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Soccer is incredibly dangerous. If you compare the injuries in soccer to those of other sports, it defiantly deserves to be higher on this list. The number of severe injuries to those of other sports are very high. What makes it even more dangerous is that even if you are hurt, the limited number of substitutions sometimes means one has to continue playing, worsening small injuries to major ones. Soccer is a full contact sport, where they WEAR NO PADS OR PROTECTIVE GEAR except for shin guards, which only help against bruises. In addition, THEY WEAR CLEATS. It may not be as dangerous as bull riding, cheerleading, or horseback riding but it should defiantly be higher than 6. Everyone is extremely physical. People get knocked out frequently (jamie charraiger) or have severe, severe leg breaks (aaron ramsey). Add these injuries to the demand of playing very frequently with, like I said, limited subs and it is very very dangerous.
Soccer, firstly, takes so much logic and skill. From having to know the angle at which you should kick, to keeping your endurance for 90 minutes. We're not on that field to look pretty or glamorous, not to just be graceful and poised. We're there to fight and sweat and apply the heat and energy (over the course of all 4 seasons) into love and passion for the game. A worldwide sport that connects every country to another, unlike any other. The most popular in the world because of its talent and hardwork that drips from every player. To share in a team where communication is vital and necessary. unfortunately, the sport is extremely dangerous. Being a goalie myself for numerous years, I can't tell you how many times my wrist has been sprained and broken. It's unbelievable. I remember seeing an opposing team member shatter her shin. It sounded like a cracked tree and could be heard everywhere on the field. Guess what? She was an 8th grader in a rival middle school. (And yes, she was wearing shin guards. ) Another fun fact? Up to date, the most caused concussions in any sport is? Soccer! Women's soccer is the highest concussion sport, no doubt caused through heading balls, falling, etc. No, not football. Not horseback riding. (Which I'm sorry but in my opinion is just as much as a sport as curling. ) So soccer should most definitely be at least in the top 5 most dangerous sports. Another bonus is the sport is coed. Mostly football is men, cheerleading has men but mostly geared towards women, etc. Seriously, baseball had to invent softball for women because they can't handle smaller and harder balls? When it comes down to gender prejudices, no one even considers soccer being mainly a women's/men's sport. Thank you for reading, not trying to offend anyone!
I play soccer and have spent lots of time thinking about why people are always dissing on it. But, what I don't understand is that they diss on it when they have never even tried it themselves. Sure, soccer isn't the most dangerous but you have to be in the best physical shape than any other sport. You have to be able to run 90+ minutes straight with only 5 minute break in the middle which is halftime. All but 3 players on each team have to play the full 90 minutes. So, if you are one of the people that diss on soccer... Think again, have you ever played it. Played it truly. Not 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 year old soccer, 13+ ages. Now, this is very competitive. Play on a competitive team, the ranked #1 team in the state you live in. It's hard!

