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It's a beautiful song! I don't actually find the song that depressing, and I've hardly cried from it. But it is certainly empowering and full of emotion.

This is the song that gave me most chills when I listen to it... The meaning of the lyrics made me cry, and sometimes I actually can remembered the sad times in my past... Good song

The lyrics are open to interpretation; it's such a beautiful message, and it feels like whoever is singing is just screaming their lungs of from pure emotions!

This is just so sad and so painful... with a hint of desperation

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42Can't I Even Dream

A song that stays with you for a really long time. A song that someone would sing when they feel like they are left behind alone. The aura of the piece is depressing yet somewhat pleasing...

Besides the actually lyrics being depressing, the piano keys you into a feeling of loneliness. I don't actually find many vocaloid song depressing, but this tops the list.

About Miku chasing after her prince charming but never reaching him.

43The Umbrella Salesman

I don't know why I cry so much about this song... It's partially about the suicide theory and partially about how if you pause it by one point it will say for a second, "I have spent my life looking above"... If you combine it with the suicide theory it's like the salesman got what he wanted his whole life the moment he died. And if you pause it very quickly in the ending it says, "farewell".

A song about how some are willing to die just to show people what they believe and how no one believes them until they lose their life.

This somehow seems to fit with kaai yuki's paradise song... Talk about rare sad songs.

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44Don't Look at Me In That Way

If you look into the lyrics it seems like it's about abortion

I'm pretty sure it's about abortion and

45World's End Dancehall

No, it's not two best friends.
They are a couple in the shadows that gets pressured into suicide.

I personally think this song is about a girl that doesn't know where she fits in, and down't like 'mainstream' things, pressuring her into suicide.

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46Self - Inflicted Achromatic

This song is one of the only songs in MY WHOLE LIFE that made me cry. I just understand so much that song. Too much. It is about a girl who thinks that if she dies, people would not care or would be happy... I always feel like this whenever I'm in a new group since I was young. Like you don't have place in a vast world. I know the pain.

This song hits pretty close to home, it reminds me of some darker times when I was younger. I still wish I could be someone else so people didn't have to deal with me. This song definitely deserves to be higher up because it's a song about actual mental illness and not just a song with a sad story.

What the hell. 105? Really? This song really deserves to be higher up on this list. It describes the mind of a depressed person beautifully, and is extremely relatable. Makes me cry every time I listen to it.

This is one of very few songs that make me cry. Thinking that the entire world is better off without you is something you shouldn't live with, but society makes so many people feel this way.

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47Last Night, Good Night

Shoot. When I heard this song. A LOT of emotions poured in. I thought this. When she mentioned the lyrics (last night good night) she sounded like someone died last night. Then to forget it. Good night. I felt like crying. - Drillox.

Why is Lie ahead of this? This is so sad D: - FullmetalHeart

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48Lynne by Hatsune Miku

Lynne is actually a way of committing suicide and by the title you can already tell it's going to be sad. But basically, Lynne is about a girl who fell in love and the person she loved was unfaithful. And she killed him in a fit of rage, only to realize afterwards what she had done. And then she commits Lynne. It's a beautifully made song, and the emotion in Miku's voice made it all the more heartbreaking.

Lynne is a super sad song about lost love and betrayal

From what I can work out from the lyrics, she's searching for the person who she loved but they abandoned her. She self harms and is incredibly depressed about it, and although she tries to believe that person will come back, all signs tell her that she is alone, and that person isn't coming back for her.

So sad, but it's such a beautiful song

If you figure out the meaning the song is a lot less creepy and a lot sadder and beautiful. The story is tragic and heartbreaking... Look this song up immediately.

49Tokyo Teddy Bear

Really catchy, but so much more. It is about basically "Just listen to me! " Rin runs from home after losing herself in lies when she realizes she isn't real in this song. The bear symbolizes herself in a voodoo doll type way, as she sews it up, stabs it, and hugs it. This song doesn't have a happy ending either. She leaves herself (the bear) behind in the end and leaves. The song says "Am I alive? " then she opens her eyes and basically blows up and tears up, singing her heart out! I relate to this song so well and it is so depressing

This should be WAY higher up! My interpretation is that it's about a girl who is shunned in school and ignored by her family until she snaps and runs away! She may or may not be cutting herself too! And her only friend is a teddy bear! she keeps trying to change herself by ripping apart and fixing the teddy bear. And I don't know anyone else who thinks this, but I believe she kills herself in the end! How is that NOT depressing?

Servant of Evil is a fairytale. This is based on something that happens all the time. Suicides are common. And princesses and servants, marrying, "tragic" deaths, blah? Pfft. Something you'd see in a Disney movie. THIS is the definition of depression.

