised shoulder what I fractured my neck before and played on because Irish teams teach if it ain't broke don't fix it
Rugby is seriously dangerous. If the game is played correctly, injuries are minimized; but of course accidents occur. There are no pads like American football, and play does not stop nearly as often. Each scrum pack can be as heavy as 920kg... now take two packs thumping and pushing against each other, and consider the pressures on the players in the middle of the scrum... it is seriously hardcore. Tackles, loose rucks, mauls... it can be gory!
There is no way that soccer etc is anywhere near the same level of risk as Rugby.
This list is a joke! No way can football (soccer) be more dangerous than rugby. As for American football where the players are are so padded up they look like they're wearing pillows under their shirts, it should be relegated to the softer sports. Aussie rules football has got to be more dangerous than soccer so why is that so low down the list? In rugby as in Aussie rules, the toughness of the sport should be recognised properly and not ignored by the fans of 'soft' sports.
How's rugby league in front... Rugby is the exact same but it has rucks and proper scrums which are one of the most dangerous parts of rugby. Also football has a lot of padding, what do rugby players have... A gum Shield!
I am a 19 yr old woman and I play rugby. Right now, I am sitting on the couch with 2 broken legs because of a bad tackle in the last game where someone landed on my legs wrong. How is anything more dangerous than football without padding? Rugby has more skill associated with it, less breaks, and rough since it doesn't ALLOW padding. The only protection you have is a mouth guard... This should be #1!
It's like American RUles football, with barely any stopages, and you don't wear pads. I play it, and it is one of the most physically demanding sports on Earth. I'm a State Champion Martial Arts fighter, and I find that easier than a casual game of Rugby Union between schools...
This site is a bit ridiculous. You have base jumping and mountaineering way behind cheerleading... And how the hell is cheerleading more dangerous than gymnastics? IT'S A DUMBED DOWN COMMERCIALIZED VERSION of gymnastics... This list is a HUGE FAIL. Please rework it. This is a huge joke.
My brother plays and my friends and it's a big part of my family people get hurt a lot my boyfriend has popped his knee out and needs physio he's 14 my brother got strangled today twice he's 10 and not in full contact it's a hard game worse then people think but people choose to play because it's fun and the chance of you being injured if you train properly and stick to the rules is low
Bitches this is the hardest & the best game for real men! No pads, head gears & lot of other guards like NFL! Rugby players never cry like those soccer players! This is the game of GODS! How do I know all of these? Because I was there people! I played rugby!
In rugby you take one big hit you can break ribs or even wrists, it's much tougher than soccer who lay on the ground fake crying to get a penalty, rugby is the real mans sport we get a big hit we get straight back up, not out or the game
I am from New Zealand where rugby is huge, I knew someone who died playing rugby because his neck had snapped because he was tackled high around his neck and landed wrong rugby is very dangerous.
The most deadly moment in sports comes in Rugby, my dad played in a game where a scrum collapsed and snapped the hookers neck... Now tell me its not a dangerous sport...
And broken bones? You can play a game with out em? Last game our full back shattered his nose and has to get surgery for a deviated septum...
This list is screwed up, especially if Rugby league with non contested scrums and rucks is more dangerous than rugby...


Rugby union is more violent than anything else on here to be honest I have had more injuries playing it that any other sport I have done over the years and I have done quiet a few to be honest
If a scrum collapses you can break your neck, and if you tackle hard enough you can break not only someones ribs but their neck-if tackle done illegally or their writ legs of arms
I have seen people break there arms, get cleated to the eye, get concussions, get on eye the size of a baseball, and break there legs, but I still want to play. think that's not dangerous
Rugby is not dangerous if your fast and good and avoid getting tackled the main point of the game rugby is not about winning it's about speed strength and avoid getting tackle
Rugby is just to dangerous, when a scrum collapses you can break your neck!
I have hurt myself so many times playing it its unreal
Rugby can get pretty dangerous at times, even at my level when I'm only 15. Some of the collisions you see on youth pitches and adult pitches are immense
This should be number one because this is worst than football and cheerleading I think chearleading would be second
I play rugby under 13 and the first practice 2 people where wheeled off the feild then on our last game 2 other people where taken to the hospital
Don't know how football is above rugby. It's more likely for a rugby player to get serious injuries than it is for a football player too.


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