Maybe this doesn't sound hard to you, but at soccer practice, to get in shape, we run 200 yards. Full sprint! But, it has to be in less than 30 seconds. Oh wait, not just one! 20 in a row. Yeah, it's hard. If anyone on my team sat out, we had to run...5 extra in front of everyone else. Our team was only 13 and 14 year old... GIRLS!
Try that next time you work out!
There are a lot of people who don't like soccer. They call us "foot fairies". I personally would like to see them dribble down an entire field at full speed. I'm not going to diss on the other sports on this list because I don't play them so I don't know what they're like but I do know that soccer s extremely dangerous. It's a lot more dangerous than most think. My brother has gotten 3 concussions from soccer. The first was from getting slide tackled and falling on the hard ground. The second was from getting checked into the boards during an indoor soccer game. The third was from trying to head the ball and getting pushed down while in the air making him fall on his neck and head. He lost consciousness and couldn't see for about 5-10 minutes after. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I have seen a girl break her nose in a game. I have also seen a broken collar bone, broken arm and broken fingers from a game. I am a goalie so every time I step on the field, I am risking getting rock hard soccer balls shot at me. I risk getting broken arms, wrists, finger and legs every game. I dive on the ground. I have had girls slide tackle me and land on top of me during a game and they weren't called for it. You may think this is worst scenario but its not. Every night after a game or practice I am sore, bruised and exhausted. This is soccer and it's dangerous.
I've played varsity soccer since the beginning of my high school years. Soccer ranks among one of the most dangerous because they got a big field, 22 players and only 3 referees. A lot of sneak hits are made when the refs aren't looking. I played goal keep my freshman year and you get kicked, stepped on (with cleats), and injuries just diving for the ball. As in field play, I played defense and collided heads with an offender and suffered from a minor concussion, I didn't think much of it at the time so I kept playing later on in the same game I was playing defense and was running alongside an offender and my own goalie threw his body underneath me and the other guy to apprehend the ball and I had to jump over him but landed on my head thus turning my minor concussion into a full out concussion. This sport will always rank more dangerous than any sport with protective gear in my book any day. Go J-Town Chargers!
Soccer injuries occur the most in all sports. For the past decades there had been reports of PROFESSIONAL soccer players having heart attacks, strokes, etc while they are playing because they exceed there physical limit. The hearts end up failing and over 50 professional players have died because of this for the past decade. Soccer requires heart, skill, and mental strength because imagine pushing your physical limit to the point you die. Also soccer players play in the most harshest weathers. Around Germany and Russia the weather gets freezing cold, but they still continue to play. There's also been reports of players getting seriously sick because they are exposed to a lot of really cold and hot weather. So when you hear about soccer don't think about players kicking the ball around but think about the players who played there hearts out when sometimes it can be fatal.
I just finished my Senior year at my high school for soccer and just in that little amount of time. We have had 17 injuries and 10 were concussions. Soccer is a violent sport and a lot of bad things happen in this game. I particularly have been thrown to the ground in at least 8 games this year. Making my record to 3 concussions and a dislocated thumb. All we have for padding is the little itty things of plastic protecting a half of our shins. They don't always work and a lot of injuries have occurred from it. We don't get breaks and it takes a lot out of you. Soccer is a dangerous sport whether football players want to admit it or not.
I agree that soccer should be way higher up on the list. It gets more physical and sometimes the coaches don't pay any attention to you only because it's a whole TEAM sport and they are more than one players in it, it can be hard to watch out for one player to another. Once I've sprained my ankle, got slidetackled, got headbutted and way more. Got loads of bruises and all from soccer.

There is also NO protective gear, you only wear shin guards, which, really, when you think about it, won't help much at all. Soccer should at least be Number 2# in the list.

By the way, I play soccer for a youth club league team in a mixed team and I'm the only girl there since the 2 girls there quit, the rest are boys and believe me, they play hard. Once this dude kicked a ball into my private part and believe me, it WASN'T funny. It hurt a lot. Soccer should be higher on the list.
Are you kidding me? Cheerleading and football above soccer? I get that they're both dangerous, but they also have a lot more safety requirements. Cheerleaders land on matts and football players are cushioned by tons of pads. Us? We get rock and dirt, and maybe a clear or two because it's easy to hurt people when they're already down. We play in everything; rain, snow, and today I had two games in 100 degree weather. Other sports get cancelled if it so much as threatens to rain, or are indoors and have regulated temperatures. Dehydration combined with a header really feels terrible. Lastly, I have seen so many injuries and players carried off the field I lost count. Arms and legs have been twisted into really terrible shapes, and a shove from behind caused one girl to land on her neck and break it in the process. She's paralyzed. I've seen punches, bite and claw marks, and broken ribs from high kicks. Yeah, I recognize that it's not the most dangerous sport, but it really should be higher up.
I've seen plenty of more risks in soccer than any other sport except horse back riding. But I won't add horse back riding in this because the horse is basically doing all the "sport". Soccer injuries aren't caused by physical contact. Some injuries can be caused by slide-tackles, ankle rolls or just a clumsy fall or slip!

