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101The Wanderlust - Megurine Luka

There are multiple theories about what this song is about, but all of them point to the same direction: An apocalyptic scenario where the war is destroying the world. Its story is connected with Miku's "Hello Planet", Gumi's "Our 16-bit warz" and Rin's "The weekend's coming", and I seriously don't think that it can get much more depressing than these songs. Out of these, I feel like Luka's part is the saddest, since it's the part near the very end of the war, at a point the planet is almost entirely destroyed and almost every living being is now dead.

102Karakuri Pierrot

About a girl awaiting her boyfriend to come for a date, but he doesn't and she feels tricked.


It actually is a little sad. I mean, they've gone permanently insane and Gumi commits suicide! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD KNOW THAT!

I think I cried as hard as gumi did...

Eh? I never thought I'd see this.

Gumi kills herself...!

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104Kyrie Eleison - Hatsune MikuV1 Comment
105Alice Human Sacrifice

Look, don't even judge, but it is a sad song, technically, especially if you see the true meaning behind it (go on creepypasta and search the Alice Killings). I think it's horrible that those things could happen, and although it's creepy, it's also REALLY sad :c

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106Voice by Tonio & Sonika

It's so sad, a great song and great translation! Truly a sad song!

Good song, very sad.

107There Is No God
108Lavender Town Syndrome

If you didn't know, there's a creepy pasta that links lavender town to suicide... They say it's the high frequency music. It's not true, but oh-how-sad it is to see that...

109Goodbye of the Physicist - Miku Hatsune

This is the saddest vocaloid song I've ever heard, besides Error (UTAU), Servant/Daughter of evil by Kagamine Rin And Kagamine Len, and Lie by Megurine luka. This song is about Miku being a scientist type thing, and at she got hit by a car, and in the song she is singing about her death and everything she has done for the world.


This song is so sad :'< I don't know why a song this sad is in the 80th position._. Try to watch Rib's cover of this song. It's so depressing!

111Glow - Keeno Ft. Hatsune Miku

This song should be higher up the list than at 132

I literally cried when I heard this song.

112Forgotten - Miku Hatsune

Ahhh this one is so sad and touching. It's got the sad little bell chimes going on. I think it's about her first love being such a big impact and important to her, but the person she loved doesn't even remember who she is now.

113Wrist Cutter

This song needs to be a lot higher on the list. The title is very straightforward and describes exactly what the song is about, yet the lyrics are extremely vague and poetic. Mix in some amazing rock instrumentals and one of the best uses of GUMI's voice I have ever heard, and you've got a song that describes what every suicidal person goes through.

This song is about self harm, and it's so sad. You can feel the pain ;A;

So beautiful and yet also depressing

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114Daughter of Evil

First we got the overrated Servant of Evil, and now this. What's next, Mailman of Evil?

Servant Of Evil is higher on the list and deserves it. This one is also sad but not as sad as Servant Of Evil

I don't think this is all that sad...

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115Leave - Gumi

Well actually, the sound and blending of the music is already sad. And after hearing the lyrics and reading its meaning, my heart was just aching. ;__; and I felt like crying. Guys, Gumi's songs are very great and depressing at the same time!

116Seasonal Feathers - Kagamine Rin and Len

I kept waiting to see this one -. - I mean, come on. A poor married couple live happily until Len gets sick. Rin works her fingers to the bone, literally, trying to afford the medicine to save the love of her life. He tells her her hands are beautiful and she asks if she no longer had beautiful hands would he still love eher? He replies "Of course" and this goes on when she asks if she didn't have a beautiful singing voice anymore to end on "If I was no longer human would you still love me? " He replies of course. Apparently Rin was orginally a cran and she gives up her human life, taking all of her feathers to weave something beautiful she can sll to buy Len's medicine. He replies "Of course." (but it also implies that he knew all along that she wasn't completely human)

How was this NOT in at least the top twenty?!

PSA: Make sure you have at least one box of tissues when watching/listening to this song...

Ahem, this is already on the list.

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117Little Traveler by Jimmy Thumb - P Feat. Hatsune Miku
118Waiting In Earth - Kaito

I cried when I first heard it. When I read the lyrics I cried harder. If you heard the lyrics you would know the story.

This song is so relaxing and sweet sounding but the lyrics make you wanna cry!

119Blink - Kagamine Rin (Sweet Append)

In the song, which is connected to the Story Of Evil series, Rilliane (Now Rin) observes the sapling Michaela and wonders if she will be alive when it grows into a large tree, and if she will be forgiven. She wishes for eternal peace.

This song is short, but contains a lot of emotion. The slow pace mixed with Rin's Sweet Append creates a nice, sad feeling.

120Ikanaide - Don't Go

I swear I was crying through the entire thing

This is one of those songs where a Vocaloid sings it yet so many utaites have covered it!
Mafumafu, soraru, yeah
It's up to you wether you want to hear Kaai sing it or an utaite sing it,

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