I thought this song was about an emo girl

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50Abstract Nonsense

THIS. It's SO depressing. It's about a girl who is bullied and keeps trying to kill herself but lacks the courage. When one day the most popular kids say if she bullies others she can have more friends, she starts bullying and then realizes it's wrong, saying "I'm nothing but normal trash." Finally, she gives up on killing herself and accepts her terrible life-which in a way is even more sad than just killing herself because now she is even more depressed.

Seriously? number 69? it's a song about a girl who gets bullied so much she wants to die. So she gets everything she can find that would kill her. She tried to choke herself, shoot herself, shove a knife through her chest, ran out into the middle of the road on a busy highway, and even INJECTED herself. But even though she wanted to die, she knew that there was more to life than friends, but ends up backing out because she is too scared.

A girl who is bullied, tired of her life and wants to end it, yet she is too scared to commit suicide. Just think how depressing it is.

A song that is truly relatable and realistic, it represents the struggle of bullying, self harm and suicide.

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51Hello/How Are You?

I really like how Miku's Soft Append was used,

This is clearly relatable for ALL OF US HERE.

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52Heat Haze Days

I CRIED SO HARD! It's about a little boy who makes friends with a girl. But every day repeats itself, and he has to watch the girl die gruesomely over and over again, no matter his attempts to save her. Not to mention that guy that keeps making fun of the boy. So the cycle has repeated itself for ten years. The boy decides to do something about this, so he dies instead of the girl. He thinks he's done something great, but he really made a mistake. The girl was trying to protect him this whole time. The PV was amazing, too. I command you to watch it right now.

This is, quite literally, heartbreaking. There is no other way to describe it. It's about a boy and girl who are stuck in time loop where the girl continuously dies, over and over again. The beat is fast, in a sad way, and it has a twist ending that breaks your heart. It is also part of the Kaguro Days series, but you don't have to watch the rest to understand it. The animation is great, and the story is one of the saddest I've ever seen...

It's about a boy who tried to do anything to save his friend but no matter what he did she died I'm not sure if it's because of the black cat/human that the girl had since he said"what you see is exactly what you're gonna get" before dissapearing into thin air and somehow time was rewinded everyday until one day the boy did it, he saved the girl by sacrificing himself

Oh no... this gave me the feels for a day

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So sad! It's about suicide! Whenever I hear this song I can really relate and it makes me cry every time! Should be in the top tens!

She feels worthless and is suicidal and shes depressed.

Oh my god why isn't this number 1?!
some of the lyrics are: stop hoping, stop wishing, stop singing, stop living, stop.
how can that not depress you? I read a theory about a song called the last of me. When miku was sitting up on the signal tower thinking, luka jumps up there and pushes her off and jumps down with her. Miku was put in the hospital but luka ends up dying.

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54Kokoro Kiseki

THIS SONG okay okay, this is sadder than kokoro for me because, he is describing the miracles of having someone after he was lonely for a long time, it really is a miracle

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55Circus Monster

The Song itself without even understanding what the lyrics means is sad the music matches the video I tried listening to it (IA Cover, Luke Japanese Ver, Luke English Version).
It depresses me. its like giving up but there is no way to give up and you have to push on to your own demise slowly and painfully

How would you feel if you were locked in a cage forced to perform?

People treated her as a 'circus monster' pretty depressing if you ask me

Listen to Oliver's version. Scary and sad..

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56Irony - Hatsune Miku

I just can't believe this song is not even at top 20, this is the most depressing Vocaloid song I've ever heard. There might be lot more depressing songs which tell someone's sad stories like Kagerou Daze, Servant of Evil, and such but Irony is just close, too close to you. While those others songs made you cry because of the story, this one made you cry because how relatable it is to your life. Scop is just a genius in making song based on general depression cause that youngsters nowaday have.

It's a song about a girl being depressed about life and can't reach the happiness she wants.

I love this song so much, I cry every time I hear it

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57Servant of Evil

Isn't this already further up on the list...?

58The Game of Life

It's not really depressing, it's kinda crazy

My first vocaloid song, its hard to think that life is just a game

It's not depressing, it's interesting.

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59Motivation is Dying

Motivation is dying is a song about living in the modern world and suffering with depression, the song suggests that the singer (Miku) is depressed and her motivation is dying and is trying to distract her self by doing everyday things. This is an interesting spin on the depression topic because it not only tackles depression but also tackles the lack of motivation to do anything then be depressed which most sufferers have. Miku goes on to say stuff like "from the moment we are born we are dying and from the moment things begin they are ending" and in the end she is still depressed and so are others around her

The song its self is upbeat and is good to listen too and the PV is just as interesting as the song its self.
I'm surprised it wasn't on this list.

60Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story

Its about a child who didn't know why people hated them so much and lived his life wanting to die until he meets someone who is genuinely kind to them only for that person (speculatingly) to die or be killed.

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