It's also a hard sport to master if you don't train properly for it. Balls can be kicked in any desired direction and what if you don't kick the ball properly and it smacks right down to another persons face? OUCH! You could hurt yourself and others with the ball.
I have only been playing on a team for almost 4 years and I can say that every game I always came back home with something hurting. There is almost no protection other than shin guards that don't do too much for me. We don't have helmets for protecting our heads or padding all over us. In the last year I had my ankle sprained twice, thumb fractured, so many hits to my head, knee, thighs, stomach or ribs were I couldn't breathe, and always come back with bloody knees from getting pushed to the ground or had someones cleats slide down my leg. Even when the weather is at 100 degrees, games don't get called off and we still play full 90 min in the heat sprinting even if you feel like you could pass out at any moment. We don't get a break every minute like football players Our only break is at halftime. Half the players on my team are out because of injuries. But we have about 2 subs so if someone gets injured they have to toughen up and try to continue.
I have seen more injuries in soccer than just about any other sport. If the injury is not caused by contact, it is caused by an ankle roll (more likely with cleats because your foot can not slide).

I have seen plenty of concussions (two people going up for a header, anyone? ) and broken bones in soccer.. But perhaps the most debilitating injuries are the frequent knee injuries which can put someone out of commission for life.
First I want to say yes soccer is very dangerous. I play soccer and ride horses and yes braking my collar bone and dislocating my knee were both from soccer but are you kidding me? I mean I love soccer I've been playing my whole life but I would just like to say something to the first poster: Really? You think all you do is sit on a horse and they will automatically go round, trot on the spot, or jump 5 feet? Next time you say something against other sports look at what they do, the amount of work put into them and the sweat and tears poured into them. I've done cheerleading and played football and I wholeheartedly agree, soccer is harder and more dangerous. But really you have probably never been near a horse, I own a 1300Ib animal that could kill me with one move, I do not sit and kick and point him at a jump I use muscles you didn't know exist to get him over it. Think before you answer, there are people like me that actually take offense to what you are saying. Thank you.
Ok so all you haters who think soccer is a easy non contact sport your wrong. And how is cheerleading one on this list? Like you practice for 4 hours and then throw a person up in the air and catch them and shout.. Not hard or daring. Lacrosse, Soccer, Hockey are way harder than gymnastics horseback riding or cheerleading.. And we get hit.. Hard. I've had 2 concussions a dislocated kneecap and a broken foot. We don't have much protection. Once when I got cleated I tore parts of my hamstring.. So don't say soccer is non contact.. Also the training for soccer is intense. We have to run up and down a hundred yard field In thirty seconds. Every practice. In cheerleading what do you do? Have sass offs? That's really daring! (Sarcasm) so all those people saying soccer is non contact and easy are wrong. You probably haven't played much.. And soccer should be higher on this list unlike cheerleading and gymnastics and football
I have played soccer all my life. I don't care what anyone says... Soccer is one of the most physical sports played today. Think about what soccer players use to protect themselves... A little piece of plastic over their shins. That doesn't protect the players from going into cardiac arrest due to the amount of non-stop running. Even the shin guards don't protect the players from broken shins. Unlike football the players don't have helmets to protect them from head injuries. So take it or leave it soccer is probably the most dangerous in the world
Everybody saying cheerleading is the 2nd most dangerous sport is wrong. You guys don't have any physical contact whatsoever so therefor it's not as dangerous as you're making it seem. I've broken ankles before just by kicking somebody the wrong way. We have to run a lot more than you do and we have to preform a lot longer you guys have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to go out on a mat and yell at the croup and jump around while we're pushing other people to the ground trying to keep the ball away from them. Getting dropped on the floor hurts a lot less than being cleated I garuntee you. It's just as easy to get a concussion in soccer probably easier actually. We're always using our heads to hit the ball and always getting tackled. You guys don't get tackled or have to run for that matter. Soccer takes more endurance than cheer and you have a lot more health risks. So rant over.
Soccer is VERY dangerous. I have been playing for 6-7 years and I have suffered 8 injuries and 1 injury required surgery. And I'm only 11! Soccer definitely deserves to be higher on the list. If you haven't been trained properly you have more of a risk of getting hurt. Only a couple years ago one of the players on our high school team DIED from playing soccer. He jumped up onto the goal post, when he jumped down he brought the goal with him causing it to crush his head and die on the spot. Soccer is a full contacts sport. We do not wear protection except shin guards wich don't really help. You can still feel the impact from a cleat. Soccer isn't as dangerous as cheerleading and gymnastics. But it's different from the sports since they don't wear protection. But soccer should be in 3rd
I think soccer should be higher, because it is super dangerous. In cheerleading, you never get hurt in, soccer Someone's foot fell of from a slide tackle. The people who voted for cheerleading they are idiots. You have a mat to fall on, and half of the time your not even in the air. And in gymnastics all you do is walk on a beam and swing on a bar. My sister does cheerleading I play soccer, let's see how much more dangerous soccer is. one person on my team got a concision, another broke his foot, another broke his knee and my coach playing soccer broke his nose and leg and jaw my cousin plays soccer he has a disease in his heel from playing. My sisters team, in cheerleading... Let's see no one even got touched the whole time. I mean my sisters dance team got hurt more than cheer leading
You obviously have no idea about gymnastics, Firstly, they do more than beam and bars. Secondly the skills they do are hardly just 'walking on a beam or 'swinging on a bar', they take years of practice and hard work to master.
Football players have a ton of padding and sometimes get the wind knocked out of them. They act like football is the toughest sport ever. It is not, I played football for three years and soccer is way more intense. The dirty players in soccer get away with a lot more than a hit like in football. Football players say that soccer players are little girls but really they are the ones wearing padding and sucking oxygen for every 20 yards they run! Did I mention that soccer has two 45 minute continuous halves while football stops every 10 seconds?
I would just like to say that soccer is not, and unless machine guns or flaming soccer balls are added, it will never be the most dangerous sport. But it is still really dangerous. As of last year women's soccer was the most dangerous head injury sport because of heading the ball. Also, for all of you saying all the other sports have padding, we have shin guards, and that's it! Most of us would prefer to not even wear padding, but it hurts so much to get cleated in the shin so we do. Another thing, maybe we don't break out into fights as much, but once I got tripped, did at least two flips before landing on my head and back on the cold solid ground.
And there have been a lot worse Injuries than that. So ya I know soccer isn't the most dangerous, but it is pretty bad.
Soccer is a incredibly dangerous. Did you see Drogba having a seizure. So all those people (babies) that play football they wear protection gear in football, but in soccer the only thing you have is knee guards. You football players, all you do is run and throw and tackle in football just like little fairies a baby good play football. So get it right soccer is the most dangerous, and the most greatest sport in the world. You football player stop being jealous just cause all the girls love us.
Soccer should be #5 on the list. I've played for 4 years and have seen an injury in almost every game.

My latest game we had 3 people sent to the hospital for injuries. We only wear shin guards (and maybe slider shorts for slipping) and the shin guards help against bruises, they barely even prevent that. To top having little protection, we wear cleats. People get kicked and stepped on.

We also get slide tackled, which hurts a lot! I fell so hard after being slide tackled that I broke my spine. Soccer should be right after football on the list.
I have broken 3 ribs gotten 4 concussions lost the hearing in my right ear and have a severe knee injury from being slide tackled. Also I once broke another players shin guard which cut open his shin. Finally a friend of mine has died on the field from playing which gave him a heart attack. I'm only fifteen so how's that for a dangerous sport. Oh yeah by the way a little stat for all you tough hockey players in the past 12 years world wide 3 or 4 hockey players have died on the ice while over 70 soccer players died in the same time.
In soccer, if you get kicked by cleats. Your at a high risk of getting an blood clot. So you people who say soccer is not dangerous, need to think again. And its also not easy. It is pretty dang hard. In soccer you don't wear anything to protect yourself besides shine guards. Your also at the risk of falling and breaking your neck. Then could possibly die. Do you know how it fells for someone to kick the soccer ball then it hits you in your stomach. Or face. I know how it feels. It feels terrible.
Soccer is an amazing sport that takes skill and concentration. I watched as our goalie got a black eye, a broken wrist and a concussion. Soccer is the sport that is where you will most likely get a concussion. I've watched people break bones and ligaments and muscle while playing. Even though it is dangerous, people keep playing because they love the sport and it has joined people from all over the world. You should consider yourself very lucky if you get the play soccer when you want and be happy you have enough skill.

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